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Jobs Dress UpJobs Dress Up

More and more women hold important jobs in our society nowadays. You´ll find a lot of female doctors, police officers and soldiers around. Lea, Lilou, and Lee are just some of today´s career women. Help them get ready for work by dressing them up for work. Choose a uniform and change its color if you like. Don´t forget to add the accessories they need for the job!

Jobs Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Steve Jobs DressupSteve Jobs Dressup

Ever seen Steve Jobs wear anything aside from the drab black sweater and pants he wears all the time? Give some costume personality in this mind-blowing inventor in Steve Jobs Dressup! You can even make him wear Hawaiian shorts!

Steve Jobs Dressup belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games
Part Time JobsPart Time Jobs

In life people are always complaining where they are and not contented. Some are lucky to have found what their passion is and go through that path. Today you are going to be trying out some Part Time Jobs that you may want. You will prepare for it in choosing your hair, make up, clothes, shoes and accessories.

Part Time Jobs belongs to Girls Games
Little ArtistLittle Artist

This little girl has a big future as an artist. Help her look the part by dressing her up in cute clothes and adorable accessories. Don´t forget to show the world what a great artist she is by giving her a palette and paintbrush so she can paint a masterpiece for everyone to see.

Little Artist belongs to Dress up Games
Fab Tattoo Artist 2Fab Tattoo Artist 2

This smart young man likes to get various tattoos. Today, he wants to get a fabulous tattoo. Could you create a wonderful tattoo for this smart man? Choose an amazing designed tattoo and paint it on her body with some fantastic colors. It will be looking fantastic. Have a great fun!

Fab Tattoo Artist 2 belongs to Girls Games
Make-Up ArtistMake-Up Artist

There are tons of people working behind the scenes and behind the camera to deliver the best show to you. Today we are going to be a Make-Up Artist. Your goal is to tame the tresses, line the lips and polish the pinkies to perfection. You have to give it your best shot to get the job.

Make-Up Artist belongs to Make up Games
Pretty ArtistPretty Artist

There are many artworks today that are displayed on museums and held at a high regard. The painters are a valuable part of our history. Today you are going to do a Pretty Artist dress up. You will choose the hair, the clothes, the shoes, accessories and painting equipment.

Pretty Artist belongs to Enjoy Games
Make It As An ArtistMake It As An Artist

As An Artist there are many things that you need to consider before you can make the best art and that also means having the best materials. Today you are going to have an opportunity to try and Make It As An Artist. You will be painting, sleeping, drinking booze and working hard on a computer to earn money.

Make It As An Artist belongs to Enjoy Games
Tatto ArtistTatto Artist

Those tattoos are not going to make themselves. A real tattoo artist s needed for that, so make sure that you have all it takes to become one. This game will show you how it feels.

Tatto Artist belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Mouse skill Games, Role playing Games, Simulation Games, Timing Games
Painting ArtistPainting Artist

Painting is one of the most relaxing activity that anyone with wide imagination could enjoy. You get to mix colors and create your own masterpiece. Today you are going to be a Painting Artist and you need to look the part. You will click on the icons then choose the right option from the make up, hair, clothes and accessories.

Painting Artist belongs to Girls Games
Tattoo ArtistTattoo Artist

How cool would it be to be a real tattoo artist? In order to be good, you need to practice, but who would let you practice on them? In this game, you can start your practice at least in the virtual world.

Tattoo Artist belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Funny Games, Mouse skill Games
The Fashion ArtistThe Fashion Artist

This amazing artist spends all her time painting and making her art. She needs to take care of her looks as well so that people would take her seriously. Do that with her in this game.

The Fashion Artist belongs to Dress up Games
Rapunzel Make-up ArtistRapunzel Make-up Artist

Rapunzel has been very curious on how to put a make up without going overboard. Today you will have the opportunity to witness Rapunzel as a Make-up Artist. You are going to try out her talent by applying the available items and make sure it looks good.

Rapunzel Make-up Artist belongs to Girls Games
Princess Tattoo ArtistPrincess Tattoo Artist

Tattoo is a symbol of braveness and social standing in the early walks of life. It has been used by our ancestors in the past. Today you are going to be a Princess Tattoo Artist. You will choose the pattern, sketch the design and make sure to give your 100%.

Princess Tattoo Artist belongs to Enjoy Games
Sweet Artist GirlSweet Artist Girl

Being an Artist makes you appreciate colorful, beautiful and serene scenes. Today you are going to be working with the Sweet Artist Girl by dressing her up comfortably to ensure she gets her artworks done. You will choose which hair, make up and clothes are perfect for her day ahead.

Sweet Artist Girl belongs to Girls Games
Sofia Makeup ArtistSofia Makeup Artist

The cute Princess, Sofia likes to do makeup. Today, she wants to give an awesome makeover to her sister Amber. Help Sofia to do her makeover perfectly. Use some special makeover kits and give Amber a cute look. Amber will be happy and will be pleased to Sofia. Enjoy it!

Sofia Makeup Artist belongs to Girls Games
Dora Fashion ArtistDora Fashion Artist

This cute and fashionable artist wants to look perfect while she is making her masterpiece. In this game your goal is to do a Dora Fashion Artist dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click and drag your chosen items.

Dora Fashion Artist belongs to Dress up Games
Talented Make Up ArtistTalented Make Up Artist

This is certain that you love to take a great makeover all the time for you. Do you want to be a talented makeup artist? Well, your best friend is a fantastic makeup artist and she is going to attend a great competition of the makeup artists. She is a little nervous, so you need to help her today taking an awesome makeover. You have everything needed for an awesome makeover. Please help your friend and make her happy!

Talented Make Up Artist belongs to Enjoy Games
Professional Makeup ArtistProfessional Makeup Artist

Do you know how to take the best make-up? Well, you have been taking make-up training for years and you are confident in it. Now you are a professional makeup artist and you need to help your model friend to take a great makeup as she is going to take part in a big competition. Help your friend to be the winner. Good luck!

Professional Makeup Artist belongs to Make up Games
Professional Make-up ArtistProfessional Make-up Artist

Having make up is only done by the adults who wants to look good and they want to enhance their looks. Today we are aiming to become a Professional Make-up Artist. You have some judging eyes behind you that will criticize your work. You are going to prepare your model´s skin to let the make up seem natural and then start the make up process.

Professional Make-up Artist belongs to Girl Games
Ellie Makeup ArtistEllie Makeup Artist

Ellie is the epitome of a girl. Since she was a little girl she would always dress up, fix her hair and apply some powder. Today she is one of the most popular make up artist. You are going to be the assistant of Ellie Makeup Artist. You are going to follow the step by step instructions.

Ellie Makeup Artist belongs to Makeover Games
Elsa Makeup ArtistElsa Makeup Artist

The frozen princess Elsa has a special makeup studio. Every day she gets a lot of customers in her studio. Today, her lovely sister Anna also joins with her. Don´t miss the great opportunity to join with these two frozen sisters. Help them to choose the perfect makeup style. Show your art skills and impress the customers. Start the game and have fun!

Elsa Makeup Artist belongs to Make up Games
Anna Makeup ArtistAnna Makeup Artist

Anna has been trying out new skills and new hobbies that she is interested in. This particular time she is fascinated with everything about make up. Today you are going to be assisting Anna the Makeup Artist. You are going to guide her on what colors and items to apply on Elsa´s face.

Anna Makeup Artist belongs to Makeover Games
Rainbow Fairy Tattoo ArtistRainbow Fairy Tattoo Artist

Fairies are fascinated with beautiful things and some of them have tattoos that they are very proud of. Today you are the best tattoo artist and you are going to help your fellow fairies in deciding. You are going to give your opinion on where is the best area to have the tattoo and what design.

Rainbow Fairy Tattoo Artist belongs to Skill Games
Blonde Princess Artist Spell FactoryBlonde Princess Artist Spell Factory

Everyone is very careful when it comes to putting together different ingredients because no one knows what would be the outcome or the result. In this game you are going to be helping out in the Blonde Princess Artist Spell Factory. You will be combining 3 different items and wait for the result. There are 12 possible spells.

Blonde Princess Artist Spell Factory belongs to

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