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Ape AdventureApe Adventure

Prepare to be transported a thousand years into the future! The planet is now ruled by intelligent apes. Being the only human in a high school full of apes, it´s up to you to try to fit in. Will school be just the same in the future? Play and find out!

Ape Adventure belongs to Point and click Games
Bow AdventureBow Adventure

Go to this quest and start this adventure the old fashioned way! You need no guns and cannons, just your skills, talent and a trusty bow. Join this old fashioned adventure!

Bow Adventure belongs to Jump and shoot Games
Need for AdventureNeed for Adventure

Riding a bike has never been more fascinating than in this game of Need for Adventure. Turn up the speed and battle all bumps and jagged roads. Rev up your highest score. Your adventure starts here and now!

Need for Adventure belongs to Single player Games, Balancing Games, Flash Games, Ice Games, Motorcycle Games, Obstacle Games
Xmas AdventureXmas Adventure

This is a very unique and really interesting adventure. If you are bored with all the same and monotonous Christmas game, this is your chance to try something entirely new.

Xmas Adventure belongs to Adventure Games
Heart AdventureHeart Adventure

Can you control your mouse with precision? Test your skills in this fun and exciting new game! The object of the game is to collect all the hearts in the scene without touching any of the other objects to complete the level. Your cursor grows with each heart collected, so make sure you get the hearts in the tight spaces first!

Heart Adventure belongs to Dress up Games
Parrot AdventureParrot Adventure

Explore your creative side with this fun and exciting design game! Choose a picture and color it in. Click on a color on the palette then click on the area you want to fill in. You can choose any color and fill the picture in anyway you want. You can also use your artwork as a desktop wallpaper or print it out to display.

Parrot Adventure belongs to Dress up Games
Spring AdventureSpring Adventure

The Winx girls are off on a spring adventure and this cute Winx girl needs your help to get ready. Dress her up in the cutest and latest spring fashion and match it with cool accessories. Don´t forget to style her hair and give her some cute new wings!

Spring Adventure belongs to Dress up Games
Treasure AdventureTreasure Adventure

Follow this brave and adventurous hero as he travels the world and braves the unknown in search of treasure. To find out what happens next in the story, you need to spot the differences between two similar pictures. Choose a difficulty level and use hints when necessary. Good luck!

Treasure Adventure belongs to Dress up Games
Adventure X Game 1Adventure X Game 1

Try playing this mind bogging adventure game that will put your wits and problem solving skills to a test. Let´s not reveal anything more, but try it out and see for yourself!

Adventure X Game 1 belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Adventure X Game 2Adventure X Game 2

In this game you wake up trapped in a room from which you need to get out. Use your imagination and all the reasoning to solve this difficult and challenging task.

Adventure X Game 2 belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Drago AdventureDrago Adventure

Follow the cutest dragon that you will ever see - Drago, in this adventure of his. Move him with arrows and throw his magic to the enemies. Have fun with Drago!

Drago Adventure belongs to Adventure Games, Platform Games, Fun Games, World animal day Games
Beauty Spy AdventureBeauty Spy Adventure

Adventure is one of the most wanted activity of someone who cannot simply just go about their lives or activities without everyone looking. In this game you are play the Beauty Spy Adventure game. You will choose how our Beauty Spy would look fabulous while spying. Have fun!

Beauty Spy Adventure belongs to
Shadow AdventureShadow Adventure

In this Shadow Adventure you are going to go through 25 levels of adventure and you need to come out as a victor. You will be aiming to gather all the carrots on the field and make sure to reach the white flag in the shortest possible amount of time.

Shadow Adventure belongs to Enjoy Games
Jungle AdventureJungle Adventure

Oh no, Barbie was bored of her pink and princess life so she decided to do a more daring hobby to make her every activity interesting. Today you are going to be on a Jungle Adventure. You will be helping her survive and complete her whole jungle adventure in one piece.

Jungle Adventure belongs to Enjoy Games
Snowman AdventureSnowman Adventure

Your favorite snowman is going to start her next mission soon. Are you ready to join with this dashing snowman to have a great adventure? Snowman needs to get a wonderful dress for his mission. Choose a special snowman dress for him. Dress him up and add other necessary accessories. Have a great fun!

Snowman Adventure belongs to Girls Games
Pokemon AdventurePokemon Adventure

Pikachu is always out to look for an adventure. He is lucky to have his master Ash by his side to assist him. Today he is going on a pokemon adventure alone and he must pass them without any help. You are going to be using the arrow keys to walk or jump on the game.

Pokemon Adventure belongs to Girl Games
Penguin AdventurePenguin Adventure

We know that you are adventurous and you also love to see the adventure of your friends. Do you want to play and see the adventure of a penguin? Well, the penguin always passed a simple life, but suddenly started its adventure which is really thrilling. Here you will see various adventures of the penguin and don’t miss the excitement.

Penguin Adventure belongs to Girl Games
Survivor AdventureSurvivor Adventure

Being a survivor is one tough challenge. You need to be strong and face everything head on. In this game your goal is to do a Survivor Adventure spa and makeover. Simply follow the blinking item to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Survivor Adventure belongs to Dress up Games
Lighthouse AdventureLighthouse Adventure

Baby Hazel is sad of the fact that she is a kid on a cruise in which she doesn´t know anyone but her parents. In this game your goal is to let Baby Hazel and Friends fun and exciting Lighthouse Adventure. You will simply satisfy all her needs to keep her happy.

Lighthouse Adventure belongs to Girl Games
Spongebob AdventureSpongebob Adventure

Spongebob is one of the favorite cartoons. He is kind and hardworking. He also has a friend that doesn´t like him but he still wants him as friends. In this game your goal is to finish Spongebob Adventure. You can use the arrow keys to navigate through bikini bottom. click all the items you see.

Spongebob Adventure belongs to Girl Games
Caroline AdventureCaroline Adventure

Hey girls! Caroline came to us crying because she lost Teddy. Help her in finding out where Teddy is. In this game you will help her and look for clues around the room. First you must switch on the lights then click on the items and look for keys that can unlock the door.

Caroline Adventure belongs to Girl Games
Adventure MeetingAdventure Meeting

There are people out there who are always ready for an adventure. They need to make sure first that everything is organized and what is the adventure is where they will be needed the most. Dress them up and make them ready for their next adventure.

Adventure Meeting belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Magical AdventureMagical Adventure

This is a real magical adventure that will steal you away for a nice day in a magical world. Make sure you collect all the points on your way, but also avoid all the magical creatures who are not your friends.

Magical Adventure belongs to Skill Games, Action Games, Fun Games, Adventure Games, Jump n run Games
Lars AdventureLars Adventure

Lars has gotten a warning from his superior that the lands are crawling with monsters and that something needs to be done! He is all set to get rid of those pesky monsters, so join him!

Lars Adventure belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games
Mario Go AdventureMario Go Adventure

Mario is at it again! The store from which the robot Mario´s came from got invaded by none other than the meanie Donkey Kong. Thankfully, some robots escaped, but since the world is dangerous, you need to help Mario reach safety. It is up to you now so do your best.

Mario Go Adventure belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games, Mario Games

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