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Cube ItCube It

This is the game where you need to make sure you use all your wits and logical skills. You need to move around the green cube and make sure that all the other cubes are dropped down. Learn how to do that.

Cube It belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games
Cube TemaCube Tema

This is the game for all those who love to explore new logical games and puzzles. Find out what you need to do in this game and let it entertain you for hours to come!

Cube Tema belongs to Single player Games, Bricks Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Kids Games, Matching Games
Growing A CubeGrowing A Cube

Growing A Cube is a very weird but interesting game. In this game of Growing A Cube you are given different items on the left and right of your screen. You will then decide which items you will place on the Growing Cube to help it grow. You will need to try all the items and see their levels at the end of the game.

Growing A Cube belongs to Girl Games
Cube CombatCube Combat

The simpler the game looks, the harder is to win it, so this very simple looking game is a real challenge for any kind of player. Try it out and see how it goes.

Cube Combat belongs to Multiplayer Games, Action Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games
Crazy CowCrazy Cow

The Crazy Cow is lost! Guide the Crazy Cow to the barn within the time limit by placing fences in his way. Rotate the fence to send the Crazy Cow to a particular direction. Remember to get the key before heading to the barn and avoid the pail.

Crazy Cow belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Animal Games
Pet Crazy DentistPet Crazy Dentist

This crazy pet has been neglected. This is going to be the first time a dentist will check her. In this game your goal is to do a Pet Crazy Dentist. You can use each tool for a specific problem. You will need to follow the instructions on the screen and wait till your done. You can also replace some missing teeth.

Pet Crazy Dentist belongs to Skill Games
Crazy CafeteriaCrazy Cafeteria

Help Mikey to get the fast food orders right for the people. You need to click on the bottle of sauce, ketchup, punch or chocolate for placing them on the top of their respective dishes. Play fast and score.

Crazy Cafeteria belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Cafe Games, Food serving Games, Job Games, Sim Games
Crazy Cup CakesCrazy Cup Cakes

These cupcakes are really nice and lovely and everybody wants one! This game will give you the real recipe on how to make them, so you can do it yourself after you practiced here.

Crazy Cup Cakes belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Food Games, Cake Games
Crazy KoalaCrazy Koala

Crazy Koala is a cool game in which you get to be in the shoes of a real koala who finds stray birds and leads them up to the sky. Check out this fun and interesting game.

Crazy Koala belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Flash Games, Flying Games, Mouse skill Games, Rocket Games
Crazy CabbieCrazy Cabbie

If you hate traffic jams, then you´ll love playing Crazy Cabbie! Drive the cab as fast as you can, avoiding other cars on the road by changing lanes or jumping over them. Clear the prescribed distance within the 30 second time limit to move on to the next level. Good luck!

Crazy Cabbie belongs to Misc action Games, Platformers Games, Driving Games, Action Games
Crazy FoodCrazy Food

There are limitless Crazy Food in the world that sometimes we appreciate them through our eyes, nose and mouth. Today you will try to memorize delicious foods and their placement to win every level. You are going to click and drag each food to their correct position.

Crazy Food belongs to Girl Games
Crazy Pet CafeCrazy Pet Cafe

These cute and cuddly pets are very hungry and they are going to your Crazy Pet Cafe to have a delicious and worth it meal. In this game your goal is to run the Crazy Pet Cafe, make sure to deliver all the favorite dishes asked by the customers and keep them happy and satisfied.

Crazy Pet Cafe belongs to Skill Games
Crazy SeashellsCrazy Seashells

We often see sea shells by the sea shore where it is washed away by the tides from the sea or the ocean. In this game your goal is to play the game of Crazy Seashells, you will simply remember the color and the position of the pearl inside the seashell and match them to gain points.

Crazy Seashells belongs to Girl Games
Crazy CookiesCrazy Cookies

Hey girls! As we all know girls love sweets and cupcakes. In this game your goal is to create a platter full of this delicious treats. Simply select the table, plate, the 7 delectable treats and match it with a perfect drink. After completing this your girls will munch on every piece of it.

Crazy Cookies belongs to Girl Games
Crazy Kid BedroomCrazy Kid Bedroom

Design a kid´s bedroom with this brand new design and decorating game! Choose a particular style of each furniture item and place them in the empty room. Keep adding furniture and other decor items until the room is full of wonderful stuff kids would love having in their rooms!

Crazy Kid Bedroom belongs to Dress up Games
Crazy ColorsCrazy Colors

Sometimes you appreciate it and sometimes you don´t when it comes to fashion. There are different types of people who appreciate the styles and those who can actually wear them on a daily basis. In this game one designer has given you the chance to create an outfit that one of her model can flaunt when tonight´s runway starts. Good luck and be crazy with the colors!

Crazy Colors belongs to Dress up Games
Fruit CrazyFruit Crazy

It is always fun and interesting to play these memory games and all other sorts of games that challenge your brain. It is especially exciting if you can do it with some fun theme, like the fruits in this game. Try this fun Fruit Crazy game and enjoy the mind bending.

Fruit Crazy belongs to Meals Games
Crazy DoctorCrazy Doctor

The Crazy Doctor is in and she is very much excited to work on the robots sent to her for fixing. Today you are going to be helping out the Crazy Doctor in cleaning, fixing and restoring these robots to their original state. You are going to use the tools and other items to make it happen.

Crazy Doctor belongs to Girls Games
Dentist Crazy DayDentist Crazy Day

Dentists are the professional people who studied and the experts when it comes to teeth and its whole study. Today you are going to witness a Dentist Crazy Day. You are going to help by following the instructions on the screen and make sure you restore her pearly whites.

Dentist Crazy Day belongs to Enjoy Games
Crazy PaintingCrazy Painting

Crazy Painting is a game for all those adventurist and artistic souls. Make sure that you check out this whacky painting and see what is it all about, because you´ll love it.

Crazy Painting belongs to Coloring books Games

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