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Panda PB&JPanda PB&J

Meet your new fluffy friend who is about to treat you with some amazing and tasty sandwiches. Although he is a big panda, his specialty is making perfect peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Who wouldn´t want a friend like that? Play with him in this fun game.

Panda PB&J belongs to Meals Games
Panda FashionPanda Fashion

Panda bears are cute and cuddly animals, but they can still be a lot more adorable once you´ve dressed them up in cool clothes and accessories. Choose from a selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories you can use to make the adorable panda even cuter than before.

Panda Fashion belongs to Girl Games
I Love PandaI Love Panda

Panda bears are huge, but they look so cute and cuddly, especially when they´re all dressed up. Help this panda bear look its best by dressing it up in adorable clothes and fashionable accessories. Mix and match all the items to create a cool new look for the panda bear.

I Love Panda belongs to Dress up Games
Panda Toy ShootPanda Toy Shoot

Panda Try Shoot is a game in which you need to make sure that you are shooting your panda toy in the right direction so that is bursts all the balloons with the bamboo sticks in them. Make sure that you do that in this fun game.

Panda Toy Shoot belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games, Panda Games
Panda RestaurantPanda Restaurant

Panda´s are very fun to be around. They are cute and cuddly and very talkative. They always wants to eat that´s why Mr. Panda decided to start a restaurant. In this game you will help Mr. Panda in assisting the costumers. When they show up click on them and give them their seats, menu and wait for them to order. They will raise their hands to order and bring back their order quick.

Panda Restaurant belongs to Girl Games
Panda Restaurant 2Panda Restaurant 2

Serve up a delicious treat of fast family fun with Panda Restaurant 2. This is a similar game to Diner Dash but now you will be having a role of a Panda. In this game you will assist the customer, get their order, whip up the food they requested, wait for them to be full and satisfied and gather the payment.

Panda Restaurant 2 belongs to Girl Games
Panda Pet CarePanda Pet Care

Pandas are cute, cuddly and shy creatures. They are found in China. In this game your goal is to do a Panda Pet Care. You have to clean, wash, feed and play with him. Simply follow the pointing hand on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Panda Pet Care belongs to Girl games Games
Baby Zoo PandaBaby Zoo Panda

The Zoo is one happy place for every little kid who goes there because they can see and interact with other animals. In this game your goal is to do a Baby Zoo Panda. You will simply click on the red buttons to let the zoo keeper know where to go and what item to get.

Baby Zoo Panda belongs to Girl Games
Panda CostumesPanda Costumes

This is certain that you love a lazy, but cute looking panda. You like a panda very much, don’t you? But, how will you feel to wear a panda costumes? No worries, these are lovely and look gorgeous as well. Your best friend is here with all the beautiful panda dresses and other makeover stuffs. Try to make her most attractive with a mind blowing makeover and make happy!

Panda Costumes belongs to Enjoy Games
Bubble PandaBubble Panda

Pandas are very shy, sleepy and playful animals and they are very important to the Chinese traditions and ecosystem. Today you are going to play the Bubble Panda game. You are going to click on the Panda to encase it on a bubble then click on it again to burst the bubble. Make sure to gather the stars and hit the gong.

Bubble Panda belongs to Enjoy Games
Panda CupcakesPanda Cupcakes

There are many cute animals around the world that are still around us and Panda is one of the cutest animal. They are big, cuddly and they are very timid. You are going to make some delicious Panda Cupcakes. You are going to find and place the objects on the counter one by one then start baking.

Panda Cupcakes belongs to Girl Games
Feed The PandaFeed The Panda

It is time to feed the panda and you are about to see that it is not as easy to do. Check out all the challenges that await for you if you choose to do so in this game.

Feed The Panda belongs to Restaurant Games, Meals Games
Giant PandaGiant Panda

You have to know that a big panda is a really picky animal who doesn´t like just any kind of place or just any kind of food. The situation is similar with dressing up. You will have to be really good to dress up this big panda!

Giant Panda belongs to Animal Games, Pet Games
Panda CarePanda Care

Taking care of a giant panda isn´t easy! Try your luck at grooming this panda and see if you can do it right. Practice using free mode to learn how to perform all the tasks, then play the timed mode to see how fast you can do the grooming tasks by yourself. Have fun washing, drying and brushing the panda til she´s clean!

Panda Care belongs to Caring Games, Animal Games, Caring games for girls Games, Caring Games, Caring games online Games, Animal caring Games, Caring Games
Messy Panda MakeoverMessy Panda Makeover

Panda´s are generally cute and cuddly but they are also curious about anything and everything. Today you are going to be dealing with a Messy Panda who needs a major Makeover. You are going to use the items around the panda to start the cleaning, the healing and the makeover process.

Messy Panda Makeover belongs to Girl Games
Panda Mini PopsPanda Mini Pops

Mini pops are one of the best selling sweet treat today and that is because of the design and it is very handy to the giver and receiver. You are going to make some Panda Mini Pops to give to your loved ones this Valentine´s day. You will mix all the ingredients and make sure to follow the recipe.

Panda Mini Pops belongs to Girl Games
Lovely Panda Dress UpLovely Panda Dress Up

There is this very cute and very adorable bear that everyone likes. It is the panda! The whole world loves them. But you have a special chance to do even more. You will be able to dress them up and to make them even cuter.

Lovely Panda Dress Up belongs to
Cooking Frenzy: Panda CakeCooking Frenzy: Panda Cake

Panda is one of the cutest animals out there and you can´t help but to gush over that black and white fluffiness. Today you are going to do a Cooking Frenzy: Panda Cake. You are going to click and drag the needed ingredients and items and follow the recipe.

Cooking Frenzy: Panda Cake belongs to Enjoy Games
Birthday Cakes: Panda Bear CakeBirthday Cakes: Panda Bear Cake

Do you know how to prepare a birthday panda bear cake? Well, Melissa is going to celebrate her birthday with her friends and family tomorrow. She is planning to bake a delicious panda bear cake, but she needs your help. Please help her prepare a mouth watering birthday cake as she has all the necessary ingredients. Here you go!

Birthday Cakes: Panda Bear Cake belongs to Enjoy Games

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