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Toy CarsToy Cars

Do you like playing with remote control cars? If you do, then this game is for you. Here, your car is competing in a race. You have to control your car as well as possible, so your car can be the winner.

Toy Cars belongs to Single player Games, Car Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Racing Games
Seal CareSeal Care

Arctic Seal Care needs your help. They have found seals of different color, and all of them needs to have a bath. Choose from free or timed mode to play. In free mode, you will care for one of five seals. While in timed mode, you will care for as many seals as you can.

Seal Care belongs to Caring Games, Animal Games, Fun Games, Caring Games, Animal caring Games, Caring Games
Venice Carnival Make UpVenice Carnival Make Up

Lana is going to this upper-class masquerade party in Venice tonight. People with high-taste of fashion will be there. Lana needs to look outstanding if she wants to fit well in the party. You should assist Lana to choose the most exquisite dress and mask for the party tonight.

Venice Carnival Make Up belongs to Make up Games
Caravane 2Caravane 2

We all know that parking is the most difficult part of driving. But parking a caravan! That is something that only the best can do! Prove that you are the best in Caravan 2.

Caravane 2 belongs to Parking Games
Caravan TossingCaravan Tossing

Launching trailers and caravans isn´t as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of preparation as the angles and the launch power need to be adjusted perfectly to get maximum lift and so that the trailer doesn´t hit any of the obstacles along the way.

Caravan Tossing belongs to Record distance Games
Quarterback CarnageQuarterback Carnage

If you are into real American football, then this is just the game you should try. Being a quarterback is really great and this is where you can see how it feels. Play Quaterback Carnage!

Quarterback Carnage belongs to Single player Games, Ball Games, Flash Games, Football Games, Shoot em up Games, Sports Games, Throwing Games
Draw Your Cartoon CharacterDraw Your Cartoon Character

This is a really great game for all those little people who want new characters and cartoons. Draw your character one piece at the time and see it come to life in animation.

Draw Your Cartoon Character belongs to Single player Games, Dancing Games, Drawing Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Stick Games
Cartoon GirlCartoon Girl

This game involves the cutest dresses you will ever see! There´s a small little girl that needs to be dressed up for a show. Won´t you help her with the colorful dresses? Match it with her hair for that special effect.

Cartoon Girl belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Girl Games
Cartoon PaintingCartoon Painting

Don´t you just love looking at cartoon pictures? They are so cute, they make you want to smile. Now, let´s make this cartoon picture more adorable by coloring it. There are so many fun colors to you can choose here.

Cartoon Painting belongs to Coloring books Games
Carmen Electra Dress UpCarmen Electra Dress Up

Carmen Electra is attending a red carpet event and needs your help to figure out what to wear for the big event. Dress Carmen up in various stylish outfits and help her get ready.

Carmen Electra Dress Up belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Kids Games
Evil Care BearsEvil Care Bears

Set in the postmodern era, the Care Bears have redefined their souls and have turned to the darkness. The world may still be bright, but inside the heart of every care bear lies evil. In Evil Care Bears, you must defeat all care bears who do not fear to attack you.

Evil Care Bears belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Bear Games, Flash Games, Shoot em up Games, Shooting Games
Bumper Cars DemolitionBumper Cars Demolition

Those bumper cars in the entertainment parks are always the most favorite thing. However, you have to be careful there not to get hurt. In this game, you can do whatever you like with them with no fear!

Bumper Cars Demolition belongs to Single player Games, Bumper cars Games, Flash Games
Strawberry's Pony CaringStrawberry's Pony Caring

Strawberry Shortcake loves her pony very much. She wants to have her picture taken with her beloved pony today, but she´s quite filthy. Help Strawberry get her pony ready for the photo shoot by grooming her and putting cute pony accessories on her. Don´t forget to dress Strawberry up for the picture, too!

Strawberry's Pony Caring belongs to Animal Games, Dress up Games, Animal caring Games, Horse dress up Games, Pony Games, Horse dress up Games, Pony dress up Games, Dress up Games
Poodle CarePoodle Care

Poodles are very adorable and little creatures. Because of that, you need to handle them with care. Here at the poodle grooming studio, we care for the poodles by giving them a bath, and other grooming rituals. Do it on a timed mode or free mode if you want.

Poodle Care belongs to Animal Games, Animal caring Games, Dog Games
Mr. Carrot FaceMr. Carrot Face

Can you guess who is Mr Carrot Face? Sure! That is a snowman with a carrot instead of his nose and he can fire those carrots in order to hit down the flying gifts.

Mr. Carrot Face belongs to Avoiding Games
Dora Cute Dog CareDora Cute Dog Care

Dora found a stray dog in one of her explorations and since the dog was so cute, she decided to take it home. However, the dog was very dirty and in need of care. Help Dora give the cutie dog a bath so it will be clean enough by the time her parents arrive.

Dora Cute Dog Care belongs to Animal Games, Animal caring Games, Dora Games, Anime dress up Games
Care Bears Dress UpCare Bears Dress Up

Care Bears are the cutest little fighters for good there are! They really deserve to be dressed up properly, so help them out with their choices. Use all the lovely pastel colors for these great characters.

Care Bears Dress Up belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Bear Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Kids Games
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest FightingPirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest Fighting

Help Jack Sparrow to fight his enemies using his swords. He needs to defeat everyone of them, so he can get the heart of Davy Jones and free himself from the threat of being enslaved by the evil ghost.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest Fighting belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Movie Games, Strategy Games, Sword Games
Bear CareBear Care

The little bears need your care and attention. They need to be groomed regularly to keep them healthy and strong. Choose from the two game play which is the time mode or free mode. The time mode has to be cleared out fast, while you are allowed to care for the bears in your own pace with the free mode.

Bear Care belongs to Animal Games, Animal caring Games, Bear Games, Bear dress up Games, Anime dress up Games
Caramel WafflesCaramel Waffles

Layla needs your help. She is going to cook some delicious caramel waffles and she needs an assistant to help her. Just click on the list of tasks Layla has for you and follow her instructions to perform each task properly. The faster and more accurate you work, the higher the score you´ll get.

Caramel Waffles belongs to Meals Games, Baking Games, Restaurant Games
Frankie's Puppy CaringFrankie's Puppy Caring

Frankie needs a makeover, but so does her terrifyingly adorable puppy! Help Frankie with her puppy grooming. Give the dog a bath and dress her up in cute doggie outfits and accessories to match the hairstyle, clothes, and accessories you choose for Frankie. There are so many styles to choose from, so have fun practicing your styling skills!

Frankie's Puppy Caring belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dog dress up Games
Strawberry's Cat CaringStrawberry's Cat Caring

You have always wanted a cat, and now you found one in your own garden. How adorable! Now you must take care of it by bathing it, drying the cute cat with your towel, and of course combing it. Lastly, select a ribbon that your funny cat can wear.

Strawberry's Cat Caring belongs to Animal Games, Animal couples Games, Anime dress up Games
Body Skin CareBody Skin Care

Pampering the body through skin care is highly commendable. This is why the client came to our shop because she wants you to take care of her skin. Your goal is to lather different ingredients to her body making it pimple free, clear, smooth, and great to touch.

Body Skin Care belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Selena Hair CareSelena Hair Care

Everyone adores Selena Gomez´s long and shiny hair. If you want to have an access to her secret hair care, go ahead and play this game to know all about it. Mix ingredients like avocados, olive oil, and so much more. You will not only enjoy it, you will also learn so much.

Selena Hair Care belongs to Hairdresser Games, Hair Games, Hair salon Games, Hair styling Games, Hairdresser Games, Hair shop Games
Maggie Carrera en la LluviaMaggie Carrera en la Lluvia

Help Maggie the fly to collect as many stars as possible as she surfs along the stream on a flower. Watch for the obstacles and the waterfalls as they might harm her.

Maggie Carrera en la Lluvia belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games, Fun Games
Cardcaptor SakuraCardcaptor Sakura

Fans of the anime Card Captor Sakura rejoice! Here is a game that allows you to customize your favorite character Sakura from her hair, clothes, boots, to her wand. Even her sidekick Keroberos is here and you are allowed to change his looks too so enjoy.

Cardcaptor Sakura belongs to

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