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Board games for 7 year olds


Checkers BoardCheckers Board

This game is just like playing checkers in real life. The only thing is that you don´t have to beg people to play with you since you have computer that is always in the mood for a game of checkers.

Checkers Board belongs to Checkers Games
Kids Fun BoardKids Fun Board

In this game your goal is to play the Kids Fun Board. You need to find all the fruits accurately. Every fruit has a corresponding points: Apple (100) being the lowest and Orange (350) being the highest. You must memorize the position of the fruit in order to gain higher points.

Kids Fun Board belongs to Skill Games
Decorate Your School BoardDecorate Your School Board

School isn´t fun without the extra curricular activities such as homeroom and joining club organizations. In this game you are assigned to decorate your school board for the month. This should be eye catching and fun to see. Unleash your creativity and show the school your artistic side.

Decorate Your School Board belongs to
Polly Pocket Z BoardPolly Pocket Z Board

Z Borad is a special piano on a cute little zebra which will teach you how to play. Watch the order of keys to be pressed and try to repeat them in order to learn some songs.

Polly Pocket Z Board belongs to Cartoon Games, Fun Games, Kids Games, Music Games, Polly pocket Games, Learning Games
Princess Board Game NightPrincess Board Game Night

Board Games are played indoors and it is one of the ways to alleviate boredom. Today you are going to join the Princesses in their Board Game Night. You will be choosing their comfortable outfits then help them play against each other and have fun.

Princess Board Game Night belongs to
New Year's EveNew Year's Eve

New Year´s Eve is the last day of the year and a time in which a new calendar year begins. Almost every country is different when meeting the new year, but 3 things is certain: food, reunion and fireworks. In this game your goal is to decorate your place for New Year´s Eve dinner that you and your partner will enjoy.

New Year's Eve belongs to Cake Games, Baking Games
Wed On New YearWed On New Year

Some girls want to make their wedding on some special day or holiday because they want it to be perfect and amazing and to be connected with that holiday. This girl wants to do it on a New Year so make it a lovely wedding.

Wed On New Year belongs to Dress up Games
First Day In New YearFirst Day In New Year

The amazing New Year parties are all over and people have all been dressed up at them. Now, it is the first day after those and it is no wonder people are all happy and still want to look good. In this game, you get to dress up this lovely girl all you like.

First Day In New Year belongs to Dress up Games
New Year LookNew Year Look

I have a tradition where in I change my look every year during the New Year. Today you will have the perfect opportunity to have a say in my style and look. You are going to be the one who would pick out which color or style I would wear for the year. You have to choose carefully.

New Year Look belongs to Girl Games
New Year New LookNew Year New Look

When we reach the end of the current year we are busy in preparing for the Holidays and welcoming the coming new year. Today we are going to be preparing for the New year´s party so we need to start early. New Year New Look is your mantra so let´s get started. Choose my hair, make up, clothes and shoes.

New Year New Look belongs to Makeover Games
New Year New TrousersNew Year New Trousers

This cute girl wants to wear new trousers in this new year. Help this cute girl to get her favorite look. Buy some stylish and trendy trousers for her. Choose the best one and dress her up with it. Also, add some matching accessories with that new trousers. She will be looking modern, stylish and beautiful. Have a great fun!

New Year New Trousers belongs to Girls Games
Barbi's New Year's EveBarbi's New Year's Eve

Oooh! Barbie has been invited to a very big New Year´s eve glam party. She is going to see some celebrities and other famous personalities on this event so she wants to look good and glamorous. In this game you will do a Barbie´s New Year´s Eve intervention. You will create an outfit for her.

Barbi's New Year's Eve belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Over The Year OutfitsOver The Year Outfits

Every year there are some types of clothes and outfits that are worn by everyone from the celebrities to the fans who wanted to follow the trend. Today you are going to be putting together some Over The Year Outfits. You are going to choose between challenge mode or free mode then have fun.

Over The Year Outfits belongs to Enjoy Games
New Year KissNew Year Kiss

This couple is starting the year right by sharing a kiss at midnight on New Year´s Eve. Help make this moment much more memorable by styling them up to be picture perfect. Choose the hairstyle, clothes and accessories appropriate for the most romantic New Year´s Eve ever!

New Year Kiss belongs to Dress up Games
New Year DinnerNew Year Dinner

New Year is almost here and everyone is getting ready to welcome the new year and the new opportunities for 2017. Today you are going to have the opportunity to do a New Year Dinner dress up. You will choose the hair, make up, clothes, and other accessories.

New Year Dinner belongs to Girls Games
New Year's Eve KissesNew Year's Eve Kisses

When the New Year Eve comes and the clock strikes midnight, everybody is kissing. That is the perfect time to kiss somebody that you haven´t dared to kiss before. For that occasion you need to dress up perfectly so that you look your best. Dress up these two lovers.

New Year's Eve Kisses belongs to Dress up Games, Couple Games, Couple dress up Games, Dress up boys Games, Dress up Games
The New Year PartyThe New Year Party

The New Year Party is a game in which you need to dress up this girl. She is invited to the best New Year party in town but she cannot go there dressed as usual and without the food or drinks. Organize that for her in this cool dress up game.

The New Year Party belongs to Dress up Games
BFF Studio New Year's EveBFF Studio New Year's Eve

New Year´s Eve is celebrated by every human on the planet. No religion or belief are hindering them to celebrate this event. Today you are going to be at the BFF Studio and you will do a New Year´s Eve dress up. You will choose 3 outfits for these 3 fabulous ladies for New Year´s Eve.

BFF Studio New Year's Eve belongs to Girls Games
New Year NailsNew Year Nails

Nails is one of my pet peeve. I always see to it that my nails are well trimmed and clean at all times. Today you are going to have the opportunity to create your very own New Year Nails. You will click and drag the designs of the nail polish and accents on the screen to the hand.

New Year Nails belongs to Girl Games
New Year Make UpNew Year Make Up

New Year Make Up is a game that gives you a chance to figure out the makeup style before getting all dressed up for the big party. The make up can change your looks entirely so you need to be careful about your style. Practice on this fun girl.

New Year Make Up belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
New Year Salon SpaNew Year Salon Spa

The newly opened spa is making waves because of their New Year special offer. They are very accommodating and very in tune with their clients needs. In this game the New Year Salon Spa needs additional help. Simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

New Year Salon Spa belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
New Years Eve Dress UpNew Years Eve Dress Up

In a few hours from now the whole world is going to celebrate the ending of 2013 and the coming of 2014. In this game your goal is to do a New Year´s Eve Dress Up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

New Years Eve Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
New Year's NailsNew Year's Nails

New Year means new beginnings. Some bad things that happened in the previous year must be discarded. In this game you will have the opportunity to go to a New Year´s Nails spa and be their lucky customer. You will simply sit and relax and enjoy the pampering.

New Year's Nails belongs to Fun Games, Game for girls Games, Nail styling Games
Welcoming New YearWelcoming New Year

How are you celebrating and welcoming the New Year? Yes, it is full of fun and you are enjoying the holidays with friends and family. Your best friend has invited you all to a grand party and making arrangements of everything, but she needs to take your help for a lovely makeover as well. Help her ready and make happy!

Welcoming New Year belongs to Makeover Games
Zoe's New Year's SecretsZoe's New Year's Secrets

Most of the girls are very fashionable and they always dream to get an attractive figure. Your best friend, Zoe is suffering from obesity for the last couple of years, but she is planning to participate in the New Year fashion show. So, she is exercising hard to get back her zero figure and wants to be the champion. Help your best friend to be the winner!

Zoe's New Year's Secrets belongs to Makeover Games
New Year's Eve BallNew Year's Eve Ball

All the girls are celebrating and enjoying the beautiful time of the New Year! One of your friends is here with all the gorgeous dresses, lovely accessories, cute ornaments, stylish shoes and all other makeover items. She needs your help for wonderful makeups of New Year’s Eve Ball and have fun. Here you go!

New Year's Eve Ball belongs to Enjoy Games
Asian New YearAsian New Year

Asian New Year or also known as Chinese New Year is celebrated in the month of February and many people believe in their traditions. Today you are going to do a Asian New Year dress up. You will choose the hair, make up, clothes, accessories and her shoes.

Asian New Year belongs to Enjoy Games
New Year FriendsNew Year Friends

Cristina, Amy and Stacey are best of friends since they were in diapers. They prefer to be together so they can be with each other 24/7. Today you are going to do a New Year Friends dress up. You will be choosing their outfits for the New Year´s party. You are going to decided on everything from hair to shoes.

New Year Friends belongs to Girl Games
New Year's Make UpNew Year's Make Up

New Year is around the corner and everyone is planning for New Year’s make up. You are also thinking about your wardrobe and buying new clothes and other accessories. One of your best friends is worried about the makeup of the New Year. But, you are here! Please help her out and enjoy the New Year. Have fun!

New Year's Make Up belongs to Enjoy Games
Stylist Of The YearStylist Of The Year

I am aiming to be the best in my field this year and I think I achieve at least a part of what I dreamed of. Today I won the most coveted Stylist Of The Year. You are going to help me prove my skills. I am going to the biggest and much awaited New Year´s party and I need your help to get ready in time.

Stylist Of The Year belongs to Enjoy Games
Skirts For New YearSkirts For New Year

This is the time to enjoy the New Year. This cute girl wants to wear a beautiful skirt to celebrate this day. Help this beautiful girl to get her favorite look. Choose a nice top and skirt for her. Dress her up nicely and add other accessories. Give her a fashionable hairstyle & a special makeover. She will be looking very pretty. Have a great fun!

Skirts For New Year belongs to Enjoy Games
Diamond YearDiamond Year

Diamonds are girls best friend because girls love receiving shiny and expensive things. They want to see the effort that the giver put to give her diamonds. Today you are going to be celebrating a Diamond Year. You will do a Diamond inspired dress up. You will choose her shiny outfit.

Diamond Year belongs to Girls Games
New Year PancakesNew Year Pancakes

Jack is watching Tv and one show caught his attention and his mouth watered at the topic and that is Pancakes. He wanted to try the recipe out and make his own version of a New Year Pancake. You will mix and cook the perfect version of that pancake.

New Year Pancakes belongs to Girl Games

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