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Create a HouseCreate a House

Having a place of your own is a really important thing to have. This is where you get to make a virtual house just like you want to have one day and enjoy.

Create a House belongs to Room decoration Games
Create A CakeCreate A Cake

Cakes are a staple food especially if there is a Birthday. It is very special to the Birthday celebrant. Today you are going to Create A Cake. You will be clicking on the buttons shown on the right side of the screen and make sure to mix and compliment the designs of the cake.

Create A Cake belongs to Cooking Games
Create A PaperdollCreate A Paperdoll

Was one of your favorite childhood´s toys paper doll? Wasn´t if fun dressing your paper doll with so many beautiful costumes? We still can have that kind of fun now. In this game, not only do you get to dress the doll, but you also can create its body feature. You can design the face, the hair, and more. Exciting, huh?

Create A Paperdoll belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Makeover Games
Create Your MonsterCreate Your Monster

Monsters do not have to be scary all the time. Sometimes they can be cute too. In this fascinating game, you can create your own cute monster. You get to choose what kind of shape and color you want for you monster.

Create Your Monster belongs to Animal Games, Fun Games, Skill Games, Monsters Games, Game for girls Games
Create Your Own FairyCreate Your Own Fairy

If you were a fairy, how would you look like? In this game you can toy around with this idea and moreover, make this fairy be all you want her to be and so much more!

Create Your Own Fairy belongs to Fairy dress up Games, Fantasy Games, Fairy Games, Fantasy dress up Games, Theme dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Create A CreatureCreate A Creature

Weird and strange creatures don´t have to be scary. In fact, they can be cute and absolutely adorable if you want them to be. Create your own funny little creature by choosing a body type and adding faces, clothes and accessories to complete the creature´s look.

Create A Creature belongs to Dress up Games, Monsters Games, Dress up Games
Create a Ride 2Create a Ride 2

Having a modified car is cool, but it can get very expensive. Practice modifying vehicles for free with this cool new design game. Take a stock car and replace its parts with custom parts that would fit your design idea. Give it a nice paint job and your ready to go!

Create a Ride 2 belongs to Pimp my ride Games
Create Your PizzaCreate Your Pizza

Hello young ladies! Do you love to prepare your own yummy pizza? If so, you can easily prepare delicious pizza and it’s quite easy to prepare. You have all the ingredients here like flour, yeast, salt, water, olive oil, and all the other things. Try to prepare mouthwatering pizza now for you and your friends!

Create Your Pizza belongs to Girl Games
Create a Ride Version 2Create a Ride Version 2

Isn´t it awesome to have a stunning modified fast car? However, it takes lots of money to do that. If you don´t have enough money for that yet, you still can have some fun by playing this game. Here you have the chance to modify your virtual car. You can change the spare parts, have a paint job, and many more!

Create a Ride Version 2 belongs to Single player Games, Car Games, Driving Games, Flash Games, Fun Games
Shrek Create ColorShrek Create Color

Shrek cartoons are really interesting and wonderful and in order to enjoy the scenes from the Shrek´s life some more, you will get to color this scene just the way you like it!

Shrek Create Color belongs to Style Games, Coloring Games, Shrek Games
Create a Ride Version 1Create a Ride Version 1

Do you want to have a cool ride? Do you think your car needs extreme modification? If your answers are all yes, but you don´t have the cash to do so, you should cheer yourself by playing this awesome car modification game. You are free to modify the car to your heart´s content without having to worry about the money. How hot is that?

Create a Ride Version 1 belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Car Games, Driving Games, Flash Games, Fun Games
Pup WorldPup World

Everybody loves having a puppy, but did you know how many chores a puppy must do? Try out this great game and find that out for yourself out in the funniest possible way.

Pup World belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Animal Games, Dog Games, Evade Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Puppy Games

If you are a fan of Mario Bros, you will love this game. Here you have got to collect as many stars as possible while walking through the platforms. Be careful with the enemies. You can defeat them by jumping and landing on their head.

World belongs to Single player Games, Collecting Games, Platforms Games, Shockwave Games
Top Of The WorldTop Of The World

Top of The World is definitely not about climbing mountains and mountain peeks. It is all about dressing up a romantic and fun girl who wants to get on the top of the world and think about big things in life. Give her a nice outfit for that.

Top Of The World belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
This Is My WorldThis Is My World

In your world, you can do anything you wish! Play dress up and choose the outfits you want and add lots of nice accessories and jewelry to create a one of a kind look.

This Is My World belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Teen Games
World Domination 1World Domination 1

It´s time to battle for World Domination! Choose an ideology to represent and pick enemies from the famous world leaders. Think of a strategy to take control of the whole world!

World Domination 1 belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Al qaeda Games, Army Games, Bin laden Games, Flash Games, Purchase equipment upgrades Games, Rocket Games, Search and destroy Games, Series Games, Strategy Games, Turn based Games, War Games
Baby Around The World: USABaby Around The World: USA

Being a baby means you cannot clearly communicate with the adults around you in a human way. You can only laugh or cry or point to let them know what you feel. Our adventurous baby and her family is in USA and she will experience everything from cooking to coloring pictures and even dress up.

Baby Around The World: USA belongs to Girl Games
Mario WorldMario World

Mario is back one more time! Help him rescue his darling one more time bu leading him through all the obstacles and avoiding all the enemies. Have fun once again with this fun guy.

Mario World belongs to Skill Games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Jump n run Games, Super mario Games
Real WorldReal World

Real World is a really logical game that needs your skills and reasoning. In it you need to clear all the blocks that you can and you need to make sure your man doesn´t hit the ground.

Real World belongs to Skill Games, Logic Games, Physics Games
Mystic WorldMystic World

Welcome to the Mystic World! Spot the difference between the two pictures within the time limit to clear a round. They may be difficult to see, but there are a definite number of differences in each set of pictures.

Mystic World belongs to Puzzle Games, Magic Games, Differences Games
World's Best LasagnaWorld's Best Lasagna

People all over the world know and adore Lasagna. They know where to buy it and they know that it tastes good, but they rarely know how to make it. Change that and make a perfect lasagna in this fun game. Play World´s Best Lasagna today!

World's Best Lasagna belongs to Cooking Games, Pie cooking Games
Miss WorldMiss World

Celebrities and models may look nice but we all know that when it comes to beauty, Miss World is the one to tale the title. Dress her up and her companions in this game.

Miss World belongs to Dressup Games
Fantasy WorldFantasy World

Do you love the great outdoors and the animals? Let´s create your own outdoor world by playing this interesting game. You can choose the place you want, and fill it with your favorite animals.

Fantasy World belongs to Outdoor Games, Fantasy Games, Decorating Games
Mermaid WorldMermaid World

This young mermaid princess is going on a once in a lifetime adventure to find her prince. She needs to pack her bags with things that she would need on her quest. Help her find these items within the time limit in order to move to the next room and continue on until she has everything she needs to find the love of her life.

Mermaid World belongs to Exclusive Games
World Of MimiWorld Of Mimi

Enter Mimi’s world and join her as she gets ready for school and goes out into the world. Enjoy playing this adorable simulation game full of fun, laughter and a lot of crazy antics you’ll surely love.

World Of Mimi belongs to Girl Games
Wonders Of The WorldWonders Of The World

Wonders Of The World is very impressive and people are captivated by the beautiful landmarks and marvels of the various lands. In this game of Wonders Of The World, it is a memory game that will need your focus and attention. You will simply click on the tiles to reveal the picture on the other side and find the pair.

Wonders Of The World belongs to Fun Games, Memory Games, Game for girls Games

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