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Ship NavigationShip Navigation

Navigate the ship through the course which has a lot of twists and turns until you reach the end. Be careful not to hit the walls or else it´s game over!

Ship Navigation belongs to Avoiding Games
Wrecked ShipWrecked Ship

Hey little ocean adventurer! I have a mission only for you. You need to take care of the nature and the seas in order to let the future enjoy it too. In this game your goal is to find all 10 items that are hidden on the picture of the wrecked ship. Simply click on the correct one to gain points and the wrong one will be deducted. You only have 1:30 to do this.

Wrecked Ship belongs to Dress up Games
The Pirate Ship CreatorThe Pirate Ship Creator

Create your own pirate ship in this challenging new design game. Use the pieces below to shape your pirate ship. You can make a small one or use more pieces to make it a large ship. Add some danger to the scene by placing sharks in the water.

The Pirate Ship Creator belongs to Single player Games, Decorate Games, Flash Games, Kids Games
Sinking Ship KissSinking Ship Kiss

Oh, no! The ship is sinking! While all the passengers and crew of this sinking cruise ship scrambles to get to safety, this pair of newlyweds want to share a romantic kiss before jumping on to the life boat. Help them get a moment of privacy to show how much they love each other by alerting them when someone is looking.

Sinking Ship Kiss belongs to Action Games, Kissing Games
VeggieTales Jump ShipVeggieTales Jump Ship

The VeggieTale Pirates are walking the plank! Help them jump from the pirate ship into a small row boat. Control their jumps and try not to miss. The higher the level, the more difficult it is.

VeggieTales Jump Ship belongs to Single player Games, Boat Games, Escape Games, Flash Games, Jumping Games
Spongebob Ship O GhoulsSpongebob Ship O Ghouls

Save Sponge Bob Square Pants from the dangerous ship where he is attacked by ghosts and skeletons. Use arrow keys to move in any direction. Eat the Krabby patties to increase the score.

Spongebob Ship O Ghouls belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Spongebob Games, Sea Games
Princess Moana's ShipPrincess Moana's Ship

This cute princess Moana is going on a sail mission to find a mythical island. She wants to get a perfect outfit for the journey. Help this beautiful princess to get her favorite look. Dress her up with a nice looking dress and add other beauty accessories. Follow the instructions step by step and build a nice ship for her sailing. Princess Moana will be happy to get it. Enjoy it!

Princess Moana's Ship belongs to Girls Games
Find The Difference Pirate ShipFind The Difference Pirate Ship

If you´re good at finding things, then you won´t have a hard time spotting the difference with this new Find the Difference game. All you need to do is find 8 things that are different between two similar pictures of pirate ships. If you can do it within the time limit, you can move on to the next level.

Find The Difference Pirate Ship belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Hidden object Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Tall Ship Sailing ChallengeTall Ship Sailing Challenge

Navigation is a real science and it has been tested and studies for centuries. Let´s find out how good will you do with sailing this tall ship across the sea.

Tall Ship Sailing Challenge belongs to Sports Games, Racing Games, Ship Games, Sea Games
Scooby Doo Pirate Ship of FoolsScooby Doo Pirate Ship of Fools

Scooby Doo is on a pirate ship of fools. Although this may sound funny at first, Scooby is really scared and he really needs your help. Come and help him out since he will not be able to do it on his own.

Scooby Doo Pirate Ship of Fools belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games, Obstacle Games, Series Games
Sponge Bob Square Pants Ship O GhoulsSponge Bob Square Pants Ship O Ghouls

Uh oh! Spongebob really puts himself in trouble this time. Due to his curiosity, he is now trapped in ol´ Davy Jones´s shipwreck. To make thing worse, the wreck is floating into the surface. You have got to help him before he reaches the surface and runs out of water to survive!

Sponge Bob Square Pants Ship O Ghouls belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Water Games
Cruise WeddingCruise Wedding

It is hard to imagine any better way to make your wedding than a nice wedding at a cruise. Being on a cruise is always nice especially if you have wedding photos to show for! Play this game and make them now!

Cruise Wedding belongs to Dress up Games, Make up Games, Wedding Games, Bride Games
Easy CruiseEasy Cruise

Put yourselves in the shoes of a cruise ship captain and steer the cruise ship easyCruiseOne safely from port to port. There´s a schedule that needs to be followed and there are obstacles along the way. Avoid bumping into the obstacles and get the ship to port on time to move up to the next level.

Easy Cruise belongs to Sports Games, Parking Games, Boat Games, Ship Games, Sea Games
Frenzy CruiseFrenzy Cruise

All the little girls and kids love to play together and like others, you also love it very much. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy a frenzy cruise with your friends? You would love it, and you can play the frenzy cruise in this game. This is really a fun game and you can play with your friends as well. Play and enjoy!

Frenzy Cruise belongs to Girl Games
Cruise Dress upCruise Dress up

Going on a cruise is a fun way to relax and unwind. Help this young lady get ready for a cruise vacation by dressing her up in stylish clothes and accessories appropriate for sailing on the open seas.

Cruise Dress up belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Blue CruiseBlue Cruise

Ho ho ho! Linda has just won a cruise around Mediterranean Sea. She will travel on a luxurious cruise ship for two weeks. Help Linda to pack her bag. She needs to bring astonishing clothes, so she can flirt with some hot dudes aboard.

Blue Cruise belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Summer Games
BFF Studio: Caribbean CruiseBFF Studio: Caribbean Cruise

There are dozens of cruises happening all around the world. Today you are going to do a BFF Studio: Caribbean Cruise dress up. You are going to work on dressing up this 3 girls. You will click on the icons on the right side of the screen and choose from the wide selection.

BFF Studio: Caribbean Cruise belongs to Girls Games
Baby Summer CruiseBaby Summer Cruise

Going to summer cruise is one of my dreams and this is mainly because I love the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves. Today you are going on a Baby Summer Cruise. You are going to do dress up, apply lotion, decorate cocktail, eat your favorite ice cream to cool down and take a picture.

Baby Summer Cruise belongs to Skill Games
Caribbean Cruise MakeoverCaribbean Cruise Makeover

Caribbean Cruise is really luxurious trip. This girl is about to make it and you really have to agree that she should look her best for that trip. Therefore, don´t wait until the last minute before her departure and dress her up right now! It´s important that she looks great!

Caribbean Cruise Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Luxury Cruise LoverLuxury Cruise Lover

If you are a cute girl like this one is, and you want to find a nice guy to take care of you, the best place to find a lover is a luxury cruise. Of course, in order to find a great guy, you need to make sure that you are properly dressed. Play this game and dress up for this love cruise.

Luxury Cruise Lover belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
Luxery Cruise LoverLuxery Cruise Lover

Luxurious cruises are something that only a couple people can afford. They are the ones that can enjoy them and these cruises are really special. All that luxury makes people friendly and therefore, a lot of them fall in love. Dress up this lovely girl for her cruise and her lover.

Luxery Cruise Lover belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Cruise Star Dress UpCruise Star Dress Up

The crazy penguins are out to save their friends from the clutches of the evil polar bears. Help them catapult and dive their way through their enemies and rescue their other penguin pals.

Cruise Star Dress Up belongs to Skill Games, Throwing Games, Penguin Games
Eliza's Summer CruiseEliza's Summer Cruise

Eliza has been very busy these past few months for work and now its time to relax and have fun. Today you are going to be joining Eliza´s Summer Cruise and make sure to make her happy. You will be creating her favorite Smoothie, apply her make up and then choose her outfit. Have fun!

Eliza's Summer Cruise belongs to
Editor's Pick: Cruise HolidayEditor's Pick: Cruise Holiday

Holidays are my favorite part of the time of the year because I get some time off and have fun. Today you are going to do a Editor´s Pick: Cruise Holiday dress up. You will click on the icons to choose an item that will complete the whole outfit perfect for cruise.

Editor's Pick: Cruise Holiday belongs to Girls Games

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