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Bigger BetterBigger Better

The bigger the better is the motto of many girls and boys that exercise and are into fitness. Therefore, it is no wonder that this girl doesn´t have the time to dress up as she is thinking only about her workout. So, dress her up yourself.

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There are many games that you can play that you aim at an object and if the similar item make contact you will get to earn points. Today you are going to play the Bigtree game. You will aim for the items hanging from the tree and each object has a corresponding value. You will need to take care on not aiming for the beating heart.

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Biggest Burger ChallengeBiggest Burger Challenge

The Biggest Burger Challenge is here and you need to choose which side are you on. You can either do the challenge wherein you will recreate the burger shown or choose creativity to create your very own burger. Have fun in playing the Biggest Burger Challenge.

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