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4 Second Frenzy4 Second Frenzy

You only have space, four arrow keys and four seconds at your disposal to win each of the many games that will be thrown your way in this amazing four second challenge!

4 Second Frenzy belongs to Concentrate Games
Frenzy BarFrenzy Bar

We all go to the bars and expect the flawless service, but we rarely wonder what happens behind the counters. In this game, you will try to see if you can provide the same perfect service in this Frenzy Bar as you would demand for yourself. Take this challenge and win!

Frenzy Bar belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy BabysitterFrenzy Babysitter

A babysitter is a person entrusted to care for one or more children in the temporary absence of parents or guardians. In this game you are working in a babysitting company. Your goal is to keep the babies happy, clean and satisfied. You must watch out for their wants and needs.

Frenzy Babysitter belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy Hotel 2Frenzy Hotel 2

Starting your very own hotel is not that easy at first you will need all the help you can get financially and physically. On the first dew weeks or months you will be short staffed. In this game you will assist the guest in their every need. Drag them to the receptionist, to their room, their table and keep them happy and satisfied.

Frenzy Hotel 2 belongs to Girl Games
Swamp FrenzySwamp Frenzy

In this game, there are 5 different stages. Each stage is different, and you have to follow the instructions indicated in the screen. There is a time limit involved so you have to do everything quick. Do not worry though, this is a very easy game involving friendly frogs, so you can win no matter what.

Swamp Frenzy belongs to Management Games, Management Games, Skill Games, Frog Games
Frenzy SalonFrenzy Salon

Do you think you have what it takes to run your own beauty salon? If you do, then play this game and test your time management skills. Drag the customers to the right stations and perform the necessary styling tasks. Make sure you meet your goal at the end of each working day. The higher your level, the more customers you need to serve!

Frenzy Salon belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy ClinicFrenzy Clinic

Francine is very busy because she just opened her new Clinic. This is her childhood dreams coming to life. In this game you will play as Francine and help the patients on their different problems. You can drag patients to the diagnostic office and follow the next instructions shown on the screen.

Frenzy Clinic belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy NoodlesFrenzy Noodles

Frenzy Noodles is your chance to check if you have the ability and the skills to make this noodles restaurant work well. Be efficient and achieve your daily earnings in order to make it run well. It all waits for you at Frenzy Noodles, so start now.

Frenzy Noodles belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy Babysitter 2Frenzy Babysitter 2

It is very hard to find the best person to look out for your child when you are going on a date night or attending meetings or running an errand. Today you are going to have to experience it firsthand and play the Frenzy Babysitter 2. You will be reading and following the instructions on the top right of the screen to get that 3 star rating.

Frenzy Babysitter 2 belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy GarageFrenzy Garage

This garage is packed with business. The cars come in and come out and you need to take care of each and every one of them. This is very important because you need to reach the daily goal and the daily payment. Can you make this garage profitable?

Frenzy Garage belongs to Girl Games
Icecream Frenzy 2Icecream Frenzy 2

Icecream Frenzy 2 is one of the best ways to get ready or the next summer season when everybody is about to go crazy for ice cream. The thing you will need to do is to try and keep that frenzy under control by giving everybody their own share of ice cream in time.

Icecream Frenzy 2 belongs to Girl Games
Hospital Frenzy 2Hospital Frenzy 2

Hospital Frenzy 2 will show you that working in a hospital is not that easy. It is very challenging, but it is, at the same time, very fun. Therefore, in this game, you will be a busy receptionist and your task will be to show patients to their right doctors.

Hospital Frenzy 2 belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy HotelFrenzy Hotel

Frenzy Hotel is a game in which you have eight days to help Debbie to prove her father that this hotel is worth keeping. Earn the profit and make the hotel full of people so that it doesn´t close down when the eight days pass. Can you do that?

Frenzy Hotel belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy AirportFrenzy Airport

Airports is the place where we send off relatives and friends to go to another country. In this game your goal is to manage the Frenzy Airport. You will simply click and drag the passengers to the correct stations to go through when undergoing the whole procedure.

Frenzy Airport belongs to Girl Games
Hospital Frenzy 3Hospital Frenzy 3

In this game your goal is to enjoy the Hospital Frenzy 3. You will click and drag the patients to the respective procedures they have to undergo through. Complete all 14 levels. You can see a icon that will flash up on the patient then drag them unto any booth.

Hospital Frenzy 3 belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy PizzaFrenzy Pizza

In this game your goal is to do a Frenzy Pizza. You will have to click and drag the customers to the reception table to get the available table then you can now sit on your table. After looking at the menu click on the kitchen to order your pizza. Then if someone calls to order give it to the delivery guy.

Frenzy Pizza belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy LivingFrenzy Living

Sarah, Lisa, Ellie and Matt are going to be the characters available for you in the Frenzy Living game. You will need to choose one from the 4 and make sure the personality suits you. You are going to be keeping an eye on her needs, find work and earn money for food.

Frenzy Living belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy Airport 2Frenzy Airport 2

Airports are one of the places where many are rushing and waiting for their flights to be ready. Today you are going to have the opportunity to experience the Frenzy Airport 2. You will be choosing who will play the ticket agent, immigration, shop attendant and security that is perfect for the role and have fun!

Frenzy Airport 2 belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy BakeryFrenzy Bakery

You have a great opportunity to manage a frenzy bakery. Choose your favorite characters and appoint them in the different places. Make sure to do their work. Serve the customers perfectly according to their order. Earn more money. Make the bakery more popular and exclusive one. Have a great fun!

Frenzy Bakery belongs to Girl Games
Fuel FrenzyFuel Frenzy

Do you like to manage the vehicles? Today, a great fuel frenzy challenge is waiting for you. Manage all of the car and buses. When the fuel is going to finish, stop it in the right place. Take the fuel and give the right price. Follow the instructions perfectly. Have a great fun!

Fuel Frenzy belongs to Enjoy Games
Frenzy CasinoFrenzy Casino

Hey! Do you love to play casino? Here’s an exciting frenzy casino game for you. It is totally in the palm of your hand. You can get a huge amount of bonus coins. Enjoy your leisure time by these plenty of slots with some awesome companions. Follow the instructions and start to play. Have a great time and enjoy it!

Frenzy Casino belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy CruiseFrenzy Cruise

All the little girls and kids love to play together and like others, you also love it very much. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy a frenzy cruise with your friends? You would love it, and you can play the frenzy cruise in this game. This is really a fun game and you can play with your friends as well. Play and enjoy!

Frenzy Cruise belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy ChristmasFrenzy Christmas

We are currently at the mall and we are playing Santa and one elf. You are going to be a part of Frenzy Christmas at the mall. You will make sure to guide the kids to Santa and then get their gifts under the tree. When you have the gift you are going to give it to Santa and let him do the distribution.

Frenzy Christmas belongs to Girl Games
Cocktail FrenzyCocktail Frenzy

Are you a cocktail frenzy? Which cocktail do you love the most? Is it mango or lemon or anything else? You have the grape, mint, milk, lychee, and many other items. Also, mix the sugar and ice cube to make it succulent. You have to prepare cocktail and earn points to up the level. So, start playing now!

Cocktail Frenzy belongs to Enjoy Games
Frenzy MartFrenzy Mart

Frenzy Mart is the mini mart that my family owns and today I am the one in charge of the cashier. In this game your goal is to do a Frenzy Mart challenge. You will simply click and drag the customers to the items that they wish to buy and when they are done drag them to the cashier to pay.

Frenzy Mart belongs to Girl Games
Frenzy Gas StationFrenzy Gas Station

In this game your goal is to do a Frenzy Gas Station. You have to complete 12 levels. You will click and drag the car to their destination. You need to follow the instructions shown on the screen wait for the fuel meter to change from Empty to Full.

Frenzy Gas Station belongs to Girl Games
Xmas FrenzyXmas Frenzy

It is Christmas time again and once more, it is absolutely hectic! The frenzy has taken over the city and you really need to make sure that you are finding your way around it!

Xmas Frenzy belongs to Skill Games, Jump n run Games, Christmas Games
Fudge FrenzyFudge Frenzy

Augustus Gloop is in Willy Wonka´s magical chocolate factory again and he wants more chocolate. What Augustus wants, Augustus gets, so arrange the pipes to send chocolate onto the conveyor belt that leads directly to Augustus.

Fudge Frenzy belongs to Single player Games, Advergames Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Fun Games
Fashion FrenzyFashion Frenzy

If you like fashion and you adore thinking about all the interesting clothes that you could make, this is the right game for you. You will make your own fashion line and ejnoy it!

Fashion Frenzy belongs to Dress up Games
Stunt FrenzyStunt Frenzy

Doing stunts is really interesting, thrilling and exciting, but it is also dangerous and you can really hurt yourself. But not in this game! This is the safest way for you to enjoy all sorts of stunts!

Stunt Frenzy belongs to Skateboard Games
Frag FrenzyFrag Frenzy

If you are in the mood for a really freaky and a really unique and interesting game with crazy characters, then this is your game that will keep you occupied for hours.

Frag Frenzy belongs to Aim and shoot Games

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