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Enders game study guide


Square Survival GuideSquare Survival Guide

Everything solid is made up of shapes and different sizes. Today you are going to be a very curious and very brave Square. You will be doing a Square Survival Guide. Use the arrow to move around, arrow up to jump and your goal is to go to the other side of the screen to proceed to the other level.

Square Survival Guide belongs to Enjoy Games
Ellie Traveller's GuideEllie Traveller's Guide

Ellie has been travelling ever since she was young because her parents love to see her face light up when they are in another country exploring. Today you are going to learn Ellie Traveler´s Guide. You will first choose your destination, pack light and get perfect pictures.

Ellie Traveller's Guide belongs to Girls Games
Elle Traveller's GuideElle Traveller's Guide

Elle has been travelling with her parents ever since she was a child and she loves meeting other people. Now that she has grown she makes her own travel journey. Today you are going to be with Elle and learn from her Travelling Guide. First choose a destination, remember to travel light, capture some memories and dress up.

Elle Traveller's Guide belongs to Enjoy Games
Elsa Tour GuideElsa Tour Guide

Elsa loves the cold and dangerous snowy mountain. She enjoys exploring caves and every inch of the mountains. Today we are going to have the perfect opportunity to have Elsa as our Tour Guide. You are going to click and drag the items from the closet to Elsa.

Elsa Tour Guide belongs to Girls Games
Study BuddyStudy Buddy

The fact that you and your study buddy are about to study for hours, doesn´t mean that you shouldn´t look good. You will definitely make the difference if you get a little bit dressed up just like this girl who simply loves reading while in cute outfits.

Study Buddy belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Daffy duck Games, Game for girls Games
Study TimeStudy Time

Study Time allows you to make the study day for these two kids a lot more fun and entertaining. They are struggling to memorize everything and in this game, you can help them by spotting the differences between their pictures. They will rely on you.

Study Time belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Hidden object Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Friends Study RoomFriends Study Room

You are invited by your friend to her house because of the exam tomorrow that will be a big part of your grade. She is going to tutor you after school. She left you in the study room and you accidentally got locked up. You need to check for clues on how to escape the study room.

Friends Study Room belongs to Girl Games
Girly Study DecorationGirly Study Decoration

Teenagers need a nice and quiet place to study. Design a study room for a teenage girl. Change the floor patterns and windows, and choose from a variety of girly furniture and decor items young girls would surely adore. Mix and match different colors and patterns to get the perfect look for the room.

Girly Study Decoration belongs to Decorating Games, Home Games
Study Room DecorationStudy Room Decoration

It is hard enough to study. But if you have to do it in a poorly decorated room, things can only become worse. This game will let you decorate a study anyway you like, so start cramming!

Study Room Decoration belongs to Decorating Games, Kids Games, Room decoration Games, Game for girls Games
Interior Design Study RoomInterior Design Study Room

Become an instant interior designer and create a beautiful study room. Fill the room with furniture and decorate it any way you want. Choose wall paper and floor patterns to give the room something extra.

Interior Design Study Room belongs to Decorating Games, Home Games
Girl Study Room CleanupGirl Study Room Cleanup

Creating a mess is just an easy task but when it comes to cleaning up the mess that´s where it gets harder. In this game you are shown that the girl´s study room is a mess and you are tasked to clean it up. Simply click on the items and place them on the correct place and throw away the trash.

Girl Study Room Cleanup belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Management Games, Skill Games, Cleaning Games
Messy Study Room CleaningMessy Study Room Cleaning

My whole room is the whole study room. Every time I got in the zone of studying my things are always a mess. In this game your goal is to do a Messy Study Room Cleaning. You will simply arrange the furniture´s around the room and throw away the trash.

Messy Study Room Cleaning belongs to Skill Games, Cleaning Games
Interior Designer - Colorful Study RoomInterior Designer - Colorful Study Room

Your study is a place where you work, and nobody wants to work in a gloomy and boring lace. Therefore, play this great game and design your future study just the way you want.

Interior Designer - Colorful Study Room belongs to Decoration Games
Baby Elena Study Room CleaningBaby Elena Study Room Cleaning

Baby Elena has always been a model individual. She loves keeping things in order but there are times when everything happens at once and she has no time to clean up. Today you are going to help out Baby Elena in her Study Room Cleaning duties. You will throw away the trash and place the clothes to the hamper.

Baby Elena Study Room Cleaning belongs to Dressup Games

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