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Big FishBig Fish

Big Fish is a fun and exciting fishing game for all those fishers who don´t really have time to go on a real fishing trip. This is as close and as fun as it gets to real live fishing!

Big Fish belongs to Single player Games, Collecting Games, Fish Games, Fishing Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Timing Games
Fish FryFish Fry

Rachel wants to earn extra money this summer, so she get herself a job at the beach restaurant. Rachel´s task is to fry the fish. Help Rachel to work fast because the restaurant is loaded with hungry people on a hot day.

Fish Fry belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Fast food Games, Beach Games
Fish TalesFish Tales

Sunny is a little fish who wants yo to help it survive in the waters of this big sea. How to do that? Just like in real life: eat the fish smaller than you and run away from the bigger ones.

Fish Tales belongs to Skill Games, Animal Games, Fish Games, Chasing Games
Fish MoneyFish Money

This is an adventure game in which you need to choose a character and make him help you in a very unusual way to get money - you need to fish it out! Try it and get rich!

Fish Money belongs to Skill Games, Miner Games, Treasure Games
Fish SalvageFish Salvage

Every fish needs water to survive and this particular fish is out of her bowl and needs to get in the water fast. Today you are going to play the Fish Salvage game. You will click on the screen and suction the box, wall or any items that could propel the fish into the water.

Fish Salvage belongs to Enjoy Games
Fishy FishFishy Fish

It is never too much to smile one more time and to relax with some happy and lovely game. Fishy Fish is just the type of the game that you need to put a smile on your face since it is entertaining, fun and the graphics of the main characters will really make you laugh.

Fishy Fish belongs to Fish Games, Skill Games
Colorful FishColorful Fish

Colors makes our lives happy and exciting. Without colors it would be dull and boring. In this game your goal is to color the fish in this aquarium so the kids who would see them would be happy and be interested in coloring. Simply click on the color and tap it on the fish.

Colorful Fish belongs to Girl Games
Matching FishMatching Fish

The mesmerizing feeling of warm sun rays leaning down into tropical waters, and breaking back through the water´s vivid facade as it rebounds with the colorful fishes in the sea. In this game you will enhance your memory by playing the Matching Fish. Simply memorize the color of the fish on the tile and match them up.

Matching Fish belongs to Girl Games
Fish And ChipsFish And Chips

Helina just arrived to Granny´s house to spend her vacation. After the long traveled she went though she is definitely tired and hungry. In this game your goal is to help Granny make some delicious Fish And Chips. You can follow the instructions seen on the top portion of the screen.

Fish And Chips belongs to Restaurant Games, Meals Games
Fish ConnectionFish Connection

Fishes have their own unique color and traits. They each have a purpose in the sea and ocean. In this game of Fish Connection, your goal is to group the similar fishes in rows or columns to make them disappear and gain more points. Be quick before the time runs out.

Fish Connection belongs to Girl Games
Shooting FishShooting Fish

Catch as many fish as you can underwater using a spear gun. Aim at the fish and click to shoot. You need to reach a certain number of points within the time limit to clear the level. Aim carefully, though. Points will be deducted for missed shots.

Shooting Fish belongs to Single player Games, Fish Games, Flash Games, Purchase equipment upgrades Games
Fish for GirlsFish for Girls

There are a lot of girls in this swimming pool and this guy really wants to get in touch with them! He will do it in a very strange way and you have to help him. Fish the girls out!

Fish for Girls belongs to Advergames Games, Fishing Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Franky the FishFranky the Fish

This is the dog-eat-dog world! Or to be more precise a fish-eat-fish! Frankie knows this best and he needs to get big and strong by eating the fish smaller then him. Also, beware of the ones that are bigger!

Franky the Fish belongs to Single player Games, Fish Games, Flash Games, Water Games
Fish HunterFish Hunter

This adorable and ancient fish hunter is about to catch as much fish as he can if you help him. Of course, you will have to do it the old-fashioned way, by using the spear!

Fish Hunter belongs to Single player Games, Fish Games, Fishing Games, Flash Games
Fish HuntFish Hunt

Max the cat is so hungry, so he wants to catch the neighbor´s goldfish for his lunch. Help him in his effort to get the fish. There are so many exciting challenges in this game!

Fish Hunt belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Animal Games, Cat Games, Flash Games, Obstacle Games, Shoot em up Games
Fish ShooterFish Shooter

The fishermen are worried! Predatory fish are coming in to their fishing waters and eating all of the fish in the area! You must help them get rid of these predators by shooting canons at them.

Fish Shooter belongs to Shoot and throw Games
Catch FishCatch Fish

For all those who love fishing, this is the best possible game to freshen up their fishing experience. In this game, you need to catch the fish, but now - really catch it!

Catch Fish belongs to Single player Games, Fish Games, Flash Games, Shoot em up Games, Throwing Games
Fish Pizza GameFish Pizza Game

Want a healthier alternative to your usual pizza? Try preparing a delicious Fish Pizza! Follow the easy instructions to prepare the dough. Add the sauce and top with lots of fish, vegetables and lots of cheese. Put the pizza in the oven and wait until it´s done.

Fish Pizza Game belongs to Cooking Games
Cute Fish ColoringCute Fish Coloring

Hey kids! We are here to play color the fish game. Your goal is to color the fish in this aquarium so that it would be lively. You can use any color you want just simply click the paint brush on the color palette and paint it on the part of the fish.

Cute Fish Coloring belongs to Fun Games, Coloring Games, Fish Games, Game for girls Games
Aquarium Fish ColoringAquarium Fish Coloring

Three fishy went to the sea to have a good time. But the sea is boring and they were sad because of it. Help the fishy enjoy their day by adding a bit of color to their body. Select from the different colors given and go crazy with it. The fishy will become happy once you finish.

Aquarium Fish Coloring belongs to Fun Games, Coloring Games, Painting Games
Colorful Fish MatchingColorful Fish Matching

Enjoy the various types of fishes in the deep waters and their beautiful colors while you play the refreshing memory game of Colorful Fish Matching. In this game you are going to watch out for the matching tiles to gain maximum points that honor your smart brains and reflexes.

Colorful Fish Matching belongs to Fun Games, Memory Games, Skill Games
Dora Fish And ChipsDora Fish And Chips

Fish and chips is a goof meal especially to those who loves Sea-foods and wants a finger food. It is very easy to make. In this game your goal is to make some of the famous Dora Fish And Chips. You will simply follow the instructions on the screen to get delicious results.

Dora Fish And Chips belongs to Meals Games, Restaurant Games
Marine Fish QuestMarine Fish Quest

Being underwater is a totally different experience. You get to breathe in tanks and see the colorful fishes. In this game your goal is to do a Marine Fish Quest. You will simply pair the fishes to clear the way through so that you can have the best experience.

Marine Fish Quest belongs to Skill Games
Baja Fish TacosBaja Fish Tacos

Baja Fish Tacos are my uncle´s infamous dish which sells like pancakes at his restaurant. He has some secret ingredients that is why it is so delicious. You are going to try to make your very own version of the Baja Fish Tacos. You will click on the ingredients to start cooking.

Baja Fish Tacos belongs to Cooking Games

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