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All points bulletin game


Bowling AlleyBowling Alley

Bowling Alley is a game in which you can go bowling without leaving your room. This means that you will have it all, the bowling shoes, the alley and the cool music. All that without the sweating. So, do it in this fun game. Play Bowling Alley online.

Bowling Alley belongs to Dress up Games
Baby Spring AllergyBaby Spring Allergy

Spring is beautiful but at the same time can be harmful to people who has allergies on pollen and dust. It is also the time when people love to spend their day at the park. In this game your goal is to do a Baby Spring Allergy. Simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Baby Spring Allergy belongs to Caring Games, Caring Games, Skill Games
First Aid - Shellfish AllergyFirst Aid - Shellfish Allergy

Have you suffered with food allergy anytime in your life? This is really painful, so you should eat carefully. Your friend has eaten shellfish and she is suffering with severe allergy. You need to give her a first aid treatment. First of all, check the heart rate and inject epinephrine. Then, start an IV and give a charcoal pill for her comfort. Let’s start!

First Aid - Shellfish Allergy belongs to Skill Games
First Aid: Shellfish AllergyFirst Aid: Shellfish Allergy

Today at school we are gathered in the conference room and we are learning on what to do on emergencies. The topic is learning how to do a First Aid during Shellfish Allergy attack. You will check her heart rate, inject epinephrine, start an IV, give charcoal pill and comfort the patient until she feels fine.

First Aid: Shellfish Allergy belongs to Girl Games
Baby Allergy AttackBaby Allergy Attack

The beautiful baby girl is feeling very sick. A bad type of allergy suddenly attacked her. Help her right away. Take the baby to a reputed doctor for a better treatment. Assist the doctor to use all of the medical instruments and feed her proper medicine. Make the baby happy and healthy. Follow the directions and be a baby doctor!

Baby Allergy Attack belongs to Skill Games
Masha Spring AllergyMasha Spring Allergy

Masha is a very sweet little girl who loves to play outside and explore nature. She was very excited for the Spring season and gets giddy seeing beautiful flowers everywhere. Today you are going to help out in managing Masha Spring Allergy. You will follow the instructions on the screen to make her feel good again.

Masha Spring Allergy belongs to Enjoy Games
Descendants Ally Dress UpDescendants Ally Dress Up

Ally has been very helpful throughout the journey in the Descendants world. She is the daughter of Alice and she is also a very curious one. Today you are going to have the opportunity to dress her up. Click on the icons on the right side of the screen and pick out the best look for Ally. Have fun!

Descendants Ally Dress Up belongs to Dressup Games
Moody Ally Flu DoctorMoody Ally Flu Doctor

Ally is a very sweet girl who just enjoys spending time outside exploring things and playing just a little girl should be but the problem was she got caught in a heavy rain. Today you are going to be helping out Moody Ally and be her Flu Doctor. You will follow the pointing hand for the step by step process. Make sure Ally get well soon.

Moody Ally Flu Doctor belongs to
Cheer Up Moody AllyCheer Up Moody Ally

Moody is when a person is cranky one time and cheerful the next. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to Cheer Up Moody Ally. You are going to do some activities that will either brighten her mood or dampen her mood. Have fun!

Cheer Up Moody Ally belongs to
Spring Allergy DoctorSpring Allergy Doctor

Spring Allergy is a very common condition that is triggered by pollen that is released by trees, flowers, grass and weeds to fertilize other plants. In this game you are going to be a Spring Allergy Doctor and will help your patient to recover. Make sure you follow all the given instructions and make sure she gets better.

Spring Allergy Doctor belongs to

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