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Bridal Shower PrepBridal Shower Prep

Bridal Shower Prep is a game in which you will help a very pretty and lovely bride make the most of her wedding. This can be done by choosing her dress, her hairstyles and all the other accessories that can be found and used to make a perfect wedding.

Bridal Shower Prep belongs to Makeover Games, Wedding dress up Games, Makeup Games, Wedding Games, Wedding Games
Disney Princess: Bridal ShowerDisney Princess: Bridal Shower

The beautiful Disney princess is going to ready for their bridal shower. They feel very excited. Help these cute princess to get ready for the perfect season. Give them exclusive makeover and special hairstyle. Choose a nice dress for them. Dress them up nicely and add other accessories. They will be looking very gorgeous and bright. Have a great fun!

Disney Princess: Bridal Shower belongs to Girls Games
I Got Gifts Dress UpI Got Gifts Dress Up

The upcoming Valentine´s Day is the next big event for everyone in the world. It is the day for every couple and people who love themselves celebrate love. Today you are going to do a "I Got Gifts" Dress Up. You will click on the icons below to make select her make up, clothes, hairstyle and complete the whole look.

I Got Gifts Dress Up belongs to Dressup Games
Christmas Gifts Clean UpChristmas Gifts Clean Up

You really enjoy the Christmas time and love to keep all the gifts in place during the festival. But, your best friend is facing a messy condition as all the gifts are scattered everywhere in her room. She needs your help to clean up the room and decorate all the gifts nicely. You are the master of decorating things, so help your best friend for a cleanup and have fun!

Christmas Gifts Clean Up belongs to Girl Games
Santas Gifts Dress UpSantas Gifts Dress Up

The most important part of a day for every girl, when it is Christmas time, is the part when she gets all the presents and opens them all up. In this game, you need to make sure that you dress up this girl because she wants to look perfect for her present opening today.

Santas Gifts Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, Christmas Games, Dress up Games
Christmas Gifts 2048Christmas Gifts 2048

Christmas 2048 is the new way people are celebrating Christmas. It is the time of the year where we celebrate the birth of Jesus and making sure to spend time with family. Today you are going to do a Christmas Gifts 2048. Play either as a beginner or an advanced level and then slide similar items and gain points.

Christmas Gifts 2048 belongs to
Olaf Christmas GiftsOlaf Christmas Gifts

Don’t you love to get beautiful gifts during the time for Christmas? Yes, you definitely like it. Your friend, Olaf is thinking of getting some gifts ahead of Christmas. Santa has kept some gifts in the clouds and Olaf is collecting them with great enthusiasm. This is full of fun and you can help Olaf to collect as many gifts as you like! Here you go!

Olaf Christmas Gifts belongs to Girl Games
Christmas Gifts Dress UpChristmas Gifts Dress Up

Christmas is fast approaching and it is celebrated on every Catholic community in the world. Today you are going to do a Christmas Gifts Dress Up. You will click on the items below to select which make up, clothes and accessories are best for this season.

Christmas Gifts Dress Up belongs to Dressup Games
Santa's Jolly GiftsSanta's Jolly Gifts

Santa does not forget the good child when he is making his naughty or nice list during Christmas. Today you are going to enjoy Santa´s Jolly Gifts. You are going to read what the nice child wants then click on it and wrap it up so Santa can deliver it on time.

Santa's Jolly Gifts belongs to Enjoy Games
Bridal BoutiqueBridal Boutique

Today, you have a great opportunity to maintain a bridal boutique shop. Let´s start your business and make it popular. Make all of the brides and grooms looking gorgeous as well as exclusive. Use all of the special makeover kits, gorgeous wedding dresses and exclusive accessories. Make your customers wedding day memorable. Have a nice day!

Bridal Boutique belongs to Girls Games
Bridal ManicureBridal Manicure

Manicure is where the nails and the hands are pampered and cleaned. In this game your goal is to do a Bridal Manicure. The bride wants to be perfect in her big day. You will simply use the items shown on the screen and follow the instructions on how to use it.

Bridal Manicure belongs to Nail styling Games
Bridal GlamBridal Glam

Weddings are prepared months before the big day to make every thing fall in its place and to make everything perfect. In this game your goal is to do a very special bridal glam make up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like jewelries.

Bridal Glam belongs to Girl Games
Bridal NailBridal Nail

Going to the Nail spa is never been this good. Candy has been invited to the Nail spa around the corner for its grand opening. In this game you will be the one who assist Candy in her every needs inside the Nail spa. Simply follow the arrow on the screen for the instructions.

Bridal Nail belongs to Fun Games, Wedding Games, Game for girls Games, Nail styling Games
Elsa's BridalElsa's Bridal

Elsa loves her sister very much and she personally handled Anna´s wedding and the after party. Today she is now planning for her own Bridal event. You are going to be helping out Elsa´s Bridal event to make it the best. You are going to help her prepare by choosing her look.

Elsa's Bridal belongs to Enjoy Games
Bridal FacialBridal Facial

The bride of the wedding should be the most beautiful girl on the church and reception. After all, it is her own celebration, and a wedding only happens once in a lifetime. Give our bridal girl a facial to make her look and feel pretty. Soap her face, put products on it, and wash it thoroughly.

Bridal Facial belongs to Dress up Games, Makeover Games, Fun Games, Make over Games, Dress up Games
Bridal GownsBridal Gowns

Bridal gowns are really special gowns that you only get to wear once and they need to be perfect. So, a lot of time is spent on their trial. However, that trial can be fun!

Bridal Gowns belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Bride Games
Little Labrador ShowerLittle Labrador Shower

My family has a Little Labrador and she is very sweet. When the baby arrived, she always sits by the crib to watch over the baby. In this game your goal is to do a Little Labrador Shower. Simply follow the pointing hand to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Little Labrador Shower belongs to Skill Games
Pou Takes A ShowerPou Takes A Shower

Pou is one big baby and he wants everyone´s attention. He wants to take a bath and needs your help. In this game your goal is to do a Pou Takes A Shower. Simply follow the arrows to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Pou Takes A Shower belongs to Caring Games, Caring Games, Caring Games
Bridal Hair SalonBridal Hair Salon

The wedding day is definitely the most memorable day of a girl’s life. The bride tries her best to look very attractive. A cute bride has come to your salon for a lovely bridal hairstyle. The girl is really pretty and you can help her get a simple, but yet mesmerizing hairstyle. Explore your hair styling skills and have fun!

Bridal Hair Salon belongs to Makeover Games
Bridal Glam Make-upBridal Glam Make-up

The bride should be the star at any wedding. Glam this blushing bride up with a makeover. Apply makeup on her and choose her hairstyle. Add a veil and some hair accessories and don´t forget to add some jewelry for that glamorous finishing touch. After you´re done, she´ll be the most beautiful woman her groom has ever seen!

Bridal Glam Make-up belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
White Bridal GownsWhite Bridal Gowns

Every woman wants to look perfect on her wedding day, and so does Keirra. Because she is very nervous about her big day, Keirra cannot figure out what she wants to wear for her wedding. You´ve got to help Keirra to choose the "it" wedding gown, so everyone will remember her as the most beautiful bride they have ever seen.

White Bridal Gowns belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Bride Games, Wedding Games
Bridal Beauty MakeoverBridal Beauty Makeover

Bridal Beauty Makeover is a game in which you will need to assist this happy, young bride to look her best. Your task will be to dress her all up and to make sure that she looks really and truly amazing. It is her big day and she needs to look memorable.

Bridal Beauty Makeover belongs to
Indian Bridal MakeupIndian Bridal Makeup

This amazingly beautiful Indian girl is about to have the happiest day of her life an get married. She is all ready but she needs some help with the outfit and her make up. Luckily, you are here now and you can try out all your ideas on her before her big day. Have fun!

Indian Bridal Makeup belongs to Dress up Games, Indian dress up Games, Dress up Games
Royal Baby ShowerRoyal Baby Shower

They Royal family is very excited to have Prince George in their midst. He is the center of attention in the Royal family and everyone in the world. In this game your goal is to do a Royal Baby Shower. Simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Royal Baby Shower belongs to Baby Games, Baby dress up Games, Baby Games, Baby care Games, Baby feeding Games
Get Ready For Baby ShowerGet Ready For Baby Shower

Babies are a gift from God. They will surely change any parent´s life when they are conceived. Today we are going to do a Get Ready For Baby Shower. Your baby shower is in a few hours, you need help in preparing. Click on the buttons to choose a comfortable and stylish look.

Get Ready For Baby Shower belongs to Enjoy Games
Baby Shower DecorationBaby Shower Decoration

Hey! Do you love to decorate something? Today, you have a great opportunity to decorate a baby shower. Take the challenge and start the game. Use some awesome items and decorate the baby shower nicely. Show your best decorating skills and make a gorgeous baby shower. Have a great fun!

Baby Shower Decoration belongs to Decoration Games
Baby Shower-CakeBaby Shower-Cake

Every event or celebration needs something sweet like a very special cake. Every parent loves to share the good news that they received a blessing from God. In this game your goal is to do a Baby Shower-Cake decoration. Simply click on the buttons until you have chosen your design.

Baby Shower-Cake belongs to Cake decorating Games, Cake Games, Cake Games
Baby Shower At PoolBaby Shower At Pool

Giving your Baby Shower At the community Pool is going to be fun and exciting. In this game your goal is to give the baby a shower. Simply click on the baby and place her on the stool. Click on the shower to start. Then she will think of things she wants to have on the shower and you need to click on the items.

Baby Shower At Pool belongs to Baby Games, Baby caring Games, Baby dress up Games, Baby Games, Baby care Games, Baby feeding Games
Rapunzel Baby ShowerRapunzel Baby Shower

Rapunzel is one of the Disney princesses that we all know today. She was taken from her real parents by the wicked witch. In this game your goal is to do a Rapunzel Baby Shower. You will Simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Rapunzel Baby Shower belongs to Caring Games, Caring Games, Caring Games

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