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Dallas stars game schedule


Watching The StarsWatching The Stars

Create a beautiful picture of a lovely young girl stargazing up on top of the roof. Style her hair and dress her up in cute clothes and accessories. Next, Choose the perfect backdrop and props to use while she´s dreaming and staring up at the stars.

Watching The Stars belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games
Tappy StarsTappy Stars

Stars are those sparkly things that you see when the sky is dark and quiet. Today you are going to play the Tappy Stars. Each star has a corresponding number that you need to click in ascending order before the time bomb goes off. You will need to watch the time.

Tappy Stars belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars Baby FoxPet Stars Baby Fox

A fox is a meat eating type of wild dog that are not meant to be kept as pets. Today you are going to be doing a Pet Stars Baby Fox. This fox was raised in a house with full human interaction so he is kept as a pet. You are going to use and apply the available items.

Pet Stars Baby Fox belongs to Girls Games
Pet Stars: SnowballPet Stars: Snowball

Everyone has a specific pet that they would want to have and it will also be a member of the family. Today you are going to be taking care of the Pet Stars: Snowball. You will use the available tools that will help Snowball and make sure she is happy and smiling.

Pet Stars: Snowball belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars: Baby OwlPet Stars: Baby Owl

Oh, no! The cute baby owl has got injured. His body is covered with wounds and dirt. Help this cute baby owl pet to recover soon. Clean the dirt and cure the wounds. Give her the right medicine to remove the pain. Dress her up with a beautiful dress and make her happy. She will be able to fly again. Enjoy!

Pet Stars: Baby Owl belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars: Baby PigPet Stars: Baby Pig

Pigs are the main source of food. They are very cute and active and wants to swim in the mud all day. Today you are going to a Pet Stars: Baby Pig care. You are going to restore this cute dirty pig to its clean and cuddly form. You will apply the available items.

Pet Stars: Baby Pig belongs to Enjoy Games
Sparkling StarsSparkling Stars

When you look at the stars, you see that each of them has its own position on the skies. They are combined into constellations and they are nice and twinkling. In this game, order the stars into the proper constellations in a way that their interconnecting lines don´t get on each other´s way.

Sparkling Stars belongs to
Valentines Day StarsValentines Day Stars

As if the Valentine´s date is not romantic enough, this couple is watching the starts. Everything is perfect but their outfit, so fix that little detail and make this Valentine´s unforgettable.

Valentines Day Stars belongs to Holiday Games, Valentines day Games
Guardian Under The StarsGuardian Under The Stars

There are many TV shows today that tells different stories and making sure they stand out. Today you are going to be doing a Guardian Under The Stars dress up. You will click on the icons and make sure to choose which color and style is perfect for the model.

Guardian Under The Stars belongs to Enjoy Games
Red Carpet StarsRed Carpet Stars

Red Carpet Stars are the much awaited part of the Red Carpet event. They get all dressed up and look their best for this specific night. Today you are going to do a Red Carpet Stars dress up with Princess Anna and Kristoff. This would be their 1st appearance so give your 100%.

Red Carpet Stars belongs to
Pet Stars: Cute DucklingPet Stars: Cute Duckling

Ducks are very cute and all they want to do is play and swim at lake. Today you are going to take good care of the a Pet Stars: Cute Duckling. You will us the available items to make sure he is clean and restore his health back to normal.

Pet Stars: Cute Duckling belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars: Baby PonyPet Stars: Baby Pony

There are different types of pets that anyone can have. The most famous and accepted are dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds and other domesticated animals. Today we are set to take care of the Pet Stars: Baby Pony. You are going to give her a bath, some food and new look.

Pet Stars: Baby Pony belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars Baby SealPet Stars Baby Seal

Hey! Here´s a homeless cute seal. Could you look after it as your favorite pet? First, clean it perfectly. Give it some fresh fish to eat. Play with it. Love it and take care of it properly. Make it your pet. Show your best caring skills and be a great master. Enjoy it!

Pet Stars Baby Seal belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars: Baby PenguinPet Stars: Baby Penguin

Oh, no! The cute pet star baby penguin feels very sick. The polluted environment has affected him. His full body is covered with trash and dirty. He cannot breathe easily. Help this nice baby penguin to come round soon. Wash his body and clean all of the dirt and trash from his body. Dry him properly. Make him healthy and happy. Enjoy it!

Pet Stars: Baby Penguin belongs to Enjoy Games
Shooting Stars MagicShooting Stars Magic

There are some theories of people that when a shooting star happens to pass by and you get to see it, you should make a wish. Today you are going to do a Shooting Stars Magic dress up. You will click on the icons and make sure to make her look good for their date.

Shooting Stars Magic belongs to Girls Games
Princesses: Rock StarsPrincesses: Rock Stars

Ariel, Elsa and Anna are 3 of the princesses that are trying out the music industry and formed a rock band. Today you are going to be doing a Princesses: Rock Stars dress up. You will choose which items will complete each of the princesses look for the concert.

Princesses: Rock Stars belongs to Girls Games
Pet Stars Lovely SquirrelPet Stars Lovely Squirrel

Oh, no! The cute pet Stars Lovely Squirrel has got an accident while playing. Help this lovely pet to get well soon. Take it to a hospital nearby and take care of its wounds. Clean the wound area and use all of the necessary items. Follow the instructions and make it smiley again. Enjoy it!

Pet Stars Lovely Squirrel belongs to Girls Games
Two Stars Dress Up GameTwo Stars Dress Up Game

It is a privilege to have not just one but Two Stars in your immediate space. Today you are going to have a challenge and do a Two Stars Dress Up. You will click on the icons and make sure to create a whole new persona for each of the character that is shown through their outfits.

Two Stars Dress Up Game belongs to Dressup Games
BFF Studio - Movie StarsBFF Studio - Movie Stars

Studio is where all the magic happens behind the scenes of the movie you admired or the show that you watch. Today we are going to be entering the BFF Studio and meet some Movie Stars. You are going to have the perfect opportunity to dress up these 3 lovely ladies for the BFF awards.

BFF Studio - Movie Stars belongs to Girls Games
Pet Stars: Cute ReindeerPet Stars: Cute Reindeer

Oh no! This Cute Reindeer has been in an accident while she is on her way to the Pet Stars event. You will have the perfect opportunity to take care of this Cute Reindeer´s wounds and make her recover just in time for Christmas. You will use the items on the top left of the screen.

Pet Stars: Cute Reindeer belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars: Baby HamsterPet Stars: Baby Hamster

There are many advertisements in TV that are using cute and cuddly animals to promote their products. Today you are going to do a Pet Stars: Baby Hamster. You will follow the step by step instructions on the screen and make sure that this cute baby hamster is happy and comfortable.

Pet Stars: Baby Hamster belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars: Lovely LambPet Stars: Lovely Lamb

Do you have a lovely pet? You probably have and love it very much! This is a cute lamb and it likes to play in the green meadow. The lamb loves to drink fresh milk and delicious cheese. You will have to pass all day with the cute lamb and play with it in this awesome game. Have fun!

Pet Stars: Lovely Lamb belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet Stars: Baby RudolphPet Stars: Baby Rudolph

Don’t you love the pets very much? Also, do you have some pets in your house? Yes, you definitely have and take care of them regularly. Baby Rudolph is here, but it’s in a messy condition, so you will have to help the lovely pet. You have all the makeover stuffs and need to properly use them. Play, have fun and make the baby Rudolph happy!

Pet Stars: Baby Rudolph belongs to Enjoy Games
Make Stars CookiesMake Stars Cookies

Learn to bake star-shaped cookies from a chef in this deliciously fun cooking game! Follow the chef´s instructions carefully to make the cookie dough. Shape the cookies and bake. It´s ready to serve. Yum!

Make Stars Cookies belongs to Cooking Games
Disney Stars Make UpDisney Stars Make Up

You can now play with these Disney stars and see how would they look like if they had different eye color, hairstyle or even make up. You can see for yourself because this game gives you the chance to try it all out.

Disney Stars Make Up belongs to Make up Games, Celebrity Games

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