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Bean bag toss game plans


Wedding PlansWedding Plans

Ever dreamt of becoming a wedding planner? Here´s your chance to be one! Choose from three wonderful couples who need Wedding Plans. Pick their wedding clothes, venue, and decorations. Happily ever after starts here!

Wedding Plans belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, Dress up Games, Wedding Games, Bride Games, Couple Games
Bouquet TossBouquet Toss

The bouquet toss can be one of the most memorable moments at a wedding, especially when there are a lot of single women vying for the chance to catch the bouquet. This moment isn´t complete without the beautiful bride, of course! Dress the bride up in glamorous and fabulous wedding clothes as she tosses the bouquet to a group of single ladies waiting to catch it.

Bouquet Toss belongs to Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Theme dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Caravan TossCaravan Toss

This game is crazy, whacky, and what is the most important - really fun! You need to power up and to toss the caravan as far as you can! Make sure you calculate it right and earn points.

Caravan Toss belongs to Skill Games, Throwing Games, Cannon Games
Acorn TossAcorn Toss

The squirrels are collecting acorns. Toss the acorn up the pole from squirrel to squirrel. Move the furry animals forward and back to catch it and throw it upwards. The higher up the pole the acorn reaches, the higher the score!

Acorn Toss belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Throwing Games
Paper TossPaper Toss

When you are absolutely bored at work and you need to put up with another hour or so, there isn´t much to do. You can always practice you tossing skills so try to get maximum score in Paper Toss game.

Paper Toss belongs to Aim and shoot Games
Spongebob Pizza TossSpongebob Pizza Toss

Help Sponge Bob deliver the pizzas on his bike. Try not to hit other people on the way. Use the space key to throw the pizzas to the customers and use the arrow keys for moving the bicycle on the road.

Spongebob Pizza Toss belongs to Action Games, Cartoon Games, Spongebob Games, Pizza Games, Driving Games, Bike Games
Kiki Teddy Fruit TossKiki Teddy Fruit Toss

Cooking with Kiki has made another fun cooking game from this series of recipes that Kiki is showing you. In this game, you will first read the recipe for the teddy fruit toss and then, you will make it with Kiki one step at the time so that you can see how it looks like.

Kiki Teddy Fruit Toss belongs to Cooking Games
Sponge Bob Square Pants Pizza TossSponge Bob Square Pants Pizza Toss

Mr Krab has expanded his business. He added pizza into Krusty Krab´s menu. Just like the Krabby Patty, this pizza becomes a hit for the creatures in Bikini Bottom. Now, Spongebob is busy delivering those pizza to the customers, using his bike. You have to help him to toss the pizza from his bike without stopping. Can you do that? Remember, you have to be fast and accurate to avoid Mr. Krab and the customer´s anger.

Sponge Bob Square Pants Pizza Toss belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games
Mr Bean BakeryMr Bean Bakery

Wouldn´t you like to see how Mr. Bean does with his new bakery? This game lets you do that and much more as you will be able to help him as well. Since he is so whacky and so full of surprises, he will need all the help he can get.

Mr Bean Bakery belongs to Dress up Games
Red Bean SaladRed Bean Salad

Read bean is such a healthy food. It will be healthier and tastier if you make it into a nice bowl of salad. Follow the instructions in this game so you can create a portion of read bean salad that everyone will crave.

Red Bean Salad belongs to Cooking Games, Salad Games
Green Bean CasseroleGreen Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole is a game in which you learn how to make this traditional and healthy dish that can be so tasty that you want to lick your fingers. Enjoy learning how to cook in this fun game.

Green Bean Casserole belongs to Cooking Games
Honey Bean CakeHoney Bean Cake

Honey Bean Cake is great! This game holds a recipe and much more than that. It also holds precise instructions for its making. Therefore, if you choose to play this game, you will learn how to make this delicious cake and do it fat as well.

Honey Bean Cake belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cookies Games, Cake Games, Cookies cooking Games, Cook Games
Mr Bean Street BakeryMr Bean Street Bakery

Let´s have fun with the amazing and the whacky Mr. Bean. This time, Mr. Bean makes the pastry and sells it in the street corner. In order to earn enough money. He will need to be persistent and very efficient. But we all know Mr. Bean so let´s help him.

Mr Bean Street Bakery belongs to Cooking Games, Management Games, Management Games
Healthy Bean SoupHealthy Bean Soup

There are some tasty recipes and there are some healthy recipes. Also, there are those rare and special ones where the healthy and tasty at the same time. Healthy Bean Soup is just the recipe you need, so hurry up and learn how to make it.

Healthy Bean Soup belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cake decorating Games, Cook Games
Green Bean SaladGreen Bean Salad

Sara´s hosting another cooking class, and this time she´ll teach everyone how to prepare a delicious Green Bean Salad! Join the class and learn from the expert by following the simple, easy to do instructions.

Green Bean Salad belongs to Cooking Games, Kids cooking Games, Sara cooking class Games, Sara cooking Games
Mr. Bean Spot 8 DifferenceMr. Bean Spot 8 Difference

Mr. Bean wants to play Spot the Difference! Study the two identical pictures and find the 8 differences in each set of pictures. Try to do this as fast as you can for a higher score. Play again to see if you can beat your best time.

Mr. Bean Spot 8 Difference belongs to Puzzle Games, Skill Games, Panda Games
Mixed Bean SoupMixed Bean Soup

Donald Duck is going to make healthy mixed bean soup for Daisy and his nephews. You have to help him because they are starving and cannot wait longer for their meal. Help Donald by simply following his instructions.

Mixed Bean Soup belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Food Games, Picnic Games
Stinky Bean FlingStinky Bean Fling

Stinky Little Bean will fly as far as you can throw him, so try flinging him as far as you can. There are some accelerators that you can use so don´t hesitate with that.

Stinky Bean Fling belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Mouse skill Games, Series Games, Throwing Games
Black Bean BeefBlack Bean Beef

Black beans are amazing dish on their own, and when you combine them with bacon, the things get even tastier. In this game, you need to learn how to make this combination.

Black Bean Beef belongs to Girl Games
Bean And Corn SaladBean And Corn Salad

Bean and corn salad is one healthy option and it can also be used as your meal or as a side dish. In this game your goal is to do a Bean And Corn Salad. Simply click and drag the needed tools and ingredients and follow the step by step process shown on the screen.

Bean And Corn Salad belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cook Games
Black Bean Lasagna RollsBlack Bean Lasagna Rolls

Black Bean Lasagna Rolls is a great game in which you will learn a new and a very healthy recipe. You need to make sure that you get everything right about it as this is a nice and healthy meal that is also nutritious and delicious. Make it look great as well.

Black Bean Lasagna Rolls belongs to Meals Games
Beef Black Bean SauceBeef Black Bean Sauce

Beef Black Bean Sauce is a really tasty sauce and an excellent addition to any meal. Beef Black Bean is not that hard to prepare and in this game, you will learn a great recipe to do so. Follow the instructions and make sure that you do everything right.

Beef Black Bean Sauce belongs to Girl Games
Beef In Black Bean Sauce RecipeBeef In Black Bean Sauce Recipe

Recreating the perfect dish means following instructions carefully and mixing them all together with love. Learn how to cook Beef in Black Bean Sauce by following a few simple steps. Soon you´ll become a virtual cooking master!

Beef In Black Bean Sauce Recipe belongs to Cooking Games, Beef in black bean sauce recipe Games, Cooking Games, Recipe Games, Cookingforgirlz Games, Gg4u Games
Green Bean Salad: Sara's Cooking ClassGreen Bean Salad: Sara's Cooking Class

Green Bean Salad is what you are having on your menu today. You are not sure how to prepare it? Don´t you worry for a minute because Sara is about to show you that in her cooking class that you are about to take. Try to make the salad even faster than the anticipated time.

Green Bean Salad: Sara's Cooking Class belongs to

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