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Cobra Flash Adventures Easy Come Easy GoCobra Flash Adventures Easy Come Easy Go

Cobra Flash Adventures Easy Come Easy Go is a really interesting and challenging game in which you need to make sure Cobra finishes his mission and wins! Take this challenge now!

Cobra Flash Adventures Easy Come Easy Go belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Arcade Games, Beat em up Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Shooting Games, Side scrolling Games
Cook With Sandy - Salad RecipesCook With Sandy - Salad Recipes

Join Sandy in her kitchen and help her make the best salads in the world! Salads are the healthiest food so let Sandy show you how it is done during this game

Cook With Sandy - Salad Recipes belongs to Cooking Games
Emma's Recipes: Spaghetti BologneseEmma's Recipes: Spaghetti Bolognese

Cute, Little Emma always has the best recipes out there. She is fun and smart, so when you try out her recipe for the Spaghetti Bolognese, you´ll see how well she does in the kitchen.

Emma's Recipes: Spaghetti Bolognese belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, Highscore Games
Emma's Recipes: Sponge CakeEmma's Recipes: Sponge Cake

Emma is going to bake! Help Emma bake a yummy sponge cake by shopping for ingredients, mixing everything together and decorating it. Follow the instructions carefully to make your sponge cake really delicious.

Emma's Recipes: Sponge Cake belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Cook With Sandy: Cake RecipesCook With Sandy: Cake Recipes

Cook With Sandy is a really useful educational game in which you will learn how to make tasty cakes. Follow the instructions closely and you´ll be ready to make real treats in no time.

Cook With Sandy: Cake Recipes belongs to Cake Games, Cooking Games
Emma’s Recipes: HamburgersEmma’s Recipes: Hamburgers

Make no mistake about it - making hamburgers is serious cooking! There is a big difference between a good and a bad hamburgers and Emma has got a recipe for some amazing ones! Learn it now!

Emma’s Recipes: Hamburgers belongs to
Emma’s Recipes: Chili Con CarneEmma’s Recipes: Chili Con Carne

It´s cooking time! Shop for ingredients and cook one of Emma´s best recipes. Gather everything you need and follow the simple instructions to prepare a delicious bowl Chili Con Carne.

Emma’s Recipes: Chili Con Carne belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Emma's Recipes: Hot & Spicy Garlic WingsEmma's Recipes: Hot & Spicy Garlic Wings

You can make chicken wings in many ways but Emma´s recipe is one of the best. It will teach you how to make Hot and Spicy Garlic Wings, that you really have to try!

Emma's Recipes: Hot & Spicy Garlic Wings belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown CakeEmma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake

What do you need to make a great and fun clown cake? You will learn in this game as well as how fun it can be to make it. Enjoy this silly cooking time and have all the cooking fun!

Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Easy BeautyEasy Beauty

I heard some news that Barbie doll´s selling rate has decreased over the past years because kids prefer other modern dolls and virtual games. Today you are going to play a combination of doll dress up but with a modern twist. You will make sure to align the items perfectly.

Easy Beauty belongs to Girl Games
Easy CruiseEasy Cruise

Put yourselves in the shoes of a cruise ship captain and steer the cruise ship easyCruiseOne safely from port to port. There´s a schedule that needs to be followed and there are obstacles along the way. Avoid bumping into the obstacles and get the ship to port on time to move up to the next level.

Easy Cruise belongs to Sports Games, Parking Games, Boat Games, Ship Games, Sea Games
Easy BakeEasy Bake

Decorating cakes can be really fun, especially when you have a fun theme to give you the idea about how you want it to look like. Try this great fun in this game in which you have to make the perfect decoration for the Rainbow Clown Cake.

Easy Bake belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Cake Games, Pie Games, Birthday Games
Easy BilliardEasy Billiard

If you love playing billiard, then this game will give you tons of fun. Playing billiard is just what this game is all about. Some light fun and entertainment wait for you with Easy Billiard.

Easy Billiard belongs to Sports Games, Billiards Games, Pool Games, 8 ball pool Games
Easy ChessEasy Chess

Are you a smart person who likes to play games that require careful thinking and great strategy? Why don´t you play this chess game? Here, you will have to defeat the computer to show how bright you are.

Easy Chess belongs to Puzzle Games, Logic Games, Board Games, Chess Games
Emma’s Recipes: Chocolate Chip CookiesEmma’s Recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Emma is so cute! She also cooks well and her recipes are just as cute as she is. Enjoy her sweet Chocolate Ship Cookies that you will make yourself in this game.

Emma’s Recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies belongs to
Emma’s Recipes: Indian Stuffed EggplantEmma’s Recipes: Indian Stuffed Eggplant

Emma has got an amazing recipe for you! This little girl has decided to teach you how to make amazing Indian Stuffed Eggplant on your own and enjoy them all you like.

Emma’s Recipes: Indian Stuffed Eggplant belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Easy Cinnamon RollsEasy Cinnamon Rolls

You are planning to give a big surprise to your family members in the upcoming party. But, how will do so? Well, there are lots of options and you can make the family members happy cooking some delicious food items like cinnamon rolls. You will have to collect all the necessary ingredients to prepare the mouthwatering item. Cook and have fun with your family members!

Easy Cinnamon Rolls belongs to Girl Games
Easy Bake PizzaEasy Bake Pizza

Pizza is definitely the most favorite item for all the girls and kids. Don’t you love it? Yes, you surely like the delicious food and always love to eat. But, do you know how to bake a mouthwatering pizza? Well, this is really easy and you can learn how to prepare a lovely pizza playing the game. So, enjoy the game and prepare a surprise pizza for your friends and family!

Easy Bake Pizza belongs to Cooking Games
Easy Breaded ChickenEasy Breaded Chicken

Chicken is considered as one of the healthy meat available. It is white meat and the only fat content came from the skin. Today you are going to be cooking a delicious Easy Breaded Chicken. First you will buy and find the ingredients from the shop. You will follow the item that she is thinking then start cooking.

Easy Breaded Chicken belongs to Girl Games
Easy Peasy EscapeEasy Peasy Escape

In this amazing escape game, you will get to examine everything there is inside it with your eye option and find the way to make it work for you. Try to escape this room!

Easy Peasy Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Anna Easy Pan PizzaAnna Easy Pan Pizza

Did you know that preparing pan pizza is an easy job? Yes, you know it as you regularly cook the pan pizzas like all other girls of your age! A lovely girl, Anna is ready here with all the necessary ingredients to cook the delicious item. Please help her cook the mouthwatering item for her friends and family as she desperately needs your help. Here you go!

Anna Easy Pan Pizza belongs to Girl Games
Cooking Easy Breaded ChickenCooking Easy Breaded Chicken

Cooking is one fun activity if you don´t mind the little details and it is rewarding when you see the people appreciating your dish. Today we are going to be Cooking a Easy Breaded Chicken recipe. You will gather the ingredients first then you are going to follow the arrow for the step by step instructions.

Cooking Easy Breaded Chicken belongs to Girl Games
Cooking Easy Chicken RecipeCooking Easy Chicken Recipe

Chicken is one of the healthiest meat there is because there are less fat that pork and beef. You will be following the Cooking Easy Chicken Recipe handed down by your mother and it is known by the women in your family. You will follow the instructions on the screen.

Cooking Easy Chicken Recipe belongs to Girl Games
Easy 2 Cook Spinach QuicheEasy 2 Cook Spinach Quiche

Cooking has been really my passion when I came at age and when I can handle myself in the kitchen. This recipe is flexible, and you can adapt it by substituting different vegetables or cheeses. In this game your goal is to make a Easy 2 Cook Spinach Quiche. Simply click and drag the needed tools and ingredients and follow the step by step process.

Easy 2 Cook Spinach Quiche belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cook Games
Quick And Easy Doughnut CookingQuick And Easy Doughnut Cooking

Wondering what to have for an afternoon snack? Play this wonderful cooking game and learn this quick and easy doughnut recipe! Follow the simple step by step instructions and mix all the ingredients to form a dough. Cook, decorate with frosting and sprinkles and serve. Yum!

Quick And Easy Doughnut Cooking belongs to Cooking Games
Easy Mocha Chip Ice Cream CakeEasy Mocha Chip Ice Cream Cake

Easy Mocha Ship Ice Cream Cake is as awesome as a treat can possibly be! It has all the desserts that you love combined in one and it looks amazing. It probably tastes even better, but in order to find out, you need to see how it´s made in this game.

Easy Mocha Chip Ice Cream Cake belongs to Ice cream Games, Cake Games, Baking Games
Easy To Cook Peach Pound CakeEasy To Cook Peach Pound Cake

Peach is one of the delicious fruits that are known today. It has very soft texture and sweet. Today you are going to do a Easy To Cook Peach Pound Cake. You will follow the step by step process shown on the recipe and make sure to use the available tools in order.

Easy To Cook Peach Pound Cake belongs to Girl Games

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