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Armor games kingdom rush 2


Armor DudeArmor Dude

Armor Dude is a modern game with the elements from the past. You are a knight who needs to defend his castle. Therefore, you need to make sure you kill all the enemies and complete your task!

Armor Dude belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Defend Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Killing Games, Sword Games
Ice KingdomIce Kingdom

Three lovely kids got really warn so they stuck their tongues into some ice cream. Their tongues are taken away and now you have to use their special skills to get them back from the evil ice creams!

Ice Kingdom belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games, Fruit Games, Obstacle Games
Kitty Kingdom 2Kitty Kingdom 2

Kitty Kingdom 2 is yet another adventure of this lovely and adorable kitties that have arrived to the kitty kingdom and now they need to save it. The kitty queen has asked these two for help, so you need to choose one of them and make them heroes.

Kitty Kingdom 2 belongs to
Hamster KingdomHamster Kingdom

This virtual hamster is even more exciting than the real one! you have to earn money by helping people cross the road so that you can buy all the exciting games and things for your pet.

Hamster Kingdom belongs to Girl Games
Fairy KingdomFairy Kingdom

There´s a new fairy in the kingdom and she needs a makeover to look like a true blue fairy. Apply some makeup on her and style her hair to make her glow. Dress her up in cute outfits and accessories to make her stand out among all the new fairies in the kingdom.

Fairy Kingdom belongs to Dress up Games, Fantasy Games
Animal KingdomAnimal Kingdom

This is a game for those who have keen eyes and a good eye for a detail. Find differences on these pictures and earn points. every wrong attempt will cost you point so be careful.

Animal Kingdom belongs to Puzzle Games, Differences Games, Animal Games
Kitty KingdomKitty Kingdom

Kitty Kingdom is a game for true kitten lovers. These furry things truly win over your heart and your home, so if you really want to show your appreciation to them, build them a perfect kingdom. Play Kitty Kingdom in this fun game and make it furrylicious!

Kitty Kingdom belongs to
Bunnies Kingdom CookingBunnies Kingdom Cooking

Bake delicious cakes and cookies with the bunnies from the Bunny Kingdom. The recipe is shown before to you on the top right corner of the screen. Get it right or the dish will explode in a disaster.

Bunnies Kingdom Cooking belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Cake Games
Ice Kingdom Coloring BookIce Kingdom Coloring Book

Coloring is what we have done ever since we are kids and now that we are adults it still help us relax and connect with our inner self. Today you are going to be doing the Ice Kingdom Coloring Book. You will choose which picture is your favorite then you will be bringing it to life through colors.

Ice Kingdom Coloring Book belongs to
Bunnies Kingdom Cooking GameBunnies Kingdom Cooking Game

These two bunnies will put your memory and your cooking to a test. Memorize all the ingredients in the right order and put them into a mixing bowl. Hurry up and help the bunnies.

Bunnies Kingdom Cooking Game belongs to Single player Games, Bunny Games, Cooking Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Memory Games, Rabbit Games, Timing Games
Bum RushBum Rush

Cruise through the city on a skateboard while attacking lazy bums. Jump over obstacles and avoid bombs that could cost you to lose points. The more bums you kick and punch, the more points you get.

Bum Rush belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Flash Games, Skateboard Games, Skating Games, Stick Games
Impossible RushImpossible Rush

Have you ever played a game where you get so worked up on every move that you make because it would determine if you will win or lose? Today you are going to be replying on your hand-eye coordination. In this game of Impossible Rush, you would need to be quick and make sure the ball lands on the same color.

Impossible Rush belongs to
Uphill Rush 4Uphill Rush 4

Join this one of a kind water slide race. Guide your character and navigate through the twists and turns of the water slide. Lean forward or back to get the right momentum and jump whenever there´s a gap in the slide. Collect coins along the way which you can use to upgrade your character.

Uphill Rush 4 belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games
Paparazzi RushPaparazzi Rush

The biggest Hollywood A-Lister´s are always on the awards night. They will wear a very beautiful and eye catching gowns and suits made by the most famous and talented fashion designers. In this game your goal is to bring our favorite celebrity right in time for the event.

Paparazzi Rush belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Thrill RushThrill Rush

There are a lot of thrilling rides n this amusement park and what you need to do is to survive them all! Use up and down keys to duck or stand up in your cart and enjoy!

Thrill Rush belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games
Cupid RushCupid Rush

Cupid Rush is for all those romantic souls who simply adore seeing people together. Choose a boy and choose a girl and match their interests in order to make them a nice couple.

Cupid Rush belongs to Fun Games, Valentines day Games
Rush DressRush Dress

In this game of Rush Dress, you have many tasks to do but the ultimate goal is to give what your customer wants and get paid for the item. You will give them a seat, watch out for whatever they need and give them the best service fast. Make sure to clean after them to give way to new customers.

Rush Dress belongs to Girl Games
Airport RushAirport Rush

It is not easy to organize an airport. Actually, that is a really demanding thing, so once you start playing this game, keep that in mind as you are trying to go through the airport rush.

Airport Rush belongs to Simulation Games, Management Games
Cinema RushCinema Rush

This girl finally has a job. She is working in the cinema and she is selling all those sweets and popcorn that you can take into the movies with you. She needs to prove herself to be a good worker, so help her to serve the customers as fast and as well in this game.

Cinema Rush belongs to
Uphill Rush 5Uphill Rush 5

If all the thrills from a theme parks are the entertainment that you prefer, this game will show you how cool it is to have them and to enjoy them. Decide if your character is a boy or a girl and decide on the vehicle they use and start the crazy ride!

Uphill Rush 5 belongs to
Thrill Rush 2Thrill Rush 2

Duck, jump, run, avoid obstacles and all that while riding on the most dangerous and the most thrilling ride in the whackiest them park that you have ever seen! Make sure that this girl arrives safely to the end of this ride and enjoy taking care of her.

Thrill Rush 2 belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games, Racing Games
Gizmo RushGizmo Rush

Gizmo Rush will take you back to the days of old school arcade games in which you need to follow your hero on its way to the victory and the completion of its mission. This time, your hero is a really cute Gizmo the dinosaur on this ancient bike. Check it out.

Gizmo Rush belongs to Skill Games, Racing Games
Pet Care RushPet Care Rush

Pets are really adorable and they are not that easy to handle and manage! You need to pay attention and to take care of all their needs every day of the week. Not everybody is able to do that, so check that out if you play this game, because you can really test your skills at Pet Care Rush.

Pet Care Rush belongs to Management Games
Burger RushBurger Rush

Burger Rush is where the attendant of the burger joint rushes the orders of the growing customers. In this game your goal is to do a Burger Rush. You need to click on the burger patties to place them to the grill and click on the buns to prepare them. When the patties are done drag them to the buns to make the burger. Click on the fries and drinks if the customers want it.

Burger Rush belongs to Girl Games
Easter RushEaster Rush

Easter is celebrated all around the world. In this game your goal is to play a Easter Rush game. You have to watch out for the time on the upper left corner and you have 5 lives. You will use the mouse pointer to navigate throughout the game and catch all the Easter eggs to gain points.

Easter Rush belongs to
Dress Up RushDress Up Rush

Working in a shop isn´t easy, especially when you need to cater to every of the customer´s needs. Are you up to a such a challenge? Try your skills as a shop assistant with this great game!

Dress Up Rush belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Job Games, Shopping Games, Dress up Games, Sim Games
Craze RushCraze Rush

Give the customers instant makeovers! Attend to each customer and listen to the requests. Make sure they get what they want to keep them happy. Do it quickly or else the customers might get impatient and leave!

Craze Rush belongs to Puzzle Games, Sim Games, Business Games

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