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Base Defense 2Base Defense 2

Your country is being attacked, and you are the last hope. You have to defend your base from the enemy. You need to defeat them before they attack you. The more successful attempts you make, the more pleased the President feel about you and the more money he will give you. You can use the money to upgrade your weaponry.

Base Defense 2 belongs to Single player Games, Army Games, Defense Games, Flash Games, Mouse skill Games, Purchase equipment upgrades Games, Shooting Games, Sniper Games
Jungle Jump JumpJungle Jump Jump

Leap from vine to vine and keep your cute little jungle boy from falling into the pool. Make sure your timing is not off--our little jungle lad does not know how to swim!

Jungle Jump Jump belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fruit Games, Fun Games, Jumping Games
Jump JumpJump Jump

Run and jump and avoid the flying insects as well as the running animals on your way or you will hit them and lose all your lives before the end of your mission!

Jump Jump belongs to Single player Games, Bee Games, Flash Games, Kids Games
Jump For SunJump For Sun

Aww! The cutest gingerbread man is here. He is stranded down below and he needs to reach the sun way way up. He can use his skill to jump higher and land on the stars to continue his momentum. He needs to collect the ice cream around the game to gain points.

Jump For Sun belongs to Enjoy games Games
Helix JumpHelix Jump

In this game of Helix Jump, your main goal is to reach the bottom floors without touching the bouncing ball to the yellow platform or its game over. You will also see floating diamonds as you go on your journey. You can try to collect them as you go and gain more points on your side. Have fun!

Helix Jump belongs to
Vacuum JumpVacuum Jump

Vacuum Jump is a game where you need to be alert on where your character will land and each landing will give you corresponding points. You must be aware of the green platforms and once you jumped on them you get a point and then you must move on to the next green platform.

Vacuum Jump belongs to Enjoy Games
Sam Space JumpSam Space Jump

Sam likes space adventure very much. Today, he wants to explore a totally new and awesome planet. Do you want to join with Sam? Help Sam to complete his journey successfully. Collect the new and adventurous magic things. Don´t fall into the hole. Avoid all types of obstacles in the way. Have an awesome experience!

Sam Space Jump belongs to Adventure Games
Jump Juice BarJump Juice Bar

The freshly squeezed juice is just what people like. It is tasty and healthy and it is not unusual to see that tons of people want to order it. Mix all sorts of fruits to make a juice for your customers. There will be many orders and tons of great mixtures.

Jump Juice Bar belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Fruit Games, Management Games
Kitty JumpKitty Jump

You and your lovely kitty need to go over this river by jumping from one stone to another. But plan your jumps carefully because you only have three attempts before you lose all your lives.

Kitty Jump belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Jumping Games
Penguin JumpPenguin Jump

The penguins want to search for more fish. In order to do that, they have to travel across the sea. Help them to jump onto pieces of floating ice that will bring them to cross the water. Watch your timing and mind the wind. If you are not careful, the penguins will fall into the water and lose their life.

Penguin Jump belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Flash Games, Jumping Games, Penguin Games
Tribal JumpTribal Jump

Tribal jump is a very interesting and entertaining adventure in which you need to get to the end of your mission and stay alive! It is easier said than done so make sure you do your best.

Tribal Jump belongs to Single player Games, Collecting Games, Evade Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Puzzle Games, Undead Games, Zombies Games
Chimpy JumpChimpy Jump

Chimpy is a really funny monkey and he always like pulling pranks! In this game, he needs to jump on the turtles and sink them into the water. Help him stay dry!

Chimpy Jump belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Flash Games, Jumping Games, Monkey Games, Puzzle Games, Turtles Games
Kitty JumpKitty Jump

Take your kitty, focus on your aim and jump on the rocks in order to get to the other side. Calculate carefully, because if you are wrong both you and kitty will end up all wet!

Kitty Jump belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Cat Games, Flash Games, Jumping Games, Obstacle Games
VeggieTales Jump ShipVeggieTales Jump Ship

The VeggieTale Pirates are walking the plank! Help them jump from the pirate ship into a small row boat. Control their jumps and try not to miss. The higher the level, the more difficult it is.

VeggieTales Jump Ship belongs to Single player Games, Boat Games, Escape Games, Flash Games, Jumping Games
Talking Tom Jump AdventureTalking Tom Jump Adventure

We know that you love your talking Tom very much and Tom is super busy now with its jumping adventure. Please make sure that the Tom never falls down and try to go up as much as possible to score higher points. Use your mouse to control the jumping of your talking Tom and have fun!

Talking Tom Jump Adventure belongs to Girl Games
Monkey Santa JumpMonkey Santa Jump

This Christmas is surely gonna have more fun and games. In this game called Monkey Santa Jump, you will help Santa catch all the dropping gifts that the monkey stole. You will use the arrow keys to move in every direction and you will use the space bar for jumping.

Monkey Santa Jump belongs to Fun Games, Christmas Games, Skill Games
Tarzan and Jane Jungle JumpTarzan and Jane Jungle Jump

It´s Tarzan and Jane´s first anniversary and Tarzan has a special surprise for his loved one! Help Tarzan collect diamonds scattered throughout the jungle to give to Jane. It won´t be easy, of course. Tarzan needs to get through numerous obstacles in order to complete his goal.

Tarzan and Jane Jungle Jump belongs to Single player Games, Arcade Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games

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