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Red Hair AnnieRed Hair Annie

Annie is famous in her city by her stunning red hair that gives her her unique look. you need to make sure that her hair is not the only thing so special about her and to make her a gorgeous and interesting style. Have her look really amazing in this interesting game.

Red Hair Annie belongs to Makeover Games, Make over Games, Hair Games, Hair styling Games
Annie's #Fun PartyAnnie's #Fun Party

Annie has been very lonely ever since the start of this year because of the pandemic. But now she decided enough is enough and she needs to entertain herself more. You are going to be helping out Annie in bringing her #Fun Party ideas to life. You will be first prepping her face, put on make up and then choose her outfits.

Annie's #Fun Party belongs to
Annie Wedding HairstyleAnnie Wedding Hairstyle

Weddings are the highlight of any couple who wants to show their family and friends that they are going to the next level of their relationship. Today you are going to be choosing Annie´s Wedding Hairstyle. You will first give her a hair spa then you will be challenged in recreating 4 hairstyles and their overall looks. You will also have the chance to unleash your creativity.

Annie Wedding Hairstyle belongs to
Annie's Breakfast WorkshopAnnie's Breakfast Workshop

Breakfast is the most important part of the day. It will determine if you will binge on any unhealthy food or keep the healthy mindset the whole day. Today you are going to help out in Annie´s Breakfast Workshop. First you are going to dress her up for work then proceed to going over the recipe and create the food when the order comes.

Annie's Breakfast Workshop belongs to
Annie Mood SwingsAnnie Mood Swings

Everyone goes through a time wherein they get Mood Swings, it just varies on the level or intensity and what triggers their Mood Swings. Today you are going to be helping out Annie in managing her Mood Swings. You will let the wheel roll then do the activity that is needed for the mood.

Annie Mood Swings belongs to
Cooking Annie Fruit SalsaCooking Annie Fruit Salsa

Annie is very famous for her Fruit Salsa and she was also featured in a cooking magazine because of it. Cooking with Annie is the best bonding time. First we are going to help gather the needed ingredients for this recipe in the joker supermarket. You will find the items instructed by the clown and place them on the basket then when that is done you can now go home and do some cooking.

Cooking Annie Fruit Salsa belongs to Girl games Games
Annie And Eliza DIY Dress EmbroideryAnnie And Eliza DIY Dress Embroidery

Annie And Eliza are very much interested in how everything works, how everything is made and how they can upgrade their lifestyle. In this game you are going to help Annie And Eliza in their DIY Dress Embroidery challenge. You will follow the dotted line to cut the dress then sew the buttons and embroidery.

Annie And Eliza DIY Dress Embroidery belongs to
Annie's Boyfriend Spell FactoryAnnie's Boyfriend Spell Factory

Annie is a budding scientist who has very huge ideas that some wouldn´t even dare to go to. In this game your main goal is to create 12 Boyfriend transformations by mixing 3 different ingredients. You are going to be working with Annie´s Boyfriend in the Spell Factory.

Annie's Boyfriend Spell Factory belongs to
Annie's Winter Chic HairstylesAnnie's Winter Chic Hairstyles

Winter is a season most known as the white season since everywhere you lay your eyes on will be covered in white sheets of snow. In this game you are going to be doing some of Annie´s Winter Chic Hairstyles but first bring her to the spa and prepare her hair. Then do the challenge and win it. Then lastly make your creativity explode.

Annie's Winter Chic Hairstyles belongs to
Cooking Annie's Fruit SalsaCooking Annie's Fruit Salsa

Hello young fruit loving girls! Don’t you love fruit salsa and cinnamon chips? Yes, you definitely love these tasty items. Also, let’s have some circus and joker show and prepare these mouth watering items. Purchase all the ingredients from the joker supermarket and prepare the delicious foods. This is really easy to prepare. Let’s try!

Cooking Annie's Fruit Salsa belongs to Girl Games
Annie's Handmade Sweets ShopAnnie's Handmade Sweets Shop

Handmade Sweets are the best. They are made from scratch with premium ingredients and created with love and passion. Today you are going to be working in Annie´s Handmade Sweets Shop. You will choose to create a whole cake, muffin, pie or a slice of cake. Have fun decorating.

Annie's Handmade Sweets Shop belongs to
Annie's Enchanted Lemonade StandAnnie's Enchanted Lemonade Stand

Annie has been very business minded when she was growing up. She loves providing people with delicious food and drinks for a price. Today you are going to help out in Annie´s Enchanted Lemonade Stand. You will first help her buy lemonade ingredients using the budget then create the drink with the complete ingredients.

Annie's Enchanted Lemonade Stand belongs to
Annie And Eliza's Social Media AdventureAnnie And Eliza's Social Media Adventure

Annie And Eliza are sisters who love to dress up and be fashionable. They enjoy each other´s style and they are very close. Today you are going to join Annie And Eliza´s Social Media Adventure. You will be helping each of them dress up according to the chosen theme. Make sure to have fun and be fashionable.

Annie And Eliza's Social Media Adventure belongs to
Eliza & Annie Puff Sleeve Dress UpEliza & Annie Puff Sleeve Dress Up

Eliza & Annie are sisters that have the strongest bond and they are always challenging themselves in every aspect of their lives. In this game you are going to do a Eliza & Annie Puff Sleeve Dress Up challenge. You will choose each of their hairstyle, make up and puff sleeve outfits. Have fun and make sure they look good.

Eliza & Annie Puff Sleeve Dress Up belongs to
Annie's #Cool Fashion Trends BlogAnnie's #Cool Fashion Trends Blog

Annie´s #Cool Fashion Trends is one of the most viewed and most followed Blogs there is in the fashion industry nowadays. In this game you are going to be working at Annie´s #Cool Fashion Trends Blog. You will be helping her get ready for dressing up for the next trendy style.

Annie's #Cool Fashion Trends Blog belongs to
Annie Fall Trends Blogger StoryAnnie Fall Trends Blogger Story

Fall Trends are very much focused on a mixture of red, purple, orange and yellow colors. People tend to dress up for cooler temperatures. In this game you are going to be playing the Annie Fall Trends Blogger Story dress up. You will first buy fashionable clothes and keep in mind that you only have $250 for your budget.

Annie Fall Trends Blogger Story belongs to
Annie & Eliza Double Date NightAnnie & Eliza Double Date Night

Annie & Eliza are sisters whose bonds would stand the test of time. In this game you are going to be helping out Annie & Eliza have the perfect Double Date Night with Jack frost and Kristoff. You will be choosing their date night make up, hairstyle and their fabulous outfits.

Annie & Eliza Double Date Night belongs to

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