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Cooking With MomCooking With Mom

Mother´s are the most selfless beings in the planet. They see to it that everything is ready for you until you can do it on your own. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to be Cooking With Mom. You will follow the step by step instructions and make sure to give it your best.

Cooking With Mom belongs to Enjoy Games
Cooking CatCooking Cat

This cute kitten is running around the kitchen and it would like to play! The game it likes the most is a dress up game! Paint it and dress it up however you like.

Cooking Cat belongs to
Sue CookingSue Cooking

Join Sue in her pretty pink kitchen and help her demonstrate just how great cook she is. Help her all along the way and gather as many points as possible while having exciting cooking fun.

Sue Cooking belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Sue Games, Doll Games

Have fun cooking delicious stakes for the kid who hates his greens, in the given period of time. But be careful while grilling those stakes as you could very easily end up with burnt food on the plate and a very angry kid.

Cooking belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Grill Games

This amazing game will show just how well you can flip burgers on the barbeque without getting them burnt too much. Are you up for this big and exciting barbecue challenge?

Cooking belongs to Single player Games, Cooking Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Girl Games, Kids Games
Cooking Big BurgerCooking Big Burger

Build your burger from the scratch! From the first layer to the top piece of bread, each ingredient is behind one of the doors. You only need to open them and choose wisely!

Cooking Big Burger belongs to Cooking Games, Cooking big burger Games, Burger cooking Games, Burger decoration Games, Food decoration Games, Cooking Games, Smileycooking Games, Gg4u Games
Cooking Ice CreamCooking Ice Cream

In this lovely game, you will be able to learn how to make some really sweet and refreshing ice cream. Wouldn´t it be great if you could offer this treat that you made yourself to your friends?

Cooking Ice Cream belongs to Cooking Games, Cooking ice cream Games, Ice cream cooking Games, Cooking Games, Igirlsgames Games, Gg4u Games
OH Cooking DonutsOH Cooking Donuts

Wow! This is a very cute and a little alien. He comes from another planet. He loves to eat the yummy donuts in the earth. Today, he wants to make it by himself. Help him prepare the delicious item. Collect all of the necessary ingredients. Follow the instructions and do step by step. Finally, the tasty donuts are ready. Have a fun!

OH Cooking Donuts belongs to Cooking Games
Pou Cooking PancakesPou Cooking Pancakes

All the girls and kids love to eat delicious pancakes and like others, you also love it very much. Do you know how to prepare a mouthwatering pancake? Well, Pou is going to cook a nice decorated pancake for the evening party. Pou has all the necessary ingredients, so please help him ready to prepare the pancake and have fun. Here you go!

Pou Cooking Pancakes belongs to Girl Games
Cooking Pav BhajiCooking Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is very delicious! Practice cooking this delightful dish by following the easy step by step instructions to prepare the perfect plate of Pav Bhaji. What are you waiting for? Let´s get cooking!

Cooking Pav Bhaji belongs to Cooking Games, Restaurant Games, Meals Games
NY Cheesecake CookingNY Cheesecake Cooking

Do you love cheesecake? Yes, you definitely like it as this is really a delicious item. If you are a cake lover, you must have to play this game. You can learn step by step process of how to prepare a mouth watering cheese cake. Just follow the process and cook a lovely cheesecake for your friends and family. Enjoy!

NY Cheesecake Cooking belongs to Girl Games
Pou Cooking RaffaelloPou Cooking Raffaello

Are you ready again to help out your best friend, Pou? She is in the kitchen right at this moment and taking preparation to cook a sweet item. Well, Pou always loves to experiment and she is going to cook Raffaello today! Can you please help Pou for cooking the delicious item? Yes, she has all the necessary ingredients for cooking it. Help cook the mouthwatering item!

Pou Cooking Raffaello belongs to Cooking Games
First Aid Cooking AccidentFirst Aid Cooking Accident

Every little kid wants to help out in the kitchen and they are very clumsy when you let them handle difficult things on their own. Today we are going to respond to a First Aid Cooking Accident. You need to guide her on what to do before the paramedics arrive. She got burned in her arm.

First Aid Cooking Accident belongs to Girl Games
Creepy CookingCreepy Cooking

There are games where you just want to scream because of the horror it brings and this time this is one of the games. Today you will be playing the Creepy Cooking. You will be represented by a skeleton chef and you need to prepare the orders of your creepy customers. You will be needing to reach a specific number of customers to win.

Creepy Cooking belongs to Girl Games
Greek CookingGreek Cooking

Greek food is the kind of food that is exotic and healthy. No wonder there are many people who crave for this kind of food. It can be a good business too. If you don´t know how to make Greek food, no sweat! This game is for your. You can learn how to cook Greek dishes by following the instructions here.

Greek Cooking belongs to Girl Games
Cooking ShowCooking Show

Your cooking show will not be successful if the hose doesn´t look interesting and appealing. Therefore, you need to make sure that this great cook looks like a super star from the TV.

Cooking Show belongs to Girl Games
Christmas CookingChristmas Cooking

Are you ready to celebrate the Christmas with full of fun? It’s the time to take final preparation. But, what about your special Christmas cooking? Well, prepare something delicious and surprise all the friends and enjoy the beautiful time altogether. All the ingredients and some wonderful recipes are here. So, go ahead and show your cooking skills!

Christmas Cooking belongs to Cooking Games
Joy Cooking DonutsJoy Cooking Donuts

This cute girl wants to cook very yummy donuts. She needs to help someone make the delicious item. Help this cute girl to complete her cooking. Collect all of the necessary ingredients. Follow the instructions perfectly and do step by step. After making the mouthwatering donuts, decorate these nicely. Enjoy it!

Joy Cooking Donuts belongs to Cooking Games
Pou Cooking LessonPou Cooking Lesson

The cute Pou wants to take a cooking class today. It needs someone help to complete the class. Help this cute Pou to cook the selected item. Collect all of the ingredients follow the instructions given by Pou and do step by step. After making, decorate the dish nicely. Have a great fun!

Pou Cooking Lesson belongs to Cooking Games
Falafel CookingFalafel Cooking

Even if you have never tried Falafel, this game will be fun for you. You will be able to find a real recipe and the specific instructions how to make this treat.

Falafel Cooking belongs to Cooking Games
Dora CookingDora Cooking

Dora is in charge of Cooking for the upcoming party and you need to be at her side. Today you are going to help her by reading and selecting some of the recipes and the instructions then you are going to follow the step by step process on the screen. You are going to click on the needed ingredients.

Dora Cooking belongs to Cooking Games
Satay CookingSatay Cooking

Learn how to make a delicious Satay in just a couple of easy steps. the instructions in this game are very easy and fun to follow so try them now and learn this amazing recipe.

Satay Cooking belongs to Cooking Games
Cooking PizzaCooking Pizza

Making pizza in your home is so much better than ordering it or going out to get one. For one reason, you can make it anyway you like. In this game you will learn how to do it!

Cooking Pizza belongs to Cooking Games, Cooking pizza Games, Pizza cooking Games, Cooking Games, Loogames Games, Gg4u Games
Lasagna CookingLasagna Cooking

I always dreamed of going to Italy to learn how to make authentic pasta and pizza dough. They are the pioneers of the pasta dishes. Today you are going to be doing some Lasagna Cooking. You are going to help Melissa in cooking a delicious Lasagna for her boyfriend. You are going to follow the instructions on the screen.

Lasagna Cooking belongs to Girl Games
Cooking With MommyCooking With Mommy

The cute baby Alice love cooking with her mom. Today, she wants to make a yummy pie with her mom. Help this little baby to make that. Collect all of the necessary ingredients. Follow the instructions perfectly and do step by step. After making decorate it nicely. Give her mom a great surprise and make her happy. Have a great fun!

Cooking With Mommy belongs to Skill Games
Cooking PiesCooking Pies

Your pie is sooo good! No wonder people are lining for it. To keep your customers satisfied, you need to work fast and precise. Put the right topping on the pie based on the customer´s order. Some of them also like to have a glass of milk to accompany their pie.

Cooking Pies belongs to Cooking Games, Decorating Games, Fun cooking Games, Kids cooking Games, Baking Games, Pie cooking Games, Game for girls Games
Mia Cooking PizzaMia Cooking Pizza

Pizza is a really a delicious food item and favorite of the girls and kids. But, do you know how to cook a mouthwatering pizza? Yes, you probably know and your friend, Mia is planning to cook lovely pizza as she has all the necessary ingredients like flour, salt, baking powder, butter, eggs, tomatoes and other items for preparing it. Prepare lovely pizza and have fun!

Mia Cooking Pizza belongs to Girl Games
Breakfast CookingBreakfast Cooking

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, you always need new ideas about what to prepare for this important meal. You will find them all in this game!

Breakfast Cooking belongs to Cooking Games
Cooking SlackingCooking Slacking

Even with all her slacking, Sarah was able to get a job as a chef at a very nice restaurant. Her boss is keeping an eye on her to make sure that she doesn´t slack off while working, but of course, Sarah has other ideas. Help Sarah escape the watchful eye of her boss and continue with her slacking ways.

Cooking Slacking belongs to Meals Games, Restaurant Games
Mia Cooking LasagnaMia Cooking Lasagna

Mia is busy again. Today she is cooking a mouth watering lasagna with Mia´s touch. In this game you will learn how to cook Mia´s signature dish. Simply gather and prepare the ingredients needed and proceed to cooking. This game is divided into 4 phases, be sure to pass each one to recreate the perfect dish.

Mia Cooking Lasagna belongs to Meals Games
Pad Thai CookingPad Thai Cooking

Pad Thai is a traditional dish that came from Thailand. It is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food. In this game you will learn how to make this delicious dish. Simply buy all the ingredients in the supermarket. Find the items shown on the bottom of the screen and proceed to the next aisle for the other ingredients. Grandma is here to help you.

Pad Thai Cooking belongs to Cooking Games
Fun Cooking Cherry PieFun Cooking Cherry Pie

Morillo Cherries are one of the commonly used cherries for cherry pie making. In this game you are going to learn how to make a cherry pie and you are planning to share this recipe with your friends. Simply click and drag the needed ingredients to the mixing bowl and viola by the time you noticed it you are almost done.

Fun Cooking Cherry Pie belongs to Cooking Games, Fun Games, Cook Games, Fun cooking Games, Cake Games, Cake Games, Cook Games
Cooking A CakeCooking A Cake

Cooking a Cake allows you to learn how to prepare a really nice treat. Also, when you play this game, it teaches you how to do it in a fun way. Your assistant is a cute chef fox and all the instructions that you need are waiting for you.

Cooking A Cake belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cake Games, Cake Games, Cook Games
Mia Cooking SushiMia Cooking Sushi

To cook proper sushi you really need to know what you are doing, otherwise it will be a real fiasco. Mia surely knows how to prepare it well, so join her in this game and make the perfectly served sushi meal with her help. You can do it in Mia Cooking Sushi game.

Mia Cooking Sushi belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cook Games

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