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She Is So CuteShe Is So Cute

This is the cutest dress up doll you will ever see. There are also so many cute combinations for her to try out that you will have tons of fun dressing her up. Start right away!

She Is So Cute belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Cute Games
He Is So CuteHe Is So Cute

Playing dress up isn´t just for girls. Guys need makeovers, too! Turn the simple boy into a cutie by choosing a new hairstyle and outfit that would surely leave the girls swooning!

He Is So Cute belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Boy Games
My Cute DogMy Cute Dog

My Cute Dog Cleo is a wonder dog. She is my best friend and loved by me and my family. She brings smile and laughter to our family so I want her to be happy and clean. In this game My cute dog Cleo I want her needs to be satisfied. You will need to attend to her until all the basic needs are met and green.

My Cute Dog belongs to Girl Games
How To Be A Cute VetHow To Be A Cute Vet

Being an animal lover myself I decided to take up being a Vet to cater to those cute animals that needed my care. You are going to learn How To Be A Cute Vet. You are going to use the items to pamper her then do her make up. You will choose a comfortable outfit and pick the pet you will take care of first.

How To Be A Cute Vet belongs to Enjoy Games
Cute DogCute Dog

Since you love dogs so much, you decide to be a dog stylist. Now, let´s prove how good you are in dressing up a dog using all of these cute items. If you can dress it nicely, there will be lots of customers wanting for your service.

Cute Dog belongs to Girl Games
Cute VetCute Vet

Do you have your own pets and love them very much. You definitely like them, but sometimes the pets can be ill as well. You need to call a vet then. Your friend has been a vet recently, so you have come to her house for calling. Now, you will have to help your cute friend get ready as she has all the gorgeous makeover stuffs! Make the cute vet ready and have fun!

Cute Vet belongs to Girl Games
Cute Cop On The BeatCute Cop On The Beat

Cops are need to be seen in every corner of every place in able to scare away the bad people. In this game your goal is to do a Cute Cop On The Beat dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Cute Cop On The Beat belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
My Cute SquirrelMy Cute Squirrel

Having a pet is a lot of fun, but having a pet you can play dress up with is even better! Dress your cute pet squirrel in different clothes, shoes and hats. Mix and match the items to create cute and adorable looks for your pet squirrel. Last, don´t forget to give your pet something to eat!

My Cute Squirrel belongs to Dress up Games
Cute BurgerCute Burger

The newly opened Cute Burger stand is now serving people from all over the town. In this game your goal is to play this cute Burger game. You must create the desired burger of the customer. Make sure to include the correct ingredients and drinks. Juts click and drag the items in order.

Cute Burger belongs to Girl Games
Cute JustinCute Justin

Ask Justin Bieber´s millions of fans, and they´ll tell you he´s the cutest guy ever. Make him even cuter by giving him a makeover! Change his hair and eye color or do anything you want!

Cute Justin belongs to Girl Games
Cute CupcakesCute Cupcakes

Cute cupcakes are already on the plate waiting to be served. However, something seems to be missing. It´s the decoration on those cupcakes since they are all plain! Make them amazing and decorate them well!

Cute Cupcakes belongs to Decoration Games
Cute Car ModelCute Car Model

Cute Car Model gets you to dress up the lovely model who is so hot that she has become the model at every big car show. This is the job for all the best models so make sure that you dress her up and even choose the car that she is about to pose next to.

Cute Car Model belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Cute Vet Dress UpCute Vet Dress Up

Sometimes you feel the need to go to a vet for your pets as they feel ill. Most of the vets are old looking, but your friend is a young and cute girl. She has been a vet recently, so she is planning for a lovely dress-up. She doesn’t know what to wear, but you can help her as she has all the gorgeous makeover items. Play and help your cute vet friend ready for the action!

Cute Vet Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
My Cute SisterMy Cute Sister

This girl is taking her cute little sister for a walk. It is never too early to start thinking about fashion, so make sure this amazing girl is dressed up properly and in style.

My Cute Sister belongs to Dress up Games, Fashion Games, Theme dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Cute Dog WalkerCute Dog Walker

Being a dog walker is a cool after-school job. You get to play with cute and cuddly dogs and puppies and you get to go out to the park as well. Dress this lovely dog walker up for a day of fun and frolicking with her furry pals. Choose from a variety of clothes and accessories for her to wear.

Cute Dog Walker belongs to Animal Games, Dress up Games, Pet Games
My Cute DollMy Cute Doll

Dolls are little girl´s best friend when they are growing up. They talk to them, treat them like a true human being and even include them in tea parties. Today you have your very own doll and she wants you to make her pretty. You will choose from her hair down to her shoes.

My Cute Doll belongs to Girl Games
Cute KissesCute Kisses

A lovely couple, Alan and Lira, are on vacation at the beach. It´s hard to find some private time because the beach is always crowded in the summer. Help the cute couple enjoy their vacation by being on the lookout for people passing by while they kiss.

Cute Kisses belongs to Girl Games
Cute DoggieCute Doggie

Cute Doggie would be just the game for kids who want to see how it feels like to be the best friend to a cute doggie. It involves strolling, feeding and grooming them. Therefore, try how it feels in this game before getting a puppy.

Cute Doggie belongs to Animal Games, Fun Games, Animal caring Games
Cute Poodle Spa DayCute Poodle Spa Day

Don’t you love cute looking poodles? Yes, this for sure that you love them! Here a poodle suddenly falls in the mud and you need to wash it and give a complete spa for a great look and relaxation. It has everything you need for a stunning makeover and please don’t forget to give regular food as well!

Cute Poodle Spa Day belongs to Girl Games
Cute SistersCute Sisters

The two cute sisters share a lot of common interests and that is what makes them such great sisters as they have really good time together. This game shows you that you can enjoy this time with them as well because they would gladly allow you to dress them up since fashion is one of those things they both love.

Cute Sisters belongs to Dress up Games
Cute KittenCute Kitten

As this amazingly kitten plays, you can play with it also! All you need to do is to solve the jigsaw puzzle with its photo on it. Enjoy this adorable picture of the fluffy kitty and have fun.

Cute Kitten belongs to Girl Games
Cute PonyCute Pony

Our Cute Pony is very fond of playing the in mud. She needs this playtime in order to be happy. In this game your goal is to let her play in the mud but you are tasked to wash her up and make her look cute and presentable. You will use the mouse to play this game.

Cute Pony belongs to Girl Games
Cute NailsCute Nails

Are you a modern girl who takes good care of her looks? We have gathered various nail design especially for you! You don´t need to research. You can simply pick on our collections from the wide range of categories and choices in this game then you can show it off to others.

Cute Nails belongs to Girl Games
Cute TattoosCute Tattoos

Tattoos decorate the body with ink injected into the skin and it is there permanently. The only way you can remove them is by laser removal but it doesn´t really remove it. In this game you will give a client her Cute Tattoos. You will ask her to choose which area and which tattoo design she wants and start the process.

Cute Tattoos belongs to Girl Games
Two Cute BabiesTwo Cute Babies

Yay! These two cute babies can finally have a stroll on the park. In this game your goal is to dress them up appropriately so they can be cute, adorable and comfortable while on the park. Simply choose which hairstyle, baby clothes, socks, shoes and a toy or their favorite treat.

Two Cute Babies belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up boys Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games

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