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Bee MovieBee Movie

Who doesn´t like honey? It´s sweet and healthy. That´s why you should thank the bees by helping them in their search for honey. Guide them as they wander, looking for flowers. You also has to help them to avoid the evil spiders.

Bee Movie belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cartoon Games, Animal Games
Movie TimeMovie Time

It´s movie night and this young lady is planning to catch a film at the theater tonight. Dress her up for a night of the movies and make her shine like the star onscreen!

Movie Time belongs to Girl Games
Movie AwardsMovie Awards

When you walk on the red carpet, all eyes and cameras will take a close look on you. There is no room for a fashion blunder. Help Angelina who wants to attend the Oscar tonight by dressing her up in a stunning outfit.

Movie Awards belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Star Games
Movie DateMovie Date

You have been invited to a movie date and you don´t have anything to wear. Actually, you have, but you need a lot of time to decide what is the best outfit. Try this game and see for yourself.

Movie Date belongs to Dress up Games, Make up Games
Movie LoversMovie Lovers

Everybody knows what will happen if a new couple goes to the movies on their date. Therefore, you better look your best on such a date because love can be waiting!

Movie Lovers belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Couple Games
Movie MakerMovie Maker

You are a cameraman who would do anything for a great footage on his camera. The film is being made and it is your task to take footage of the most exciting scenes. Can you do it?

Movie Maker belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Business Games
Movie MunchiesMovie Munchies

Stella works at the cinema and she needs to serve her customers as well as she can. Sometimes, it is a bit hard because there are a lot of them, but she has you at her side.

Movie Munchies belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Food serving Games, Fast food Games
Movie StarMovie Star

For all those girls that dream of becoming a movie star, this game provides a chance to get a glimpse of that life. This great little game provides you with the chance to taste the life of the stars.

Movie Star belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games, Star Games
Gimme 5 MovieGimme 5 Movie

Can you spot the differences between these two movie posters? You need to find 5 differences if you want to go to the next level. You need to be fast because you only have limited time.

Gimme 5 Movie belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Guessing Games, Movie Games, Series Games
BFF Studio - Movie StarsBFF Studio - Movie Stars

Studio is where all the magic happens behind the scenes of the movie you admired or the show that you watch. Today we are going to be entering the BFF Studio and meet some Movie Stars. You are going to have the perfect opportunity to dress up these 3 lovely ladies for the BFF awards.

BFF Studio - Movie Stars belongs to Girls Games
Dress Up Movie GirlDress Up Movie Girl

Working behind the scenes of a movie is a lot of hard work, but it means you get to work with glamorous actors and actresses. Help this young lady get ready to go to work at a film shoot by dressing her up in cool outfits and giving her pretty accessories to match.

Dress Up Movie Girl belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Girl Games
My Little Pony Movie NightMy Little Pony Movie Night

Movie Night is always a very fun and fulfilling night for the My Little Pony to bond, chat and be updated with the latest movies. Today you are going to help out clean up after a successful My Little Pony Movie Night. You will click and drag the trash to the bin and use the broom and mop to clean up the rest. Then you can proceed to redecorating the place.

My Little Pony Movie Night belongs to Girl Games
MTV Movie And TV Awards Dress UpMTV Movie And TV Awards Dress Up

There are many award giving bodies for every industry and they are really banking on acknowledging the best of the best for each category. Today you are going to do a MTV Movie And TV Awards Dress Up. You will click and drag the items from the closet to come up with the red carpet look for this season.

MTV Movie And TV Awards Dress Up belongs to Dressup Games
Princess Movie NightPrincess Movie Night

Movies are a very important part of the entertainment these days. Many people watch movies alone, or with their friends, or with their family and significant others. Today you are going to be throwing a Princess Movie Night. You will first choose the decorations for the living room, pick out the food and their clothes.

Princess Movie Night belongs to
Movie Premiere MakeoverMovie Premiere Makeover

When it is a movie premiere night, the paparazzi occupy the red carpet and they take pictures of all the start. Therefore, now that this girl is going for a movie, she needs to look her best so that they have the best side of her showing.

Movie Premiere Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Bonnie Movie NightBonnie Movie Night

Bonnie has been very busy with her whole career, her overflowing schedule and she is preparing for her debut movie. Today you are going to be giving Bonnie her a much awaited Movie Night where she can relax for a little bit. You will choose her hairstyle, pajamas, snacks and a comfy shoes.

Bonnie Movie Night belongs to
Movie Couple Dress UpMovie Couple Dress Up

This movie star couple wants a makeover for their public appearance and it´s your job to make them look great! Dress them up in stylish clothing and choose hairstyles that show off their good looks.

Movie Couple Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Hannah Montana The MovieHannah Montana The Movie

In this coloring game, you will have a lot of Hannah Montana pictures at your disposal to choose from. The one you choose you can color anyway you like. This is very fun, because the pictures have so many details.

Hannah Montana The Movie belongs to Coloring Games, Celebrity Games
Movie Popcorn DashMovie Popcorn Dash

Waiting in the line in the movies is never fun. At least it didn´t use to be fun until this game has arrived. Play it and see what it is all about because you will never thing that ques are boring!

Movie Popcorn Dash belongs to Mouse Games, Action Games, Misc action Games
Movie Star Wedding MakeoverMovie Star Wedding Makeover

Being a Movie Star is not an easy feat. You cannot get that status just by looking good, you also need to have good acting talent. In this game you are going to do a Movie Star Wedding Makeover. You will follow the arrow for the step by step process to make sure our Movie star looks divine.

Movie Star Wedding Makeover belongs to
Disney Princesses Movie CastingDisney Princesses Movie Casting

Everyone is getting excited in Disney when they heard that there is a new movie coming up. Today you are going to do a Disney Princesses Movie Casting. You are going to impress the judges by perfectly dressing up as a heroine for them to imagine you as there lead character.

Disney Princesses Movie Casting belongs to Dress up Games
Movie Star Girl Dress UpMovie Star Girl Dress Up

Hi, I´m Amanda and I am a movie star! I´ve been to so many movies and TV shows. I´m such a good actress so I´m popular. Today, I´m going out and need to look like a celebrity! I need the full on make up and gown. Won´t you help me choose? I have so many evening gowns, I don´t know which one to wear. They´re all great. I wish I can wear them all, but the reality is one dress for one occasion. Which one should it be--the purple gown or the green gown? Or the red gown? I´m so excited to go!

Movie Star Girl Dress Up belongs to Our flash Games, Movie awards 2012 Games, Dressup Games, Makeover Games, Celebrity Games
Los Angeles Movie Star PrepLos Angeles Movie Star Prep

Los Angeles is a city full of starts and all sorts of actors and actresses. In this game, you will have to make sure that this girl looks good and that she stands out from the crowd of all those other people who want to shine.

Los Angeles Movie Star Prep belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
American Movie Star Dress UpAmerican Movie Star Dress Up

Hollywood! Hollywood! We´re going to Hollywood! Amanda´s having her first movie premier. She´s an American Movie Star whom we all love. Because she´s so great, she has fans all over the world. If you´ve seen her movie, you´ll love her too! Her expressions are priceless. Her passion in acting is astounding. There´s nobody like her and that is why she deserves to be at the top! In Hollywood, movie stars are the stars of this planet. Glitters, sparkles, golds, and silvers are in! Tonight´s a special night and we have to help Amanda outshine everyone in the red carpet! What´s the perfect dress and look for this event?

American Movie Star Dress Up belongs to Our flash Games, Dress up Games, Makeover Games, Makeup Games
Movie Premiere Gowns Dress UpMovie Premiere Gowns Dress Up

We all know that the red carpet and the numerous movie premieres are simply reasons for those fancy gowns to be dressed and showed off in front of the fans and the press. Therefore, make sure that you dress up this lovely girl in any way you like.

Movie Premiere Gowns Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, Celebrity Games, Dress up Games, Celebrity makeover Games

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