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Blues clues a brand new game


Anna's Newborn House MakeoverAnna's Newborn House Makeover

To be a mother is probably the most memorable and enjoyable experience of a mother. On the Valentine’s Day, Anna gave birth of a beautiful angel and she is busy with her house makeover after this. Anna cannot do everything as she takes care of her baby all the time, you will have to help her for house makeover. Here you go!

Anna's Newborn House Makeover belongs to Girl Games
Anna And Kristoff Care Newborn PrincessAnna And Kristoff Care Newborn Princess

Anna and Kristoff had their adventure up in the mountains while trying to reach out to Elsa. They began to get to know each other when all the trouble is over. Today you are going to be helping both Anna And Kristoff in taking Care of the Newborn Princess. You are going to follow the instructions on the screen.

Anna And Kristoff Care Newborn Princess belongs to Skill Games
Magic ArrowMagic Arrow

The Kingdom is being attacked by an evil witch! The king has ordered you, his trusty wizard, to fight the witch your magic. To defeat him, you have to shoot the balloons with your magic arrow. Be careful! You only have a limited number of magic arrows.

Magic Arrow belongs to Single player Games, Balloons Games, Bow Games, Flash Games
Assassination SimulatorAssassination Simulator

Use the space bar to refill your weapon and use the your weapon to train and become the best assassin in the country. In that way, you can be the first line of defense for your country!

Assassination Simulator belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Mouse skill Games, Shooting Games
Army CopterArmy Copter

Army copter is a really difficult thing to drive and completing a mission while driving it is a really challenging task. Make sure you are up to it and play this game.

Army Copter belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Aircraft Games, Army Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Helicopter Games, Search and destroy Games, Shoot em up Games, Tank Games, War Games
Tatto ArtistTatto Artist

Those tattoos are not going to make themselves. A real tattoo artist s needed for that, so make sure that you have all it takes to become one. This game will show you how it feels.

Tatto Artist belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Mouse skill Games, Role playing Games, Simulation Games, Timing Games
Improve AppearanceImprove Appearance

Makeovers can transform a simple girl into a dazzling diva, or it can bring out someone´s inner beauty. Try giving this cute girl a makeover and see what happens when you apply a little bit of makeup.

Improve Appearance belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Girl Games
Dora Adorable Room DecorDora Adorable Room Decor

Dora is redecorating her room! Help her by putting all her furniture, decor items, and toys in their places. Once you´ve added an item, move it around until you find a good spot for it. You can copy what Dora had in mind by pressing the hint button or you can design it your own way.

Dora Adorable Room Decor belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Dora Games, Decorating house Games
Transformers ArmadaTransformers Armada

Transformers Armada is a really interesting action game which will make your adrenalin pumping and your targeting skills improving. Try it out and have hours of fun. Start right away.

Transformers Armada belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Aircraft Games, Defend Games, Flash Games, Robots Games, Shooting Games
Ape AdventureApe Adventure

Prepare to be transported a thousand years into the future! The planet is now ruled by intelligent apes. Being the only human in a high school full of apes, it´s up to you to try to fit in. Will school be just the same in the future? Play and find out!

Ape Adventure belongs to Point and click Games
Magic AventureMagic Aventure

Go on a magical adventure and save the city! Collect 10 magic wands within the allotted time to complete the mission. Collect candy for extra points and avoid obstacles and creatures that deplete your energy.

Magic Aventure belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games, Rescue Games
Acorn TossAcorn Toss

The squirrels are collecting acorns. Toss the acorn up the pole from squirrel to squirrel. Move the furry animals forward and back to catch it and throw it upwards. The higher up the pole the acorn reaches, the higher the score!

Acorn Toss belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Throwing Games
TV Anchor MakeoverTV Anchor Makeover

TV anchors are known all over the world for their witty remarks and great style. However, they can´t just show their faces in tv while looking haggard. They need to be blemish free and beautiful. Because of that, you need to help our tv anchor by giving her a facial and makeover. Her career depends on you so do what you can.

TV Anchor Makeover belongs to
Adventures of JackAdventures of Jack

Follow Jack on some of his crazy missions. Adventures of Jack is just the game that will take you on some of the great street adventures that will blow your mind!

Adventures of Jack belongs to Flash Games, Strategy Games
Leane Angel DressupLeane Angel Dressup

Leane is the vocalist for a band called "Angel Dust". As the lead singer, she always performs with a pair of angel wings on her back. Help her to find amazing stage apparel that will look great with her wings.

Leane Angel Dressup belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Leane Angel Dress UpLeane Angel Dress Up

Leane is a gorgeous angel who looks just like a lovely girl from the neighborhood. She also likes wearing ordinary stuff and she also likes to look trendy. Have fun playing dress up with her.

Leane Angel Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Athene Dress UpAthene Dress Up

Athene is a proud goddess of the Greek Olympus. Dress her up and find her a wardrobe that will make her look as amazing as she truly is. Start right away because there is a lot of clothes to try on.

Athene Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Angel Make UpAngel Make Up

Angel has been on earth for too little so she doesn´t know how to choose the correct make up for her lovely face. It is your task to help her and show her all the make up she can combine.

Angel Make Up belongs to Make up Games
Anime Dress up 3Anime Dress up 3

Anime girls are really cute and they have the most interesting outfits. In this game, you can dress up this cute anime girl just the way you like and play with all sorts of combinations.

Anime Dress up 3 belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Anime Dress Up 2Anime Dress Up 2

Anime are really fun cartoons and the best part of it is that now you have a game in which you can dress up one of those cute anime girls. Have fun doing so and play this game.

Anime Dress Up 2 belongs to Dress up Games
Amazing CheerleaderAmazing Cheerleader

In every sports game, people cheer to support their favorite team. But the cheerleaders do it the best. With their swift dance moves and cute little uniforms, everybody loves them! Dress one here in Amazing Cheerleader!

Amazing Cheerleader belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Alcohol and AmmoAlcohol and Ammo

When the crazy hillbillies get a little bit drunk, all sort of things come to their minds. In this game, you have to make sure that you fire in the right moment and hit the apple.

Alcohol and Ammo belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Shooting Games

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