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Princess TrainingPrincess Training

Cutezee has been accepted to the Princess school and she couldn´t be more excited to start. She will be attending a serious and tedious Princess Training. You will help her to look like a princess and be like a princess. Choose which princess is her favorite and follow the expected look from the picture.

Princess Training belongs to Girl Games
Gym Training PuzzleGym Training Puzzle

Today almost everyone has tried to go to a gym and tried using the exercise equipment. In this game your goal is to do solve the Gym Training Puzzle. You will simply choose the gym puzzle you want then you can now click and drag the puzzle pieces to it´s correct position.

Gym Training Puzzle belongs to Puzzle Games
Flight TrainingFlight Training

Everybody loves the Winx! now this little game gives you a chance to practice fighting with those gorgeous fighters for the justice! Test your beauty and skills with the Winx today.

Flight Training belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Flying Games, Cartoon Games, Winx club Games, Doll Games
Training The Horse GirlTraining The Horse Girl

In the past the horses are wild and they are not trained and close to people but the people thought of domesticating them for usage. In this game Natalia is horse girl on training. All you need to do is click on the buttons to customize Natalia´s hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories.

Training The Horse Girl belongs to Girl Games
Puppy Potty TrainingPuppy Potty Training

Puppies are super active creatures who needs your 100% attention most of the time. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to do a Puppy Potty Training. You are going to fix the messy room and make sure your dog knows that he needs to learn things.

Puppy Potty Training belongs to Enjoy Games
Cutezee's Princess TrainingCutezee's Princess Training

Cutezee is a very new recruit in the royal world. She has been an ordinary young lady before she was accepted at the royal academy. Today you are going to be helping out in Cutezee´s Princess Training. You will first make sure she looks the part of a princess and have fun.

Cutezee's Princess Training belongs to Enjoy Games
Power Ranger Mystic TrainingPower Ranger Mystic Training

You are at Rootcore and you must train with the members of Power Rangers Mystic Force. Complete 5 challenges with one of each Mystic Ranger to fulfill your mission. Start with the Practice Mode and when you´re confident you can complete a challenge, go on to play the Game Mode.

Power Ranger Mystic Training belongs to Single player Games, Arcade Games, Flash Games

Choose your character and enter this great adventure in which you get to find the Dragon and defeat it. You can be either Botty or Roowoo, but the goal is the same!

Dragon belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Beast Games, Bow Games, Dragon Games, Fantasy Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games
My Pet DragonMy Pet Dragon

Congratulations! You´ve just adopted a pet dragon! Give this unique pet a name and enjoy being the proud owner of a pet dragon. Take care of your pet and watch him or her grow into a majestic creature!

My Pet Dragon belongs to Skill Games
Dragon GemDragon Gem

Dragon Gem is a fun and exciting adventure game in which you have to fight the enemies and jump and run in order to collect as many points as possible in as little time as possible.

Dragon Gem belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Beat em up Games, Dragon Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Platforms Games, Sword Games
Dragon JetDragon Jet

Bo the dragon is learning to fly, but because he is a bit chubby, he needs your help. Keep clicking on him, so he will bounce back. If not, he will fall, and other dragons will laugh on that poor thing.

Dragon Jet belongs to Keep the ball up Games
Red DragonRed Dragon

Be on control of the fierce red dragon who floats all over the space and fights everything on his way. Be careful about you fire power and master the commands as soon as possible to win!

Red Dragon belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Beat em up Games, Dragon Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Search and destroy Games, Shoot em up Games
Girl And The DragonGirl And The Dragon

In this game you will see a mythical dragon together with it´s owner Morgana. You are given the privilege to choose an appropriate clothing for the great sorcerer. Select a powerful staff, dress and accessories for her. Meanwhile you can change the wings and eyes of her mighty dragon.

Girl And The Dragon belongs to
Dragon CareDragon Care

Every kid should have a pet. Moreover, it is useful for every kid to play with an online pet, just to see if they have what it takes to make a per healthy and well. This game takes it up a notch because your pet will be something truly amazing - a little dragon!

Dragon Care belongs to Caring Games, Animal Games, Caring Games, Caring Games
Dragon QueenDragon Queen

Dragon Queen is just as powerful as her name and the title suggest. The only thing that she needs right now is her own royal stylist as she is about to make sure that she looks just the way a strong queen should. Choose her look and make her a proud Dragon Queen.

Dragon Queen belongs to Dress up Games
Dragon SwordDragon Sword

Ken is on a mission to retrieve the Dragon Sword from the evil Yakuza. Help him to get to the sword, and destroy every enemy that gets in his way.

Dragon Sword belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Magic Games, Sword Games
How To Raise A DragonHow To Raise A Dragon

How To Raise A Dragon is one of the best question during the time when we have dragons flying around us. Today you are going to work on raising a dragon. You will press Z to jump/fly then press X to bite and press C to Breathe fire when your dragon is old enough.

How To Raise A Dragon belongs to Enjoy Games
Dragon Ball 2Dragon Ball 2

If you like the Dragon Ball series, then this is the game that you are about to love. This Dragon Ball series is about to allow you to take part in this amazing adventure.

Dragon Ball 2 belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Mouse skill Games
Dragon FighterDragon Fighter

A Dragon is a gigantic flying creature that has been part of the legends. Today you are going to be a Dragon Fighter and you need to look the part. You are going to click on each item to see if you want it then make sure to add other items that will compliment the whole look. Have fun.

Dragon Fighter belongs to Enjoy Games
Dragon Metal AgeDragon Metal Age

Become a master of your own dragon and make him spit his fireballs to defeat your enemies. Master him and his moves and become invincible dragon owner of the Dragon Metal Age!

Dragon Metal Age belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Dragon Games, Flash Games

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