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My NailsMy Nails

Nails need makeovers, too! Choose from a variety of nail polish colors and nail art stickers to give this young girl´s nails a brand new look! Mix them up and create different designs, then show them off for everyone to see!

My Nails belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Nail Games, Manicure Games

Nail art can turn plain, dull nail polish into a work of art! Choose the base color for the nails and then choose from the different nail sticker patterns available. You can mix and match them until you get the style you want!

Nails belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Girl Games

Lovely nails that are really nicely done and really nicely decorated are what makes a lady stand out from all other girls. Have fun with this virtual manicure game all you like.

Nails belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Manicure Games, Nail Games
Mix The NailsMix The Nails

Nowadays even nails have been upgraded and some offers long lasting nail polish and some even add unique designs. Your goal is to run the Mix The Nails spa factory. You are going to use the available items and follow the step by step process to create your nail masterpiece.

Mix The Nails belongs to Girl Games
Dream NailsDream Nails

Don´t you just love it when you have a manicure. Watching your hands and nails look pretty will surely bring you a good mood. In this game, you can try to lift up your mood by giving a manicure. You can choose pretty nail polish and nail decorations. You can also add splendid rings to make the hands prettier.

Dream Nails belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Manicure Games, Nail Games
Sparkling NailsSparkling Nails

Congratulation on your new manicure parlor! Now there are a lot of chic girls waiting in line, wanting to get your service. This is your chance to show them your skills. Give them the prettiest manicure they will ever have. You already have all the adorable nail polish and accessories you need.

Sparkling Nails belongs to Make up Games, Manicure Games, Nail Games

From a slick of glitter nail to full on nail art, there are so many Christmas-inspired manicures available for you. In this game your goal is to do a Christmas-Nails. You will simply click on the buttons surrounding you to see what designs, patters and colors to choose from.

Christmas-Nails belongs to Fun Games, Game for girls Games, Nail styling Games
Prom NailsProm Nails

Prom is coming and you´ve got everything figured out and prepared. the dress, the makeup and the hairstyle. What´s left to do is to get a manicure! Follow the directions step by step to get perfect nails for prom!

Prom Nails belongs to Decorating Games, Fantasy Games
Glitter NailsGlitter Nails

Glitter Nails is a game that makes you a manicure expert. They need to look good and they need to look amazing. No lady is complete if the nails aren´t just right. Use up all the glitter and make it look truly cool and shiny.

Glitter Nails belongs to Dress up Games
New Year's NailsNew Year's Nails

New Year means new beginnings. Some bad things that happened in the previous year must be discarded. In this game you will have the opportunity to go to a New Year´s Nails spa and be their lucky customer. You will simply sit and relax and enjoy the pampering.

New Year's Nails belongs to Fun Games, Game for girls Games, Nail styling Games
Cute NailsCute Nails

Are you a modern girl who takes good care of her looks? We have gathered various nail design especially for you! You don´t need to research. You can simply pick on our collections from the wide range of categories and choices in this game then you can show it off to others.

Cute Nails belongs to Girl Games
Cupcake NailsCupcake Nails

Nails are fun ways to express yourself. You can use bold solid colors, use patterned nail polish, you can use shocking colored or out of this world designs. In this game your goal is to create a Cupcake Nails. You can prepare the nails first then you can start decorating your nail art.

Cupcake Nails belongs to Girl Games
Spider Web NailsSpider Web Nails

This is the time of the year wherein people can design or decorate themselves with unimaginable themes such as using blood as props. In this game your goal is to design your very own Spider Web Nails. First you must gather the needed tools to start your nail art adventure. Good luck!

Spider Web Nails belongs to Fun Games, Game for girls Games, Nail styling Games
Glam NailsGlam Nails

Glam fashion isn´t just about the clothes and the hair. Hands and nails are important, too! Give this girl´s hands a glam makeover. Choose the shape and length of her nails. Apply some polish and add nail art stickers for extra style. Don´t forget to give her cool jewelry and a colorful hand tattoo!

Glam Nails belongs to Teen Games, Dress up Games, Fantasy Games
Zombie NailsZombie Nails

Zombies are not so clean creatures. They reek with awful rotting smell and looks like a walking rotting corpse. In this game you are going to attend a halloween party and you choose to be a zombie princess but the problem is you need to get your nails done zombie style. Simply choose the right nail polish, hand tattoo and bracelet for the part.

Zombie Nails belongs to Fun Games, Game for girls Games, Nail styling Games
Summer NailsSummer Nails

It is not only important that you are fit and slim in the summer. Also, good outfit will look even better on you if your nails are done well. This game will allow you to do your nails anyway you like.

Summer Nails belongs to Make up Games, Nail studio Games
Enchanted NailsEnchanted Nails

Enchanted Nails is a game in which you can play with the best nails ever. In order to do manicure, all you need to do is click on them and the manicure will change. You can change your mind and click as much as you like.

Enchanted Nails belongs to Nails Games
Polka NailsPolka Nails

Just like the skin, the fingernails tell a lot about your health. Beau´s lines are depressions across the fingernail. In some they have a abnormal shape of the fingernail. In this game your goal is to do a polka nail art. You will have to choose the color, pattern and other additional decorations on your nails.

Polka Nails belongs to Dress up Games
My Nails and Mobile DIYMy Nails and Mobile DIY

With mobile phones almost permanently stuck to teenagers hands, it´s nice to decorate it the same way we decorate our nails with colored nail polish and nail art designs. Give this girl a nice manicure and decorate her mobile phone to match.

My Nails and Mobile DIY belongs to Make up Games, Nail studio Games
Thanksgiving NailsThanksgiving Nails

A collection of inspiration for cool nail designs throughout the year. From the holidays, Red Carpet, or even a relaxed style at the beach. But today we are going to do a Thanksgiving Nail design. You will simply follow the pattern of the mouse you see on the upper left side of the screen.

Thanksgiving Nails belongs to Girl Games
Halloween NailsHalloween Nails

For the ultimate in Halloween nail art, create 10 digits of funky, spooky nails that will compliment any costume and make you stand out. In this game your goal is to design your very own nail art. Simply choose which nail polish you want to use as base then add some more designs.

Halloween Nails belongs to Girl Games
Princess NailsPrincess Nails

Well we all know that nail care and nail hygiene is very important to anyone because people tend to look at your hands. In this game your goal is to do a precious princess nail care. You will simply clean and cut the nails, then you can now color the fingernails from left hand to right hand.

Princess Nails belongs to Girl Games
Noveau NailsNoveau Nails

Noveau Nails is one of those manicure games that teaches you how to take care of your nails properly by allowing you to practice on these well kept virtual hands. All your manicure ideas can be put into practice here so try them out and make these nails really cool.

Noveau Nails belongs to Fun Games, Game for girls Games, Nail styling Games
My Foot NailsMy Foot Nails

Toenails are just as important as your fingernails when it comes to making yourself beautiful. There are all sorts of amazing things that you can do with them if you like and have the look well kept and adorable. Try all those things in this cool game now.

My Foot Nails belongs to Makeover Games, Nail styling Games
New Year NailsNew Year Nails

Nails is one of my pet peeve. I always see to it that my nails are well trimmed and clean at all times. Today you are going to have the opportunity to create your very own New Year Nails. You will click and drag the designs of the nail polish and accents on the screen to the hand.

New Year Nails belongs to Girl Games
Easter NailsEaster Nails

Easter is the season for bunny rabbits. In this game your goal is to do your very own version of Easter Nails. You will simply do some hand hygiene to prepare her nails. Do the needed manicure. Simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them and follow the instructions on the screen.

Easter Nails belongs to Girl Games
My Beautiful NailsMy Beautiful Nails

Dirty and ugly nails are a no-no. Always remember that no matter how much you try to hide them, people will always notice. That is why you are given an opportunity to care for the nails of the character today. You simply need to clean them, trim them, and put some color on them.

My Beautiful Nails belongs to Fashion Games, Fun Games, Nail styling Games

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