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Making music is just as exciting as making magic! In this game, you don´t even have to know how to play instruments in order to make music. Try this virtual music making game and change instruments as you go!

Music belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Piano Games
Music ZapMusic Zap

Cannon fires of lasers will try to stop you from playing your notes the way you want. Try to avoid them and arrange the notes anyway you like and enjoy Music Zap.

Music Zap belongs to Single player Games, Evade Games, Flash Games, Music Games
Music MatchMusic Match

If you want to learn keys and notes, this is the best game for you since it will make you do that in the best and the fastest possible way. Have fun while learning elements of music!

Music Match belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Piano Games
Music QueenMusic Queen

Fergie has finally reached the top of her career. Her songs have become hits all over the world. Now that her music has influenced lots of people, she wants her fashion to be influential too. Help her to create stunning style that will be followed by many girls.

Music Queen belongs to Dress up Games, Music Games, Star Games
Alvin MusicAlvin Music

Alvin is a big hit ans he wants to make another song in which he needs to play the harmonica! Help him out and use arrow keys to move the harmonica so that Alvin can play it right.

Alvin Music belongs to Single player Games, Advergames Games, Flash Games, Music Games
Music Dress UpMusic Dress Up

Moira and Mark are members of their school orchestra. This afternoon, they are going to perform in the park. Moira, who has liked Mark for a very long time, decides that this is the time she gives signals to Mark that she likes him. To make her plan works, she needs to wear cute clothing that will make Mark impressed. Can you choose which clothes she should wear?

Music Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Face The MusicFace The Music

Face The Music is a game in which you will spend some time with the lovely and fashionable singer who adores to spend time on stage, singing and dancing for her fans. You will be the one who is in charge of her looks and her style, so start doing it now.

Face The Music belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
Music MagicMusic Magic

Music has a natural effect on everyone who can appreciate it. It can lighten the mood or even perk up the environment. Today you are going to play the Music Magic. You are going to be completing 6 songs in this game. You are going to help Harmony Bear in pressing the correct arrow key while each flower pass through the marker.

Music Magic belongs to Girl Games
Music FestivalMusic Festival

Every music festival is a big chance for a new star to be seen by tons of people and even become even more popular if they show themselves in the best possible light. In order to do that, you will need to think of a cool look for this new singer.

Music Festival belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games, Daffy duck Games, Game for girls Games
Messy Music RoomMessy Music Room

This music room is a real mess! No musician could make anything here. Just imagine that they suddenly get an idea and they need something from the music room in order to make it happen. It´s impossible, so do something about it and get it tidy.

Messy Music Room belongs to Dress up Games
Princess Music FestivalPrincess Music Festival

Music Festivals are the top event of anyone during the summer to enjoy the festivities and have fun. Today you are going to help the Princesses attend the Music Festival. First choose your princess from the available list then choose the pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes for her bohemian look. You can also change the colors of the items.

Princess Music Festival belongs to
Peach Love MusicPeach Love Music

Try and do your best for Peach in this fun game - Peach Love Music. She simply adores looking good and she also loves listening to the good music. Do her a favor and dress her up perfectly while her favorite band is coming loud from the speakers.

Peach Love Music belongs to Dress up Games
Elsa Music ConcertElsa Music Concert

The beautiful Frozen princess Elsa loves music very much. She has learnt to play the harp recently. Today, she has arranged an amazing music concert. Join with this cute princess and create a wonderful environment. Sing some mind-blowing songs together and create a great sound of music. Enjoy it!

Elsa Music Concert belongs to Girl Games
Elsa And Anna's Music BandElsa And Anna's Music Band

Elsa And Anna are the two closest sisters there is in the Disney family. They are now venturing in other activities in life. Today you are going to help in forming Elsa And Anna´s Music Band. You will help them prepare from their make up down to their clothes.

Elsa And Anna's Music Band belongs to Girls Games
Disney Princess Music PartyDisney Princess Music Party

Music is very essential to everyone. It can relieve stress, make you feel relax and comfortable. Today we are going to attend a Disney Princess Music Party. You will help them record and compose their song by clicking on the microphone button to start recording then press on the piano keys.

Disney Princess Music Party belongs to Girl Games
Baby Princess Music Room CleaningBaby Princess Music Room Cleaning

Having a Music Room is a privilege and it would need to be treasured. Today you are going to help out our dear Baby Princess in Cleaning her Music Room so she could know how hard things are kept clean and in order. You will throw away the trash and collect the clothes and socks lying around.

Baby Princess Music Room Cleaning belongs to Dressup Games
Cool Your Mp3Cool Your Mp3

Everybody has an mp3 today and everybody has the same ones. Make your mp3 be different from all the others and color it in the most fun and entertaining ways.

Cool Your Mp3 belongs to Decorating Games, Music Games
Cool CarCool Car

Rob has just finally bought the sport car of his dream. Now, he wants to show it off to his friends. Dress him up in order to make him super hot in his extremely cool car.

Cool Car belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Fun Games
Too Cool For SchoolToo Cool For School

There are always those girls in school that care more about how they look than how they do in classes. You can say a lot about them, but you have to admit that they know how to dress up. In Too Cool For School, you get to dress up one of them.

Too Cool For School belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Cool Car CleaningCool Car Cleaning

Cool Car Cleaning is a game which will show you that cleaning up a car is not that boring and that it can be a really fun chore. You need to go through all the details and make this car shine by polishing it up completely. Can you do it in this game?

Cool Car Cleaning belongs to Skill Games, Cleaning Games
Cool WinterCool Winter

Every year you will always expect Winter to come out and let the people in selected areas to experience cold and snow. Today you are going to do a Cool Winter inspired dress up. You will be clicking on the buttons and selecting the right tone, color and items for them.

Cool Winter belongs to Enjoy Games
Cool Peppa Pig 2Cool Peppa Pig 2

This cute and cool Peppa Pig wants to get a nice outfit from you. Help this cute pig to get its favorite look. Choose a nice dress, cap, bag and other accessories for it. Dress it up nicely and add other accessories. The cool Peppa Pig will be looking cuter. This cool Peppa Pig will be grateful to you. Have a great fun!

Cool Peppa Pig 2 belongs to Girls Games
My Cool WeddingMy Cool Wedding

Weddings are one of the dreams of little girls who wants to have a happy family of her own. Today you are going to be the fairy godmother of the Bride and Groom. You can start with the Bride by choosing her make up, wedding dress and shoes. Then the groom needs some make up to look good and not shabby.

My Cool Wedding belongs to Girl Games
Cool TattoosCool Tattoos

Having a tattoo is a very big decision to make. It is permanent and you must choose your design very carefully and it must mean something very important to you. In this game your goal is to have a cool tattoo. First choose the design of the tattoo, choose which area and start tracing the pattern. Just follow the instructions to not mess up.

Cool Tattoos belongs to Girl Games
Cool CapesCool Capes

There are tons of fashion styles that have been circling the generations. There was a time where neon colored clothes are trendy and there was a time that polka dots are in. Today you are going to do a Cool Capes dress up. Choose from the wide variety of clothes and accessories to match.

Cool Capes belongs to Enjoy Games
Pou Cool MakeoverPou Cool Makeover

Pou loves everything that comes his way. He wants to explore more of our planet and all things are new. In this game your goal is to do a Pou Cool Makeover. You will simply use the items presented below and follow the arrows for the instructions and carefully apply them.

Pou Cool Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Cool DaddyCool Daddy

Being a daddy´s girl is fun and enjoyable. You get to decided which look will you change for your Daddy to look cool and handsome. You will use the items on the left side of the screen and apply them to Daddy. He will listen to your instructions and opinions.

Cool Daddy belongs to Dress up Games

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