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Baby alphabet game


Doli AlphabetDoli Alphabet

If you know your alphabet and you know how to spell, you really need to help Doli in this game. This is for those players who are sure of their alphabet and who have keen eyes. Find all the letters in the given time as they are all scattered all over this room.

Doli Alphabet belongs to Puzzle Games, Skill Games
Spot The AlphabetSpot The Alphabet

These three girls are resting on the beach and everything looks cool. However, there are some letters of the alphabet hidden there and you need to search them and find them.

Spot The Alphabet belongs to Skill Games
Baby Hazel Newborn BabyBaby Hazel Newborn Baby

The family is going gaga with the arrival of the new addition to the family, Baby Matt. They are now being discharged from the hospital and Baby Hazel cannot wait to meet and take care of her little brother. In this game your goal is to teach Baby Hazel how to handle a Newborn Baby.

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby belongs to Baby Games, Baby caring Games, Baby Games, Baby care Games, Baby feeding Games
Fire Baby Chases Ice BabyFire Baby Chases Ice Baby

Help Ice baby pick all the gems from the playground before the fire baby catches it and ruins its plans! Hurry up or the ice will start melting before you collect all the gems.

Fire Baby Chases Ice Baby belongs to Fun girls Games, Skill Games
Baby BabyBaby Baby

If you love babies then this is just the game for you. Take care of the baby and keep it clean, healthy, happy and joyful. Earn points on completing each of the tasks. Choose from 7 different rooms in the house to fulfill each of the baby’s needs. Don’t let the attribute score reach 0 or you will lose the game.

Baby Baby belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Job Games, Babysitting Games, Baby Games, Kids Games, School Games, Sim Games
Mom And BabyMom And Baby

This is a very cute interactive game where you get to dress up a baby and the mother as well. You can change the outfits of the mom and the baby. You can even accessorize them with different items. Just click on the look you feel is right for the mom and the baby.

Mom And Baby belongs to Girl Games
Pou Has A BabyPou Has A Baby

Everybody takes care of their baby very much and make sure that the babies remain good all the time. Pou has a cute baby, but it’s crying from the morning. The baby is suffering from cold and very hungry. Pou provides everything and the baby is sleeping now. Pou is also happy!

Pou Has A Baby belongs to Skill Games
BFF And BabyBFF And Baby

Today we are going to have so much fun with BFF And the Baby. You are asked by your sister to watch over her baby for the day and let her run her errands. You joyfully agreed and invited your BFF and have fun. You will choose how you both look by clicking on the icons.

BFF And Baby belongs to Girls Games
New BabyNew Baby

This adorable newborn is a really lucky baby! It will have you as its personal stylist from the moment is has been born. Choose from many outfits and make the baby cute.

New Baby belongs to Girl Games
Baby At The SpaBaby At The Spa

The spa is not only for adults that is stressed and busy from work. Today you are going to be attending a Baby At The Spa. You are going to apply all the beauty items to this cute little baby because she has been a good girl so she deserves this little pampering.

Baby At The Spa belongs to Skill Games
Emo BabyEmo Baby

Every time she and her mother will go to the mall and buy clothes she always picks the dark colored clothes. In this game your goal is to do a Emo Baby dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Emo Baby belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up baby Games, Dress up Games
Babysitting BabyBabysitting Baby

The babies need a new nursery! Design the perfect nursery for the adorable infants. Decorate the room by choosing wallpaper and floor designs from the selection and add furniture to match, too. Have fun mixing and matching items to create the perfect nursery for the cute babies!

Babysitting Baby belongs to Decorating Games, Baby Games, Baby room decoration Games
Minion BabyMinion Baby

Do you love the cute Minion baby? Here is he. Take care of this beautiful Minion baby. Change his dirty diaper and dress. Feed him his favorite foods. Choose some cute dresses and other accessories for him. Dress him up. Play some interesting games with this little baby. Look after him carefully. Follow the instructions. Make the Minion baby happy. Enjoy it!

Minion Baby belongs to Skill Games
Baby TimeBaby Time

Baby Time is the best time for this lovely mother during her day. She wants to look good with her young one, and you can help her choose her style.

Baby Time belongs to Kids Games, Dress up Games
Dress A BabyDress A Baby

Babies needs a lot of attention because they need their parents to be by their side on their first years in life. In this game your goal is to Dress A Baby. You will simply click on the items that you want this baby to wear.

Dress A Baby belongs to Girl Games
Pet Stars: Baby PigPet Stars: Baby Pig

Pigs are the main source of food. They are very cute and active and wants to swim in the mud all day. Today you are going to a Pet Stars: Baby Pig care. You are going to restore this cute dirty pig to its clean and cuddly form. You will apply the available items.

Pet Stars: Baby Pig belongs to Enjoy Games
Baby MonkeyBaby Monkey

Baby monkeys are really cute, but they can be even cuter if you dress them up in adorable outfits and accessories. Dress this cute little baby monkey up in cute little monkey clothes. Add some shoes and accessories to match and don´t forget to give him a toy to play with!

Baby Monkey belongs to Dress up Games
Little Baby CareLittle Baby Care

Babies are gift from God and everyone needs a wonderful blessing. In this game your goal is to do a Little Baby Care. First choose your baby then make sure your baby doesn´t cry. If the baby is unhappy you need to follow instructions to change her diapers and dress her up.

Little Baby Care belongs to Baby caring Games, Baby dress up Games, Baby Games, Baby care Games, Baby feeding Games
Baby CostumesBaby Costumes

The baby girls are very stylish and conscious about the modern fashion trends nowadays. What about you? Well, you are also stylish and will have to find out all the hidden items from the room and help your baby friend to take a lovely and cute costume. She has all the lovely dresses, cute accessories, and all other necessary costumes. Help her ready and have fun!

Baby Costumes belongs to Skill Games
Christmas BabyChristmas Baby

When you are blessed with a youthful glow and young heart, you must take care of your whole being. Today you are going to do a Christmas Baby dress up. You will follow the arrow for the step by step process and make sure that she looks stunning when you are done.

Christmas Baby belongs to Enjoy Games
Let's Take Care Of The BabyLet's Take Care Of The Baby

Do you love to take care of the little babies? Yes, you have the little brothers and sisters, so you know how to take care of them. You will have to take care of a lovely little baby in this baby care game. Dress-up the cute baby with gorgeous outfits. Make sure that you have properly washed her before the dress-up. Have fun!

Let's Take Care Of The Baby belongs to Girl Games
Baby In The KitchenBaby In The Kitchen

Baby Hazel wants to help her mom prepare her meal. So let´s have some fun while preparing Pureed Apples and yummy vegetable soup. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully. Gather all the tools and ingredients and place them on the counter then help Baby Hazel to cook.

Baby In The Kitchen belongs to Girl Games
Baking With The BabyBaking With The Baby

Baking With The Baby is fun for all the mother out there. You get to bake some delicious treats and at the same time bond with your baby. In this game your goal is to do a Baking with the baby dress up. You will simply click on the button to start dressing up the baby.

Baking With The Baby belongs to Meals Games, Cake Games, Baking Games, Restaurant Games
Kiss Me BabyKiss Me Baby

These cute couple are enjoying their time together and they want everything to be recorded for them to complete a scrapbook full of their memories. In this game your goal is to do a Kiss Me Baby makeover. You will simply follow the arrows and the instructions on the screen.

Kiss Me Baby belongs to Girl Games
Baby Puppy VetBaby Puppy Vet

Puppies are very cute, very active and can play for long periods of time. They will require your attention so you need to be ready when deciding to get one. Today you are going to be playing as a Baby Puppy Vet. You are going to use the available items to nurse this puppy to health.

Baby Puppy Vet belongs to Jigsaw puzzle Games
Feeding The BabyFeeding The Baby

Having a baby takes a lot from the mother, she no longer thinks only for herself but she needs to think of her baby and show love. In this game your goal is to choose the outfit of the baby and the mother as they are to focused in feeding time. Click on the buttons to customize.

Feeding The Baby belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Baby dress up Games, Baby care Games, Dress up Games
Care The BabyCare The Baby

Babies are cute adorable little humans who loves to eat, cry when they are hungry, and loves getting the attention of everyone around them. Today you are going to take Care of The Baby. You are going to see what the baby wants and you will give it to her.

Care The Baby belongs to Girl Games
Baby Zoo PandaBaby Zoo Panda

The Zoo is one happy place for every little kid who goes there because they can see and interact with other animals. In this game your goal is to do a Baby Zoo Panda. You will simply click on the red buttons to let the zoo keeper know where to go and what item to get.

Baby Zoo Panda belongs to Girl Games
Baby Owl CareBaby Owl Care

Owls are represented as creatures that has big eyes and are active at night. In this game your goal is to do a Baby Owl Care. Simply follow the arrows to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Baby Owl Care belongs to Caring Games, Care Games, Caring Games, Caring Games
Baby Emma At The ZooBaby Emma At The Zoo

Everyone loves to go to the zoo when they were a child and even when you grow up you sometimes go their for fun. Today you are going to assist Baby Emma At The Zoo. You will go through 5 stages: dress up, prepare all the things needed, wash the hippo, feed the monkeys and do the Dolphin show.

Baby Emma At The Zoo belongs to Girl Games
Baby Pet DoctorBaby Pet Doctor

Do you love your pet very much? Do you feel sad in its illness? Don’t worry. Now, you can give these little animals a new life. Help them to heal their wounds. Take them care cordially like a vet. Make them happy and return their enjoyable life. Start and enjoy this awesome game!

Baby Pet Doctor belongs to Girl Games
Baby Zoo JurassicBaby Zoo Jurassic

We all believe that there was a time in the early years of the Earth lives a race of large reptiles that are as large as buildings. Today you are going to be volunteering at the Baby Zoo Jurassic and you are going to attend to the dinosaurs needs. You will give them food and water.

Baby Zoo Jurassic belongs to Girl Games
Baby CupidBaby Cupid

Baby Cupid is shooting its arrows and making people fall in love. Make sure that you dress up this baby cupid and make it look lovely and adorable in the moments when the love comes to life.

Baby Cupid belongs to Girl Games
Baby Pet NurseryBaby Pet Nursery

This is for sure that you love your pets very much. How many pets do you have and do you feed them regularly? Well, there are some lovely kittens in the game and you will have to feed them by turns. Make sure that all are getting food equally and nobody is hungry. Complete the first level to move to the next one!

Baby Pet Nursery belongs to Girl Games
Baby Madison GymBaby Madison Gym

Baby Madison wants to grow up like her mom. She wants to be fit, sexy and of course healthy. Today she decided to make a Gym for babies. You will help her guy some equipments and place it on the cart. You will use the mouse to click and drag.

Baby Madison Gym belongs to Girl Games

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