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Free angry bird games online


Angry Bird Themed CakeAngry Bird Themed Cake

Angry Birds has its own fan base. They are very popular because it has a new look and story. In this game your goal is to do a Angry Bird Themed Cake. You will simply click on the triangles on the upper left corner and you can now choose from 1 to 5 for the design.

Angry Bird Themed Cake belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Cake decorating Games, Cake Games
Free Online Makeover 2Free Online Makeover 2

Having a makeover is not easy nor free thing. However, this game allows you to have a try at a virtual makeover and you should take this chance. Have fun!

Free Online Makeover 2 belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Grooming Games
Free Online MakeoverFree Online Makeover

This girl has amazing face and you can now see how would she look like if she had different tan, eye color, birthmarks or even piercings. Try them all out and see how you like her the most.

Free Online Makeover belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Grooming Games
Angry BabyAngry Baby

Girls love the babies very much as they are very cute and lovely. Do you have your own baby brother or sister? Well, you have and your little brother, the superhero is very angry today. Some bullies steal the candies, but your little hero will not spare them in any way. He continues his action with the bullies, but you should help him also to be victorious. Here you go!

Angry Baby belongs to Adventure Games
Angry Baby RunAngry Baby Run

This baby is not a fan of bullying and he does not engage in fights but today he is having a bad day and the bullies are stepping on the line. He decided it´s time to fight back and do what is right. You are going to help him on his goal to serve justice. You will press on the space bar in order to charge and then when the enemy is in front of you release it to punch.

Angry Baby Run belongs to Girl Games
To Ride FreeTo Ride Free

To Ride Free is perfect for you if you are a bit bored with regular and ordinary, everyday models and dress up games. In this game, you can try to dress up somebody a little bit different and that is this amazing and brave riding girl.

To Ride Free belongs to Dress up Games, Horse Games, Horse dress up Games
Circus FreeCircus Free

There are many times that a pop up circus visits our place and we are always looking forward to it. Today you are going to be performing at the Circus for Free but you need to earn money to upgrade performers and other items. You will click on every item the audience has and you need to watch out for the bar above for your time limit.

Circus Free belongs to Enjoy Games
Free DollhouseFree Dollhouse

Every little girl loves to have her own dollhouse to play with. They would want to create their own world inside the dollhouse. Today you are going to do a Free Dollhouse decoration. You are going to have the opportunity to arrange and design your own dollhouse.

Free Dollhouse belongs to Girl Games
Free FallFree Fall

This is a game for all those people who wanted to try parachuting. You will be falling in free fall but you need to make sure that you avoid all the mines that are coming your way!

Free Fall belongs to Single player Games, Bomb Games, Flash Games, Mine Games, Mouse skill Games
Free RiderFree Rider

This is a really interesting and fun game in which you need to draw the road for this bike rider before he reaches the end of the line. Be careful not to make it impossible for him to do it.

Free Rider belongs to Draw the environment Games
Flappy Angry BirdsFlappy Angry Birds

Angry birds are probably the most popular games among the girls and kids. Do you also love to play angry birds? Yes, you definitely love the game as it’s very thrilling and challenging. Here are some attractive angry birds and you can play it to enjoy the most. This is really wonderful and you will definitely love it.

Flappy Angry Birds belongs to Girl Games
Angry Birds ConnectAngry Birds Connect

If you love angry birds, in this game you can see them in a slightly different way. You have to pick the two of them which are the same and eliminate them, but only if they are next to each other.

Angry Birds Connect belongs to Puzzle Games
Free Baby GameFree Baby Game

Free Baby Game is a game in which your task is to make this fun and adorable baby look even sweeter. You can decide everything about it. The shape of its eyes, the color of the hair and the entire outfit. It will be amazing to design everything for this baby.

Free Baby Game belongs to Baby Games, Baby dress up Games, Baby Games
A Free Day At Shopping StreetA Free Day At Shopping Street

You can now take A Free Day At Shopping Street and choose the most elegant combinations for the lovely model. There are even some hairstyles for you to choose from.

A Free Day At Shopping Street belongs to Dress up Games, Shopping Games
Stickman Free RideStickman Free Ride

Help the stickman ride his bike through treacherous courses and terrain. Guide him through the race course until he gets to the finish line, but be careful not to let him fall!

Stickman Free Ride belongs to Action Games, Driving Games
Free Style Dress UpFree Style Dress Up

Doing a freestyle dress up is very fun and exciting. In this game your goal is to do a Free Style Dress Up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Free Style Dress Up belongs to Girl Games
Free Dolphin GamesFree Dolphin Games

Free Dolphin Games is a game that will allow you to dress up this cute dolphin. Did you know that they are really smart and the most intelligent animals? Now, you can make them the best looking ones and the trendiest as well if you start playing this fun game.

Free Dolphin Games belongs to Animal Games, Dress up Games, Dolphin Games
Free Style Fashion ShowFree Style Fashion Show

Free Style Fashion Show will let you organize your own fashion show with some really pretty models and some really great style. All the garments are at your disposal and all the models are waiting for your decisions. Make a fun runway show in this game.

Free Style Fashion Show belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Bird's TownBird's Town

In this very small but tightly knit Bird´s Town lives different colors of the same species. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to group 3 or more same colored birds. You are going to shoot the bird to the right group and make sure they do not reach the end line.

Bird's Town belongs to Enjoy Games
Bird ControlBird Control

In this game of Bird Control you are going to be working with your hand and eye coordination. You will be pressing space to make the bird fly then the arrows to move. Be careful not to hit the columns or it will be game over.

Bird Control belongs to Enjoy Games
Leader BirdLeader Bird

The winter season is knocking on the door. The migratory birds have started to migrate to the warmer places. These yellow Bird flocks have a leader Bird. Control the leader Bird and ensure them to get together. Avoid other birds. This is an awesome game for the bird lovers. Have a great fun!

Leader Bird belongs to Enjoy Games
Bird Needs OwnerBird Needs Owner

This cute and adorable bird is not so eager to be out in the open with all the other birds. It actually wants to have an owner to take care of it and make it feel wanted and happy. Be that owner and take care of this cute little birdie well. Learn how to groom it and play with it.

Bird Needs Owner belongs to Girl Games
Mother Bird ManMother Bird Man

In this particular game you are going to be seeing a different kind of graphics and it is very interesting. Today you are going to play the Mother Bird Man. You will be clicking on the surfaces and you will be able to get the clues that you would need to finish the game.

Mother Bird Man belongs to Girl Games
Bye Bye Blue BirdBye Bye Blue Bird

Bye Bye Blue Bird is a really cute and interesting game for all those who are sick and tired of all the regular dress up games. This one is far more interesting and unique because you get to dress up the cute, little blue bird. Try something new.

Bye Bye Blue Bird belongs to Fun Games, Bird Games, Bird dress up Games, Bird Games
Bird CoopBird Coop

Bird Coop. is a game wherein you can save these cute and colorful birds by aligning them or grouping them. In this game your goal is to play the Bird Coop game. You will simply align and swap them in rows or columns that will make them fly away from the grid if they reach at least 3 or more in a row or column.

Bird Coop belongs to Girl Games
Bird House ClubBird House Club

This little bird needs a home and it´s up to you to make him one. Choose a frame, what material it will be made of and a decor item. After you finish, the little bird will check the house and will tell you if he likes it or not. Keep making bird houses until the little bird finds a design he likes.

Bird House Club belongs to Girl Games
Bird Memory GameBird Memory Game

There are different types of birds in every different places. Some are seen everywhere but some are seen in only one place and only one country. In this game you will get to see different types of birds under the tiles, your goal is to complete a pair of these birds to pair up.

Bird Memory Game belongs to Fun Games, Memory Games
Flappy Bird For DinnerFlappy Bird For Dinner

Aww! This poor flappy bird got caught because he went to the wrong house, now he is the menu for dinner. In this game your goal is to do a Flappy Bird For Dinner. Simply follow the arrows and click on the needed tools and ingredients and follow the step by step process shown on the screen.

Flappy Bird For Dinner belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cook Games

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